Monday, December 21, 2009

not me monday

Time for me to do another NOT ME MONDAY"S. Yes I know I have been missing for awhile and again I have said I will get better but I just haven't done a good job of that yet.

I DO NOT pick clean clothes up off the floor or out of the clean laundry baskets that I am folding and just throw them into the dirty basket because I don't feel like putting them away. That would be nuts because that would make more work for me and I am already busy with 3 kids.

I DO NOT feel sorry for my husband who went to his Christmas party last night and who got in way too late, who is tired, and just wants to sleep. I guess he can't hang out with the young kids anymore.

I AM NOT ready for school to start already and the kids just got out Friday, what kind of mom would I be if I wanted them back in school already??

I AM not in love with the DVR that comcast now has. Man I really like pausing tv, and recording shows without using a VCR

I DO NOT get lazy with my blog and just leave it alone in hopes that it might post something for me. That would be just plain lazy, and lazy I AM NOT.

Well I am sure I have many more things that I just didn't do this week or even this month but my mind is just drawing a blank.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

happy halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you got more treats than tricks. Yeah I know its Dec, but I am just a bit behind in blogging.

This year Jerry got to go with us again trick or treating and I know I enjoy the extra pair of hands and eyes while the kids enjoy daddy being with us. Last year we found a " haunted" house about 5 mins from our house. They do a GREAT job! The best part is its all free!!! This year they said they got some extra help so it was a bit bigger. The kids recieved about 6 or 7 piece's of candy if they make it all the way thru. Katey was all for this scary house, Camron was excited until he seen the house up close and Jacob NO WAY NO HOW was he going to go thru this darn house. So Jacob and daddy stayed on the sidewalk as I took the kids thru. You could hear Jacob crying for us to come back out, I guess he thought they were going to keep us. :) You started up the sidewalk thru a "black" tunnel, recieved candy, if you were lucky someone jumped at you. Walked in front of their house another piece of candy, thru the garage into the porch, more candy, out the backdoor, again more candy. Out to the back of the house, more yet. out into the front where you recieved a full size candy bar or chips. Needless to say we made Jacob go thru later that night. SO before the end of the night the kids, well ok Katey and Camron when thru this house about 3 or 4 times. Every time we drive by they will say"their is the haunted house. Can we go again next year." Yes we will.

This blow up was in front of the haunted house. Jacob was no pleased with it.

On our way to the haunted house. Katey was a spider witch, Camron was woliverine. and Little Jacob was a cow. Not sure why I didn't get all 3 of them in one picture this year but we didnt'.

Trick or Treat.

Jacob cow getting a lift from daddy. We took the stroller with us but when he seen the haunted house he wanted OUT! When we left the house he wanted to walk until some dumb sensor thing on a tree scared him, then he wanted a lift for a bit. Over all I think he enjoyed halloween, that is after he figured out that you hold up a bucket to a door and then someone gives you candy

All of our candy!! now this bowl is HUGE and it was over flowing with the sweet treats. And can you believe it when we got home NO ONE yes NO ONE bugged for candy?

That afternoon we went up to see my grandma before we went trick or treating, and as you can see the cow was tired.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

car seat giveaway!!

found a great give-away over at The shopping mama. she has tons of ways that you can win. its safety 1st new car seat that just came to the market. go head on over and test your luck!! good luck

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

rubbermaid REVIEW

A few weeks ago a box arrived at our doorstep and it felt like Christmas morning to me. Why you ask, well normally when a box comes is for my husband, but his one was FOR ME!! You see I contacted Rubbermaid about doing a review for them, and when they said YES I felt like a giddy little school girl, not only to I get to try a great new product out but I got to try it out for free. SO I opened my box and expected to find one canister, but what I found was 4 canisters! They sent me their new Lock-it Canisters with easy to find lids. Boy can I tell you I LOVE these! I love that they have many different sizes to choose from, I love the locking lids yes you can hear them lock so you know that they are on, I love the easy to find lids and so much more. Here is a brief description from Rubbermaid:

The Lock-Its canisters belong to a family of food storage containers with the Easy Find Lids feature. This means that the lids snap to the bottom of the containers and the containers nest together for easy storage. They can also be stacked together and the containers can snap onto the lid of the container below it. The canisters work together with Lock-Its food storage containers as one group.

Now you may be asking me what is the easy to find lids. Well if your anything like me you have your bowls and such in one cupboard and then the lids in a drawer, and the lids are just taking over that drawer and you can never find the right lid for your bowl. With the easy to find lid they snap onto each other so you can't really loose them. Makes your lid drawer much cleaner! Something else I love about the easy to find lids is, if you have a babysitter for the night or your hubby is watching the kids, you can make a meal put them into your Rubbermaid canisters with your easy to find lids and stack them in the fridge and you can lock the canisters together so they just have to grab on to one canister, so no more fishing in the fridge for items that together. These canisters are freezer proof, you can put them into the microwave, and even dishwasher safe, the recommend the top rack but at times ours have found their way to to bottom and did just fine. All of your canisters can nest into each other also cleaning up your "bowl" cupboard. Needless to say these canisters are here to stay! I want to go and buy more!! I give these a two thumbs up!

The lids snapped together.

My 4 canisters.

Thanks Rubbermaid!

If you want to check out other Rubbermaid products check out

Rubbermaid also has a blog

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

stellan need prayers....

I just finished reading mckmama's facebook page and her blog. Stellan is stuggling with his SVT. He's only almost 1 yrs old. Please send some prayers and thoughts thier way, it will help them.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

all i want for christmas..................

Well blogger friends I am still here. I didn't go anywhere, I have been busy with school starting, and hoping to get better at blogging again! I have tons of pictures to share and a review comming up. So here we go..............

For a while now Katey's front teeth have been loose. Every so often I would ask her if I could wiggle them. She would let me. Then last Thursday when my mom and I picked her up from school, as soon as she got into the van she asked grandma to wiggle her tooth. Mom told her to wait until we got home and she would try to pull the one. We got home and mom wiggled her tooth and after one good tug her tooth came out!

Before she lost her tooth. Such a cute smile.

Grandma pulling out the one tooth. 1....2......3.....pull.........

Tooth fairy here we come..
After dinner I asked her if I could wiggle her other tooth, again the trusting daughter of mine agreed. Told her that tooth needs to come out tonight its very wiggly and I would hate to see the tooth fairy come back two nights in a row since she is such a busy fairy and all. She would let me try to pull her other tooth and just right before I could yank on the sucker she would pull her head back and pull my hand down, so I would loose my grip on the darn little thing. Then I told her if she let me try to pull it out and if I got it out then she could stay up 5 whole mins longer. Its amazing what 5 mins will do to a 6 yr old. lol! So one good yank on that sucker out it popped!!! whooohooo. Yes so that was 2 teeth in one night.

What a proud smile. if you look really close you can see one tooth already showing its little "head" The next day she was so excited to see tooth fairy dust all over her bed along with a note and some butterfly confetti in her tooth bag. She recieved $3.00 for both of her teeth, which she hasn't spent yet.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the boy VS the apple

About a month ago, see told you I was way behind on blogging, Camron asked me if he could have an apple. I of course told him go for it. He for some odd reason he don't like the peel of the apple, which is fine, but at times I get tired of having to peel the apple, so the good mommy that I am I told him to go and grab a knife and peel it your self. So off he ran to the kitchen grabed the knife and then I told him to grab the brown tray to catch all the peels. I tell you these trays have come in handy at times. He did do a good job peeling this apple until it became to boring.

Working on those small motor skills.

He has gotten some of the peel off. I know what a good mommy letting their 4 yr play with knifes while you are taking pictures of your child.

No I don't let my kids lick knifes, do you think I would let such a thing happen at my house?? How careless do you guys think I am?


Please pray for Stellan he needs some more prayers.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

katey's first day at school.

Today all the kids started back to school. Katey is now a first grader and she goes all day long. She got up kinda hard and she is NOT my morning person at all. So I am not looking forward to mornings with crabby. I took her to school to help her drop off her supplies and to find her classroom. She is loving her room, its full of girls! Yes you read that right, she is in a all girl class. The only down fall of today was she didn't remember to eat hot lunch today. She thought her snack was her lunch, so the teacher gave her a extra snack at snack time. Poor little thing was "Starving" by the time she got home. Yet she is ready to head back to school again tomorrow. For the most part I was alone today. All I had here at the house was Jacob and Nathan who is 10 months so it was really quiet. I wasn't really sure what to do with myself at nap time since Katey or Camron don't nap they are normally home with me so I got some extra computer time and laundry time in. Tomorrow Jerry will take her to school and the boys and I will pick her up, I just hope the carpool lanes will go by a bit faster since it took us 30 mins to pick her up! So maybe I will load the boy up sooner and maybe beat the "rush" to make it go by faster.

Katey all ready to walk out the door.

Katey and her best friend Maddie at school before we left.

Showing off her backpack she has this year.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

wanna help a great cause??

If you want to help get higher weight car seat to people who can afford them, check out this website. OR go here to Select the Kyle David Miller Foundation from the drop down list. They are in ranking #8 right now and that's for $10,000!! Just imagine how many car seats that would buy! So hurry and vote, one vote per email address. Thanks

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

dumb heads

What a weird title for a post huh?? Well that's what Katey called them, I on the other hand picked out a different name but I will keep that one to myself. Now who is a dumb head you ask?? Well Katey and I were on our way home from her class tonight and I happened to look at the van next to mine, and what did I see?? A infant between the passengers LEGS. YES you read that right,I did a second look since I didn't believe my eyes to begin with. By the look of the baby's head I would say the baby was maybe 6months old. Then you could see that the had someone sitting behind the driver sitting backwards against the door. SO yeah the back seat riders were in no seat belts either!! WHAT THE HELL?? I called 911 in hopes to get this crazy driver off the road and maybe save the baby. Katey and I followed the driver until it turned and no cops were in sight, so I can hope that maybe the cop was going to meet them at their house since I gave the 911 driver the plate number also. I know car seats can be pricey but come on you can buy a nice car seat for 50.00. I will just hope and pray that these"dumb heads" get pulled over soon before they get into an accident!

Monday, August 24, 2009

camron school days

My little, well ok my so NOT little man started school last week. He is in preschool and so far LOVING IT!! He stared last Monday where he went for 1.5 hours. On Monday I had to stay at the school. After I filled out the paperwork I went back into the classroom just to watch, when Camron asked me "what are you doing my school. This is my school you have to leave." Well yes I was a bit bummed but I was also happy that he felt comfortable enough for me to leave. On Tuesday he went for 3 hours. When it was time for me to leave I asked him if I get bye hugs and kisses, He replied" oh play do" and ran off. Wed he went for 6 hours, again no hugs and kisses for mom, I guess he thinks he's too "big" for them. Then on Thursday he went all day 8ish to about 5pm. He is loving school, I just hope this will carry on for the next 13 and plus years he will be going to school. Camron will be going to school on Tues and Thurs from 8ish to about 5. I will miss my little man but then it will be nice to have a few hours or so to myself again, that is If Jacob keeps napping.

All ready to go. He was a bit dissapointed that his Mario shirt was missplaced and he had to wear this shirt but he got over it quickly. I just love the cheesey smile he had on his face.

Walking into his school such a big boy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

up on a soap box-venting

OK if you don't want to listen to me vent about car seat stop reading NOW! You have been warned.

I will say I am a car seat nerd. Why I am not sure but I am. I love seeing the new car seats that come to the market. I have taken two classes on car seats, I am not a car seat tech, so by no means I am I a car seat expert, I don't know everything about car seats, but I do know a lot. Some of my "education" on car seats have come from the classes that I have taken and also what I have learned from kyle david miller foundation and Out numbered by testosterone and just searching the web. So again I am no expert. Yes have I make a few mistakes with my kids and their car seats. YES I have. Which ones you ask. Well for starters when Katey and Camron were little I turned them around before they were one. At that point I didn't know what I know now. I am not sure if the information was out their, I am sure it was but I didn't know it, but with Jacob he is 2 and still rear facing. Does he care NOPE not one bit. Are his legs crunched no, he just hangs them over the edge or crosses them. When I see other babies/kids either buckled in wrong or the car seat not tight I will normally try to help and offer what I know, and its up to the the parent to make the choice if they follow my advice. Again I am not an expert. With me being a daycare provider I feel its my "job" to help the parents with not really raising their babies, but helping them along the way. I will offer my advice when they ask or if it looks like I can help out some other way. What I never understand is when you buy a new infant seat/car seat it comes with directions on how to use them. Most people don't even read these little books. WHY? Some people don't pay any attention to the height and weight requirements. WHY? They come with this information for a reason. You don't buy a new DVD player or a new game and just toss the directions away do you? NO you normally glance at them to figure out how to use the darn things. A car seat is no different than a new DVD player or a game. When you learn about car seats you can go crazy when you see someone with their seats wrong, harness too loose, forward facing too early, chest clip too low(people it DON"T belong down by their belly's) the baby sitting up on a pillow and more. IF you ask me, which no one ever does, before anyone is allowed to bring their newborn infants home they should have to take a car seat class on how to install them right. And when the child is ready for the next stage of seats they should have to again take a class on car seat safety. Yeah it seems like a lot but its OUR kids that we are keeping safe. Yeah you can over all your outlets in covers, put a padding around your coffee table, shoot even hire someone to come into your house to show you all the "hidden" dangers in your house but when it comes to your car seat most people are clueless! So for the ones who are still reading this, thank you. Now take the time out of your busy day and learn something about your car seat or take a class on car seat safety. If you know just something little about car seat safety share it with others. As parents we should help other parents when they need it. Its not just our kids that we are keeping safe its our kids classmates, friends, or maybe the next president.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

jacob jamers

Now its Jacob's turn for vacation pictures. He did great in the van for how long were were "trapped" in the van. I think he did better than the other two! He wasn't too big on the water park, he liked to stay in the shallow part or play on the outside slide. He was great just a few melt downs but nothing major. Now enjoy Jacob's vacation

The little snot figured out that he can climb out of his pack n play while we were gone. This was the night that he stayed up "late" and "read" the bible! He brought me the bible and said "book", I am sorry it was after 10pm I told him no and that he needed to go to sleep. He looked at me and then started to thumb thru the bible alone. I guess he got bored since their wasn't any pictures and went to sleep shortly after that in his pack n play.

Camron and I went to do the laundry the last night we were at the Great Wolf Lodge. He was a little upset that he didn't go with me. Mom said he stayed at the patio door and fussed until he fell asleep. Needless to say he didn't climb out of his pak n play that night.

The water slide outside that Jacob and Camron both loved. I wish they had one like this inside. HE loved it!

Jacob looking cute in grandma's arms in the pool.
We are thinking about going up next spring, I can't wait to see how different all 3 kids will be next time. I am sure they will be more brave and try new things out. All I can say was vacation went by way too fast!
Now school has started for Camron and Katey starts in a few weeks. I am not sure where summer has gone but I think I missed it somewhere!

Come on Katey its time to wake up!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

kateys turn

Well lets see we have been back from vaction for how long and I am now just getting to post about Katey? Yeah I have been lazy, but it has been busy here trying to squeeze as much as we can before school starts.

Ok so here we go, about Katey and how much fun the water bug had at The Great Wolf Lodge....... From the time we arrived at the Lodge she was ready for the water. Of our 3 kids she is the water bug. She will jump in, go under the water and more! I think the only time she came out of the water is when she was hungry or had to pee, other than that she was in the water.

They had this gaint snake floating in the water so you could climb on. By the look on her face she loved it. Granted she couldn't hop on it by herself, she still like being on it.

"MOM take my picture underwater." or "Mom take a video of me under the water" Is all I heard out of her while we were in the pool. All I can say is thank goodness for a waterproof digtal camera or we wouldn't have as many water pictures.

These lily pads were floating in the water with the cargo nets above. She would fly across these. I loved how she would swing across them. I did try but didn't make it across. Its harder than it looks.

This picture was taken at a hotel in the U.P.
Needless to say she had a blast in the water. Yes she is also ready to go back. Maybe next year.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

more pictures and great news~

Today I have decided to post some pictures of just Camron. Tomorrow will be someone different. So, here we go............ Camron when he seen a bear or anything that he could get his picture with he wanted it to be done.

This M&M Bear was in the ice cream shop by the pool. When you walked by it all you could smell is melted chocolate. YUMMM. I really wanted to get everyone picture on this but time ran out. We got this one done when Camron and I were doing laundry.
Every night at 8pm the clock behind the wolf and Camron would dance and tell a little story then someone else would read a bedtime story to the kids. After the story they were able to see the wolf up close. Katey and Jacob both said NO but not Camron. He went into the line and waited so good. When everyone moved up he just stayed put. Not sure why he didn't move when the line moved. But when it was his turn he was all smiles. He even tried to "pull" out a tooth or pull his head off not sure which one.

He was floating in the pool at the hotel in the U.P. He loves to "swim" in the baby floaty thing instead of using a life jacket.

Camron next to the big ice cream cone. Again something I wanted to have all 3 kids pictures with but it didn't work out. I have more pictures of Camron but they are on my mom's camera that I still have to download onto our computer.

Look closely you will see NO TRAINING WHEELS!! At the start of the summer she wanted her training wheels off and she didn't have her balance yet. I talked her into putting them back on. When we put them back on I put them up and back a little bit so she could learn how to balance. Today after we took a bike ride, I told her lets move them up again and see how she does. Well needless to say we took them OFF! She is so excited about having no "strings" that we had to call a few friends and family members to tell them the good news. Now when we go for bike rides her bike is quiet and I don't' like it. Its hard to figure out where she really is. She is still a bit wobbly but I know over time the wobbliness will go away.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

we are back

We made it back on Thursday night. The kids LOVED the Great Wolf Lodge. We planned on staying only two nights but they offered us a 3rd night at half price so we stayed the 3rd night. Most of the time I was off with Katey going down the slides or being in the pool, while my mom was with the boys in the kiddie pool area. After becoming water logged at the Gread Wolf we took the kids over Mackinaw Bridge. The kids were really good in the van. Maybe the last hour or so is when mostly Katey became whiney and she was done riding. But all in all it was a fun time. I hope to post pictures all weekend/week for you all to see. Yeah Amanda it would've been funier comming to your house but maybe next year!!

This is the view as we entered the water park. The big bucket I do have pictures of this thing dumping that I will post at a later date.

Katey living under the water. She is such a little water bug.

The boys loved the kiddie pool. Mom said this water toy was thier favorite.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

vacation with a change of plans

I am on VACATION!!!! Can't tell that I am excited can you?? Well tomorrow we were suppose to be heading down to Neb to visit my friend Amanda, who I have never met and we have been friends for almost 6 years. How did we become friends since I live in Michigan and her in Nebraska? We met on We would email each other and then we exchanged phone numbers and now we talk on the phone at least once a day. Well ok its more like 3-4 or more times a day. Our kids are back to back almost (4-6 weeks apart) each time. We talk about everything and anything. So my mom, myself and my kids were going to take the drive to visit her, but she was offered a full time job, so now we are heading in a different direction! Where are we going now?? Well we are now going up north. First to Traverse City to Great Wolf Lodge. We have never been their but I have been wanting to go. I know the kids will have a blast. After that we will hit the sand dunes and then to Mackinaw city so the kids can see the Mackinaw Bridge. What we will do after all that I have no idea. So I may or may not be posting this week depending on who has a computer. But I know I won't be posting any pictures until I get back then watch out!

Amanda way to go on your new job! I hope it will lead to another full time job when this one is over!! We will have to plan for next summer! I will be thinking of you all this week. I will have my cell phone so feel free to call, my mom might even answer!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

happy birthday jacob

We just celebrated another birthday in our household. Little Jacob James is now 2! Not sure where the last 2 years have gone. I still remember him being this little tiny squishy baby, but not he is this little boy who is becoming more and more independent every day. When we found out that he was going to be a boy Katey broke down crying she was so heartbroken that she was going to have yet another brother, but she has gotten over that fact that he is a boy and now loves him very much. Jacob is this sweet little boy who will still help mommy pick up with or without asking to. Today after I picked up the baby toys I guess I missed one he picked it up and looked at me, and put it where it went. What a good boy only if he didn't out grown that. He is busy keeping up with the other two kids, hes not afraid of doing what they are doing. But it scares me! He is just a little bundle of joy to be around. I have enjoyed these last 2 years and can't wait for the many more years to come.

Jacob talking to his sister for the first time. He don't look please at whatever she just said.

Jacob at his birthday party loving the blue frosting. Yes his shirt and hands and face came clean!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

cup cakes anyone?!?!

As you all know Camron had a birthday last week. Since it was HOT here last week we cheated and went to the store and bought him a cake, well ok cupcakes, he picked. It was 87 in the house all week since it took Jerry about 4 days before he decided that is was hot in the house before he put in the A/C, so no way was i firing up the oven. He picked out a alligator that held 24 cupcakes, so off to my mom's work to surprise her. We all had a cupcake, Now we have 20 left. Took them home and kids maybe ate 2 more of them so now down to what.........18. Fast forward to the next day.......... Both boys wanted a cupcake for breakfast, so fine, you know they are healthy they have eggs in them, they might be able to be considered breakfast food. I know you have fed your kids cookies or cupcakes for breakfast at time too. Now we are down to 16 cupcakes.I am trying to clean up the bathroom a little bit mainly toilet, you know boys, i swear it doesn't matter the age of the boy either, then I heard Camron," mommy you better come here."
ugh is all I could think. Go in to the kitchen and what do I see?? Jacob up on the stool crying, with a cupcake in his hand. I guess he wanted another one after I told him no, One cupcake is my limit for breakfast I swear! So yes the good mother I am I grab my camera to take pictures of him while he was shaking, crying, scared, and I was laughing all the time. Camron on the other hand was a little bummed that he lost all of his cupcakes.

You can see the cardboard alligator thing behind him on the floor. Under the cardboard was what 16 cupcakes, a red vacuum that got trashed I didn't feel like cleaning it up, and the stool that he stood on. It might look like he laughing but he was scared and crying.

He never let go of the cupcake that he was after either, see it in his hand?? Not sure but I think the cupcakes lost this battle.

Still upset that I am still taking pictures at this point and not tending to his needs. Still has cupcake in hand!

As I was taking off his diaper to put him in the tub I notice all the frosting that was under his arm. My guess is the cupcakes slid down his arm as he was trying to stop them from falling. I also threw the stool in the tub with him. So that dreadful day we lost 16 yummy cupcakes, and one red vacuum.

Monday, June 29, 2009

not me mondays

Join mckmama and other fellow bloggers to a free therapy session.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

happy birthday buddy

Four short years ago I gave birth to my first son, Camron Michael. He came into this world weighing 8lbs 11oz and 21 inches. And today he is now a busy 4 yr old boy. Who likes to play in the sandbox that grandpa built. Camron is can be a little lover boy who will help you out in a heart beat or he can be this little devil and drive me nuts. But I still love him anyhow. I can't believe how fast these 4 years have gone by. Before I know it we will be driving a car, waving good bye to me as he drives off to collage. I wish I could figure out how to slow time down just for a bit and keep him little just for a tiny bit longer. Happy birthday buddy I love you!!

Grandma holding him for the first time.

Motorcycle guy! He will "fly" by driving this at grandma and grandpa's. He doesn't let any grass grow under is feet.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

car seats.

Today the kids and I went to our local splash pad. Its big sprinklers and buckets that dump water on kids heads. The only one not fond of the splash pad is poor little Jacob. Not really sure why, but he is just as happy to watch from the sidelines. So when we were leaving the splash pad and I was loading 6 kids into the van, yeah 6 kids. I know I am nuts at time for taking 6 kids out but its not all that hard. Now if it was raining and I needed to go to the store I would wait until 3 left and then take just my three if my hubby wasn't home. But to the splash pad its easy. A car pulled next to me and I noticed a little girl in her car seat with the harness WAY too loose. The chest clip was down by her belly and the harness was resting off her shoulder. When the grandma got out of the car and came over to the other side of the car, I mentioned to her that her granddaughters harness was way too loose. I was trying to to debate if I should say something to her, I didn't want to upset her, but then I didn't want this little girl to get hurt if they got into an accident either. So from talking to her, she told me she told her son that it was too loose and it should be tighter. He just didn't do it yet. When I was showing her how to tighten the harness, I noticed that the car seat was in way wrong. I asked her if i could fix it, and she was happy that I offered to help her. What was all wrong with her seat?? Well first of all her harness was below her shoulder and the baby was forward facing so the harness should be at or above the shoulders, we fixed that by moving the harness up. The other thing was the seat was WAY to loose. IF you wiggled this seat it almost tipped over. They did have the latch system on the car seat and the car had latch attachments also. So I showed her how to put the seat in using the latch. She was amazed how easy it was and how tight it was after that. The little girl was sitting on a pillow for some odd reason. I told her not to add anything to her seat unless it came with the car seat. We removed the pillow and also removed the blanket that was under the car seat. After the seat was put in right I had her buckle the baby in her seat and we fixed the harness to where you can't pinch the harness between your fingers. She was happy that I helped her with her seat. It just amazes me how many car seats are in wrong. Hop on over to the Kyle David Foundations to read about more tips on how to put your seat in right. Call your local fire dept or Police dept, or even AAA they normally have a car seat tech that will be more than happy to help you put in your car seat in safely.


Hope on over to Among the mess for a great diaper giveaway. Good luck

Monday, June 15, 2009

not me mondays

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Yeah I know I have not done any Not Me Monday's in awhile. Call me lazy I guess. But I have also included pictures this time! So here we go...............

~~I DID NOT tear up when my little girl graduated from kindergarten. Its a happy time, not a sad time. I wish she was just a little baby sometimes.

~~I DID NOT fall into a puddle of water while photographing my kids over the weekend and somehow it got all wet and now it doesn't work. I DID NOT go and buy a new one Sunday that is waterproof just in case it should ever happen again.

~~I DO NOT call my cousins everyday when my frogs/tadpole do something new (we all have tadpoles/frogs from the same spot). We DO NOT compare who's frog/tadpoles are doing better. They are NOT our kids after all. The kids are Just as bit as excited about our frogs/tadpoles as us, otherwise we would've gotten rid of them a long time ago. Why would we keep them just because we find it interesting. Yes the little black spot in the corner is a baby frog.

~~~Last but not least. When the kids and I got home today from the store, when I opened the front door I DID NOT see a squirrel run thru our house! I DID NOT tell Katey and the boys to go outside between our doors and stay their until it was safe to come in. I DID NOT bust the screen knobs off
of one of the screens before I noticed the darn squirrel was gone out of hole it made to get in. Darn pesky wildlife anyhow!! Who says squirrel's are cute??

I hope you like my not me monday's this week. I will try to keep up now, but man with nice weather who wants to be tied to the computer?? NOT ME