Thursday, April 30, 2009

broke free from the bars

For awhile now I have thought about putting Jacob in his big boy bed but he seemed to not like it. I tried to let him play in it. He wanted out just as soon as I put him in it. But you put him on Camron's bed he would play forever. So I just one day last week, made his baby bed in to a toddler bed. You see we have had this bed since Katey. I made it into a toddler bed for her and she SCREAMED about being in it, so she went right into a twin size bed. Camron when it was time to get him out,I found a cheap little tikes car bed so that is what he slept in until we got the boys bunk beds last year. So I debated if i should make the baby bed into the toddler bed or just take it down and put him into the twin bed and listen to him yell since he didn't want to be in it. I made it into the toddler bed and hoped for the best. He did really well and of course I had to put the gate in front of his bedroom door to keep him in at nap time. But at bedtime he stayed in his room my only guess it was due to Camron being in his room also. Two days after making him his toddler bed I asked him where he was going to sleep. Normally he points to his baby/toddler bed, But OH NO he pointed to is big boy bed. Which on most normal nights would be ok, but you see the day before I asked him this question I was going thru some of the totes in thier room looking for some shorts and such and since Jacob wasn't using his bed I thought shoot I will use his bed.
So I had to move the totes and the dresser drawer in order for him to sleep in his big boy bed. He jumped into his bed, messed around with his brother for awhile before they drifted off to sleep for the night!

Jacob's first nap in his toddler bed. This was his very short lived, since two days after sleeping in this bed he moved to this bed.

Camron is on top, and if you look closely you can see Jacob on the bottom under his green blanket. Can anyone find this blanket either? I have look everywhere's and can't find the darn thing. I would love to have an extra just in case. But he loves his new bed and soon after I finish going thru the totes of clothes that I have to go thru I plan on re-doing their room so stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

20 days???

Wow has it really been 20 days since I last blogged?? Where has the last 20 days gone? I swear I wake up Monday and next thing I know its Friday already. Why haven't I blogged in the past 20 days you ask. Well its been crazy here. By the time I get a chance to blog its late, Iam tired. By the time I read everyone else's blog, Iam tired. And I guess I have been lazy about blogging also. Their I just admited it I have been lazy. Anyone else been lazy about blogging or anything else?? I say its the weather, its nice and warm one day and the next its rainy. But I hope to be getting back on the blog train again since I have a ton of pictures to post and blog about. So just stick in thier I will be back soon and hopfully BEFORE 20 more days have past!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

wordless wednesday

More to come to explain this picture :)