Sunday, February 28, 2010

ice carvings


I read in the paper that in downtown they were doing ice carving, games,  and carriage rides a few Saturdays ago, and since our winters have been so mild, well until a few weeks ago more on that later, I bundled Katey and Jacob up and downtown we headed. Jerry and Camron chickened out they didn’t want to go. By the time we arrived all the ice carving was done, yeah I was bummed that we didn’t get to watch them carve the ice I think Katey would’ve thought it was neat how they do it. But this way we beat the crowds.  I hope to go back next year and take Camron with us I think he would’ve had fun also

 feb 2010 077

One of ice carvings was a piggy bank. Yes you see my sweet daughter trying to rob the bank. Talk about cold cash.

feb 2010 071

I tried to get their picture together but Jacob didn't want to sit still. Its amazing how much detail they can add to the ice.

feb 2010 088

The 3 of us on the carriage ride around the block. It was nice and warm since they gave us all blankets. I am sure the horse was tired by the time it left.

feb 2010 075 

They had a “warming” tent sat up to “warm” you up. Not sure why they really had the tent since it wasn’t warm at all. But here the kids are Ice Fishing in a sled. After they caught the fish they received some candy.  By the time we left Jacob had little ice hands since he took all the fish from the one sled and put them all into the other sled.

feb 2010 084

About half way thru Jacob ditched the gloves and stuck his hands into his pockets.feb 2010 086

While we waited for the horse Katey played on the snow piles downtown.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

you found me where?

For  awhile now its been a bedtime battle with Jacob. I think for the most part its just I get tired of taking him upstairs all the time while Jerry just sits and watches me go up the stairs for the 100th time, that yes I do give up and that is  when my husband should step in but normally he just lets him stay up with him or lay in our bed until he falls asleep. But this one night when I headed back downstairs I went into the our bedroom expecting Jacob to be laying in our bed curled up under the blanket hiding from me. I could tell something was behind the door since it didn’t open all the way up, thinking it was a pack of diapers that fell or something else was blocking the door. To my surprise  it was Jacob hiding behind the door and he fell asleep.


feb 2010 092

 feb 2010 091

Gosh he looks so cute curled into his little ball. Almost didn’t want to move him.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I read in the newspaper again a few weeks ago, see how far behind in blogging that  I am? But at the local bowling alley they were going to have a mother/son bowling night. Since Camron has never been bowling I thought it would be a fun night for him and I. So I called my mom too see if she could take Katey and Jacob for the night, and then I called my cousin Becky to see if she and her boys wanted to tag alone with us. She said yes. Her two boys are about the same age as our boys. SO off to the bowling alley we went that night.  

 feb 2010 006

Here is Camron rolling his ball down the lane. When we left our house he was wearing boots so I didn’t notice how short his pants were until after he put on his bowling shoes. He reminded me of Steve Urkel.

 feb 2010 015

In the next lane next to us we noticed they also had young kids bowling and they had balls that were getting stuck half way down the lane. Then about 2 frames later Camron rolled the ball so slowly down the lane that his ball got stuck..


 feb 2010 018

 Camron waiting between for his ball to come back.

feb 2010 019

Thought I was kinda neat that we had matching shoes, Camron wasn’t so impressed.

 feb 2010 026

Camron’s cousins, Noah(the one looking at Camron) and Gavin after bowling.

Later on our way home I asked Camron if some day soon we should take Katey, Jacob and Daddy bowling. His reply was “NO its our secret”.  I can’t wait until next year when I will take both boys with me.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

anyone have any popcorn?

A few weeks ago the kids asked if they could watch a movie. I told them that would be fine but if they wanted to watch it in 3-D they had to watch it in the bedroom so it could be darker. I just love how the kids look with the 3-D glasses on. Needless to say they didn't watch the whole movie.

Camron looking ever so cute.

Smile Katey!

This is what I saw when I walked into the bedroom after I started the movie.

Gotta love the cheesy smile Jacob gives now when you say smile.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

men,toys, and heat

Lets see last week, maybe Sunday night I was sitting on the couch watching some of my DVR'ed shows while Jerry was in the bedroom watching sports. I started to smell a plastic smell, asked Jerry if he smelled the smell. I went into the kitchen thinking maybe it was something in the dishwasher, yes we have lost many sippy cup tops to the heating coil on the bottom. Nope dishwasher smelled good. Moved into the dinning room still could smell it, in to the living room, not as bad but still could smell this plastic smell. Jerry went sniffing, which reminded me of a sniffing dog, don't tell him. He smelled the basement, smell upstairs and he thought the smell was from the kitchen where I was thinking the dinning room. A few more minutes passed and the smell went away. Monday rolls around and the smell was no where's to be smelled. Thinking good what ever it was its gone. I make dinner, we clean up and Jerry and Katey sit down to do spelling words. Then about 20-30 mins later I smelled that smell again. Went hunting again still wasn't able to find the source of the smell. Thinking maybe it has to do with the light above the kitchen sink since that light was on the longest. Man I really hope not since we don't really have the extra money to go into fixing the light fixture. Tues morning I took Camron to school come home and the smell was Back! Jerry could smell it again also, now he was thinking it was the furnace. Man that would suck the furnace dying in the middle of winter would not be so good. I disagree since the smell is not all the time. It had to be elsewhere. All I get from him before he leaves for work, "I hope you find the smell" Gee thanks, here Jacob and I will burn up to due this plastic smell and he don't care. MEN! SO now its just Jacob and I to find this darn smell. I smell the kitchen again, yes can still smell it but stronger in the dining room. I look at the fan and think to myself maybe just maybe we have too many dead bugs in the light bulb thing? So I climb the chair and unscrew the little bowl thing that covers the light and what do I find???? Green Goblin stuck to the light bulb! I found our plastic burning smell!! Whooo hooooo!! Now my next question is how in the hell did it end up in the light. I know if the one of the kids threw him up their someone would've told me. When you have a household full of kids, either your own or daycare kids, some will always tattle on someone. So I pry off Green Goblin and call Jerry at work to tell him the Jacob and I will both live cuz I found our smell. He goes on to tell me that he forgot he put little ol' Green Goblin up on the fan and he must've fell in. oops. What?!?! Why?!?!!? I guess he put him up on the support frame to see if Camron would notice his toy up on the fan. "I guess he will learn a lesson" says my husband. "what lesson was that?" I asked "to take care of his toys" the hubby says. "what to keep his toys away from you?" I respond. Camron took the death of his Green Goblin much better than I thought he would. Needless to say I think Jerry learned a lesson....DON"T put things up on the fan light. Right now not really sure who is worse the kids or husbands

Green Goblin from the front.

See the little supports that is what Green Goblin WAS sitting on before he fell in. I wish I took a picture of him stuck to the light bulb he was stuck good.

The back of Green Goblin

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i am back

Well we now have a "new" used computer. Its nice to have a computer that don't freeze up on you so much in one day. I was still hoping out for a new laptop but this will do for now. So I have been busy cleaning out the new computer and now I have to clean out the old one since we still have a lot of pictures on it. My plans for the old computer is for the kids so they can use their fisher-price things on it. NO Internet. So when I have both computers working the way I would like them to be I will be one happy mama agian. So I was going to post why men, heat and plastic toys don't mix, but then I remembered that I still need to download our camera stuff into this new computer. Darn it! So while that is loading I thought I would just post this. SO I really hope tomorrow I can post the men, heat and toys, and keep up my blog like i used to. I do have some blog reviews in the works so I am excited about that very much. So I better let the camera stuff download and head downstairs since my show "lost" is on and I don't want to get "lost" in the show. LOL

Monday, February 8, 2010

computer worries

well i have been MIA for awhile now. why cuz our computer is on the fritz. we got a virus about 2 weeks ago and still can't seem to find the darn virus. i have done everything possible, well everything that i know how. i am tempted to throw the darn thing out the 2nd story window to see it that will help "fix" it. so for right now i must check my email, blogs, and facebook at the library computer while my kids play. i wish we had the extra money to buy a new one, but we don't. the hard part is i need the computer for my daycare for billing and the food program and not to mention printing off items for the kids to color and what not. so if anyone out in blogger land is really good at computer and would love to throw me some idea's on fixing the darn thing i will take them. or even better you can come over and fix it for me :)