Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tea for two and two for tea

A few weeks ago Katey came home with a note about a Mommy and Me tea party invite from school. I read to to her and in the note it said the girl can bring her mom, grandma, aunt or any special friend. We talked about me going with her and grandma watching the boys. I was excited about going to the tea party with my little girl. But she thought about taking Grandma. Yes my heart was broken a tiny bit, but I was happy that she wanted to take Grandma instead. I am happy that she has a good relationship with my mom. As the week went on, and we all got sick then better, BUT then Grandma got sick on Thursday and her tea party was Saturday. With Grandma not knowing how she would be feeling we talked about Grandma staying with the boys and Katey and I go to her tea party. As Saturday came and dresses, her dresses not mine I dont' wear dresses, were picked out, Grandma said that yes she would sit with the boys while I go with Katey. SO that ment me finding something to wear. Off we go to our FIRST tea party that wasnt' at home eating oreos with our tea. Let me tell you how impressed I was with our tea party!! The tables had table clothes on them, we recieved Minnie Mouse tea cups, name placecards, little candy with Minnie's picture on them. They had about 5 or so different crafts set up for us all to do. I thought the crafts were just for the girls to do, nope us mom could do them too. The pipe cleaner flower to impossible is all I can say. They made Minnie Mouse cookies, snowman necklace(which was really Neat), magnets, scrapbook page with our picture on it, the flower pipe cleaner ring, and a paper purse. We had about 4 different tea's to choose from and Hot Chocolate. Cupcakes to eat along with carrots, celery and such. I am happy I was able to attend the tea party with Katey, and I can't wait for the next tea party with her.

Katey and her best friend Maddie. These girls have been friends since they have been babies.

Our fancy cupcakes.

Katey drinking out of her tea cup. See the Minnie Mouse ears?

How all the tables were sat up.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

and the bowl goes to...........

NOT FOR THE FAINT STOMACHS. You have been warned.

Starting Sunday about 4ish pm Jacob threw up. But acted normal so I thought maybe something didn't settle in his belly or maybe too much candy. Since he is potty training and if he pee's on the potty he get a sucker, so maybe too many suckers in one day?? Oh NO!! We cuddled after the 3rd puke, and he took a little nap. Then more vomit. All I can say is CRAP! After getting the other two kids to bed and putting a load of a laundry in the washer not to mention our bedsheets, yes he blessed our bed with his chunks, we put him on the couch to sleep. We went to bed hoping for a quiet night. Yeah right!! I woke up a few hours later having the same problem. ERRRRR. So yeah any mother knows how the rest of the night would go. Either I was up with Jacob or up with my own problems. Then about sometime early,ok maybe about 6am, Monday morning I got up to call my daycare parent to tell them that I AM CLOSED! Since Jacob woke up with me he wanted something to drink. I gave him a cup of kool-aid and off to bed we went again, only to be woken about 20 later to Jacob burping up the kool-aid, needless to say kool-aid at 6:30am is not the smell I wanted to smell. Off comes the bedsheets AGAIN, down goes towels and clean sheets again. So rest of the day Katey, Jacob and my super-hero for the day took care of us. Camron we to grandma and grandpas for the night. Camron can be a great helper but that day he just wanted to be a butt head, so out the door he went. Where was Jerry, well he had to work that day, where I am a mom and I can take the day off. LOL. So all day we just layed around watching tv and movies. Katey would get me some more water or whatever I needed. She is such a great helper. Did I ever mention that she can do, err help with the laundry, by running the washer and dryer?? SWEET! SO by the time we woke up from our naps we felt great. Jacob was much better also. We all went to bed, thinking it would be a good night. Oh so wrong. Katey comes down at 11, "i puked". "Go in the bathroom" up I get. Hubby just lays their in bed, "i think she got some on the floor, you can turn the light on if you need to." What?!?!? IF I need to?? I am thinking well get up and either pick your daughter or find the puke. So I clean up Katey get her on the couch then a puke hunting I go while my husband just lays like a bump on a log. Clean that mess up, while wanting to puke myself again. I settle back into bed just wanting to sleep. I hear Katey. Off goes super mom. She goes to sleep I go to sleep. Tues morning comes and of course she stays home from school. Trying to rest while all she wants to do is play. All day goes good, then lunch time comes. She eats some lunch and then it comes back. Darn. Kids jump in the tub later that night,"MOM Jacob puked". DRAT. more to clean, by this time I wanna run away. Put kids to bed normal time and Camron starts to whine that his bed is wet, his cup leaked, told him more or less to get over it and go to bed. Then all of a sudden his tummy hurts. I am thinking either A: his tummy really hurts OR he is using this as a reason to sleep on the couch. SO he heads downstairs to sit with Jerry after Camron and I talked about if he thinks hes gonna puke he better make it in the toilet or a bowl or some other bucket cuz I am done cleaning up puke. Maybe 15 mins later,"hes getting sick" Can I take CRY for a $1000 Pat? Clean more bowls and I crawl into bed,letting Jerry take care of his son. So now today is Wed, I think, Yeah it is and so far today everybody has held their own. I just hope this darn bug has left the house because if I find the darn thing I am gonna squash it and then flush it so it never comes back.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my baby is 7!

My "baby" turned "7" on Jan 3rd. I have no idea where the time has gone. She is a loving, caring little girl. It is so much fun to see her grow from this little tiny baby to what she is today. i know the next 7 years will be as much fun as it has been so far. Love ya baby.


When I put the kids to bed at night most nights they are still awake and they stay in bed with no problem, well ok, Katey and Camron do better then Jacob. I just keep thinking 2 more years and he should be going to bed without a fight like his siblings do. I have my fingers crossed!! lol. But last night after I was done on the computer, our computer is upstairs off Katey's room, Jacob was still awake. I tuned off the computer monitor so he wouldn't' just sit in here watching pictures all night. I headed downstairs and sent him back upstairs about a dozen times it felt like, and finally no more foot steps down the stairs. I went to bed after i was done watching TV. Fast forward 6:45am- pick the turkey up off the couch to place him in our bed, so he don't wake up when i get the older 2 up out of bed, but I noticed something on his forehead, at first I am thinking blood, maybe he picked his nose or something, OH no it was marker!!! Yes BLACK SHARPIE MARKER!A BLACK PERMANENT MARKER!!! You see my hubby used the marker the other day and left it on the computer desk! Me not really thinking, yes I saw the marker, but didn't think of hiding it again, So I went upstairs to wake Katey up and came into the computer room and seen that he also decorated the computer desk, which ok, no big deal can clean that, but also our DIGITAL camera!! yikes!! Thank goodness our camera is waterproof so I just used the magic eraser and it all came off. He is our only child to really color himself like he did. The other 2 just fingers when they were tracing their hands or such, but never color color themselves. SO his hands are now marker free, his face well some marker is still on his forehead by his eye brows, and somehow he also got a few scribbles on the back of his neck! Little turkey. I think from now on, besides locking up the darn markers I will be taping his little butt into his bed at night!!

Such pretty hands! Anyone have any idea's how to get the marker out of his pj's!

Gotta love that face