Monday, June 29, 2009

not me mondays

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

happy birthday buddy

Four short years ago I gave birth to my first son, Camron Michael. He came into this world weighing 8lbs 11oz and 21 inches. And today he is now a busy 4 yr old boy. Who likes to play in the sandbox that grandpa built. Camron is can be a little lover boy who will help you out in a heart beat or he can be this little devil and drive me nuts. But I still love him anyhow. I can't believe how fast these 4 years have gone by. Before I know it we will be driving a car, waving good bye to me as he drives off to collage. I wish I could figure out how to slow time down just for a bit and keep him little just for a tiny bit longer. Happy birthday buddy I love you!!

Grandma holding him for the first time.

Motorcycle guy! He will "fly" by driving this at grandma and grandpa's. He doesn't let any grass grow under is feet.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

car seats.

Today the kids and I went to our local splash pad. Its big sprinklers and buckets that dump water on kids heads. The only one not fond of the splash pad is poor little Jacob. Not really sure why, but he is just as happy to watch from the sidelines. So when we were leaving the splash pad and I was loading 6 kids into the van, yeah 6 kids. I know I am nuts at time for taking 6 kids out but its not all that hard. Now if it was raining and I needed to go to the store I would wait until 3 left and then take just my three if my hubby wasn't home. But to the splash pad its easy. A car pulled next to me and I noticed a little girl in her car seat with the harness WAY too loose. The chest clip was down by her belly and the harness was resting off her shoulder. When the grandma got out of the car and came over to the other side of the car, I mentioned to her that her granddaughters harness was way too loose. I was trying to to debate if I should say something to her, I didn't want to upset her, but then I didn't want this little girl to get hurt if they got into an accident either. So from talking to her, she told me she told her son that it was too loose and it should be tighter. He just didn't do it yet. When I was showing her how to tighten the harness, I noticed that the car seat was in way wrong. I asked her if i could fix it, and she was happy that I offered to help her. What was all wrong with her seat?? Well first of all her harness was below her shoulder and the baby was forward facing so the harness should be at or above the shoulders, we fixed that by moving the harness up. The other thing was the seat was WAY to loose. IF you wiggled this seat it almost tipped over. They did have the latch system on the car seat and the car had latch attachments also. So I showed her how to put the seat in using the latch. She was amazed how easy it was and how tight it was after that. The little girl was sitting on a pillow for some odd reason. I told her not to add anything to her seat unless it came with the car seat. We removed the pillow and also removed the blanket that was under the car seat. After the seat was put in right I had her buckle the baby in her seat and we fixed the harness to where you can't pinch the harness between your fingers. She was happy that I helped her with her seat. It just amazes me how many car seats are in wrong. Hop on over to the Kyle David Foundations to read about more tips on how to put your seat in right. Call your local fire dept or Police dept, or even AAA they normally have a car seat tech that will be more than happy to help you put in your car seat in safely.


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Monday, June 15, 2009

not me mondays

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Yeah I know I have not done any Not Me Monday's in awhile. Call me lazy I guess. But I have also included pictures this time! So here we go...............

~~I DID NOT tear up when my little girl graduated from kindergarten. Its a happy time, not a sad time. I wish she was just a little baby sometimes.

~~I DID NOT fall into a puddle of water while photographing my kids over the weekend and somehow it got all wet and now it doesn't work. I DID NOT go and buy a new one Sunday that is waterproof just in case it should ever happen again.

~~I DO NOT call my cousins everyday when my frogs/tadpole do something new (we all have tadpoles/frogs from the same spot). We DO NOT compare who's frog/tadpoles are doing better. They are NOT our kids after all. The kids are Just as bit as excited about our frogs/tadpoles as us, otherwise we would've gotten rid of them a long time ago. Why would we keep them just because we find it interesting. Yes the little black spot in the corner is a baby frog.

~~~Last but not least. When the kids and I got home today from the store, when I opened the front door I DID NOT see a squirrel run thru our house! I DID NOT tell Katey and the boys to go outside between our doors and stay their until it was safe to come in. I DID NOT bust the screen knobs off
of one of the screens before I noticed the darn squirrel was gone out of hole it made to get in. Darn pesky wildlife anyhow!! Who says squirrel's are cute??

I hope you like my not me monday's this week. I will try to keep up now, but man with nice weather who wants to be tied to the computer?? NOT ME

Friday, June 12, 2009

don't trim your trees!

Well a few weeks ago, ok maybe a month or so ago, Jerry and my dad trimmed out trees out back and in front of the house. Its nice to have more sun in the back of the house instead of 90% shade if not more. Maybe now we can grow some grass. But a few days after they trimmed the trees the kids and I were outside and noticed a squirrel hanging from Kateys window screen. We watched the poor little thing for a few mins before I grabbed my camera. The pics the I took outside, I still have to fix them up before I can post them. But I also went into her room thinking that if I tapped on her window it would scare the darn thing off the screen. Nope he or she still was "stuck"! The squirrel was used to jumping from one of the branches that was cut, to the roof of the house, they would run to the back of the house and jump onto another branch into the tree. I feel sorry for the first squirrel who found out that branch was missing when it jumped from the house to the tree. Iam sure it was quite shocked!! lol. But this little on hung on for about 20 mins before he/she climbed down to the roof and jumped to the gound I swear like 5 feet from me.

Poor little thing. Iam sure it was very scared!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1st grade here I come!

Well it has been a busy few days around here. Yesterday(tues) Katey and her class went to the Binder Park Zoo. The zoo was really neat I am hoping to blog about it later! Then today she had her kindergarten graduation! She was so happy to hear that she made it to first grade! Both days she was up before 7 am, and normally I have to keep bugging her to wake up. She hardly ate any breakfast all she knew was get dressed and lets GO. Jerry took her to school for the last time today so I could stay home and get the boys ready and feed my little daycare baby before we left. I got the camera's ready, got myself ready and 3 boys ready before 8:30. whooo whoo. Off to the school we went with my parents following. When we first go to the school all the kids were in the gym practicing their songs before the "show" began. Since she was only in half day program both am classes graduated together so it made 40 kids. It was a very cute program that they did. I loved the last song they sang. It was to the tune of "new york new york" I do believe. When all of the diploma's were handed out Mrs. Back(Kateys teacher) asked Katey to stand up. She was the only student to have perfect attendance thu the year!!! Way to go Katey!! After everything was done, we headed down to her room to collect a little gift bag that came from Mrs. Back. The teachers make each child a memory book of the year for them, which was very cute.

Katey with her diploma and her little trophy that says "wpca perfect attendance, Katey Stine 2009" She is soo very proud. All the kids had little blue hats with their hand prints on top

Katey and her teacher Mrs. Back. Katey has already told me that she will miss her in first grade. But rest assured she can visit anytime!

All ready to go to school for the last time. She has grown up soo fast. I wish I could just slow it down a bit.

All five of us after graduation.

Katey and her best buddy Maddie. These girls have know each other since Katey has been 6 months and Maddie was 9 months.
Hats off to you baby girl you did great!! I hope you have fun in first grade!! Love ya

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

water fun

A few weeks ago, it was a warm day so since it was just my kids, I thought it would be nice to break out the sprinkler. So after Jacob's nap the kids put on their suits and we headed out. For some reason the kids are always excited about the idea about running in the sprinkler but when it comes down to it, all they do is run away from it and then avoid it.

Jacob peeking outside and spots the sprinkler. Notice the football in his hand. I swear this boy has balls in his hands all day!

Ok not too bad, but the water hasn't hit him yet either. Still has the football

Katey turned up the water to make the sprinkler go higher and sprayed Jacob. Needless to say he was not happy about it!

Katey graduates kindergarten tomorrow. Its gonna be a sad day but also a happy day. She worked soo HARD to make it to first grade I am so proud of her.