Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monkey see, Monkey do...........

Well today is tues, and last night it rained hard. Later today I let the kids outside to play and get some fresh air before it gets cold. When I went outside, Camron was already wet, his shoes pants was drenched! So I dumped out the dinosaur box, since I really didn't want Jacob playing in the water with how cold it is. So Camron, with him being a boy, saw MUD!! How happy he was! I did ask him to stay out, but when he saw Jacob heading towards the mud he thought he should also play in the mud. Camron would throw a football into the mud so he could go and get it. Yeah smart little turkey. So the next thing I noticed was Jacob, playing in the water just like big brother. Jacob had on orange pants on and by the time we went inside his butt was black! Needless to say when I made the kids go back inside I told them straight into the bath. So from the time they got out of the tub, until dinner time all I heard from Camron was he wanted a bedtime snack. I guess when you got the kids into a routine its bad to mess it up, cuz it screws the them!

Monkey see Monkey do... since Jacob saw is big bro playing he thought is was ok for him too.
Mama take a picture of me!!

Yeah sorry its sideways I forgot to fix it! But as you can see his BUTT is no longer orange like it should be.

OH yeah Katey went frogin' last week, and found Jumpy the frog. She caught him, let him go and caught the poor little toad again.....she thought it was cool that if you poked his eye he closed them. SO the nice mommy Iam I "poked" her eye and told her, she does the same thing if someone pokes her eye. She left his eye alone after that. I thought about telling her she should kiss him to see if he's a prince, but I thought I better not. Maybe next time
Here is Katey trying to catch Jumpy the frog again. Camron didn't want anything to do with the frog besides looking at the thing

Monday, September 29, 2008

Not me Mondays

Well today is monday again and Iam trying to do the Not me Mondays that m ckmama does. So here i go again

I did not turn on tv to a show that I knew that my kids would watch so I could rest my eyes and take a nap, cuz I don't nap.

I do not put Jacob in disposable diapers at night cuz he will normally poop first thing in the moring and its just easier.

I did not enjoy saturday afternoon with just Jacob while the other two kids were with my mom all day. And I did not just sit on my butt the whole time Jacob was napping cuz I had laundry to do, dishes to do, etc
I didn't just put the kids laundry away today that has been sitting in the laundry basket since friday night, and I dont' have 2 more batches of kids laundry to do again.

I did not put the kids to bed early on night because I wanted some peace and quiet.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

busy day??

Well today was a laid back but seems like a busy day. Mom took both Katey and Camron home to stay the night so that left us with Jacob. I left and headed to my friend's pure romance party so Jerry had a boy's night. I got to sleep in since Jacob didn't wake up much before 8:30. whooo whooo!! So when Jacob and I got up and dressed we went shopping. What a big helper he was today, putting all the items in the cart for me, so he earned a donut when we got home, well ok Iam the one who wanted a donut but, it worked out good cuz I have him the donut and i was able to put away all the food. Then I put Jacob down for a nap, and I just watched tv. I watched what I wanted to watch not sponge bob or tom and jerry or some other kid show that you have seen about a billion times! After we ate dinner with my parents and the kids we went, to big lots and the kids picked out a toy, Jacob goes nuts over baby dolls so I found him a baby that was wearing blue. Jerry wasn't too happy that is boy was getting a baby, but I see nothing wrong with it. Its nice to have just one "baby" to myself for one whole day. When I have just one child with me, I wonder how did I manage with one baby? It seems like Iam "bored" not bored to be with the kids, just not sure what to do, I dont' have to break up fights or anything. Now that all the kids are home and in bed its my time to put my feet up once again for the second time today, and relax before it starts all over again in the morning.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where has the week gone??

Well today is thursday, where did mon-wed go?? Right now Katey and I are at the libary, she's playing on the computer and well yeah Iam sitting next to her bloging. Its nice she can play and you don't have to worry about her messing anything up. I guess the main reason why I am not worried is its not my computer and plus they have it all "kid" safe. Jerry is home with Camron and Jacob who are both tired! I asked him to wash Jacob's hair since he really needs his hair washed, I think he got banana in his hair from lunch. Tomorrow I take Jacob in for a recheck of his ear, and I hope they send us to an ENT(ear, nose, throat) doctor to find out why he keeps getting ear infections. Lets see what happened today.........hummmm.....oh yeah I got a nap in today!! Katey and Camron played really really well while i relaxed my eyes. They got thier toys out and sat at the table and didn't fight for like an HOUR!! Needless to say they will bet getting a marble each and some money for their money jar. Well better go Katey is ready to change games or something else.

Monday, September 22, 2008

baby giggles

Who dont' love to listen to a baby giggle? Its so sweet and Innocent. I put the kids to bed tonight and while they were relaxing in their beds I was checking my email and such, and the next thing that I hear is Jacob giggling! Camron came in a few mins later to ask me to cover him up so we headed back into the boys room, while Camron was climbing up his ladder I asked him what he was doing to Jacob to make him laugh. All Camron was doing was making silly faces or saying peek a boo to Jacob while Jacob was laying the short way in his crib. Jacob was laying with his feet up on his crib bars enjoying the show I guess. I don't understand why Camron will be soo soooo sweet to Jacob when its bedtime or just when he wants to be nice. Don't get me wrong Camron is a good big brother its just at times he can be sooo sweet to him but then the next min he will be a little terror to him! But what is better than hearing a baby giggle?? I love that sound, well I guess any little kid giggle cuz their laugh is so genuine, unlike and adult from time to time. Gotta love little kids.
Today I took Camron to the toe doc and he said his toe problems are normal among little kids. Just feed him more jello, which will be easy since he LOVES jello. I swear that kid would eat it all day if I let him. And he also gave me some cream to put on his toe.
Pay it forward~~~ Well I was visiting http://seeryus.blogspot.com/. She has a little game going on that if you are the first 3 people to leave a comment she sends you a small gift, it can be something you bought or made. It just has to fit into an envelope or vanilla envelope. SO I am hoping to get someone to play the game this time on here. So be the first 3 people to make a comment that you want to play and you will be added to the game!! When you add your comment add the game to your blogspot! Good luck!!

Not me Mondays~~~ I have been reading this blog http://www.mycharmingkids.net/. She is fun to read. I really need to add her to my page! But today is not me mondays. Well on not me mondays you write about things that YOU"didn't" do all week. So I will try my best. Here I go~
~~I did not almost eat a whole bag of chips by myself, they good also.hehehe
~~I did not just turn off the baby monitor in the morning to get a few mins of sleep

~I did not Let the kids climb in to bed with us on sunday to steal 10 more mins of shut eye.
~~I did not drink too many beers on the hayride sunday that I got the warm fuzzy feeling, yeah you know what iam talking about.
~~I did not skip washing the kids hair at night just because I didn't feel like it.
~ I did not do laundry the other day cuz I didnt' feel like it, and leave it down in the basement cuz I didn't feel like caring up, folding it, and putting it away.
~~ I did not forget to do the kids laundry and Katey has school clothes for monday. oops.
Well I gets that's enough of not me mondays!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hay Ride

Well today all of us went to mom and dad's for a hayride. All of mom's brother/sisters, her mom, all the cousins came to the hayride. The wagon left at 2:00pm and didn't get back until 4:30! Jacob did great sitting in a spinny seat, he wanted out maybe 5 mins before we got home. Katey and Camron did great also. They sat with either Jerry or I thru out the ride. When we got back to mom and dad's house we ate left over wedding food from my uncle's wedding and hot dogs also. Jacob was up from 9:30am until he fell asleep in the van almost 6pm. Katey was a little bit bummed that we didn't have a bon fire and why we didn't have one I really dont' know. So mom told her that one of these weekends we will have a bon fire so she can roast marshmellow. SO I can't wait until next year for the next hayride.

This week is gonna be busy. Tomorrow Camron has a doctor appt on his toes, and then friday I take Jacob back in for a recheck on his ears.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

catching up..............

Its amazing how fast you can fall behind in blogging when you either get busy or sick. So I hope to catch everyone up or at least a little bit anyhow.
SO to start off Camron LOVES to dig but then again what little boy doesn't like to dig and and get muddy? But my dad and mom felt sorry for him cuz he had no where to dig. We did have a sandbox but they all out grew it. And we just didnt' get around to building one yet. So they came over on a sunday and Camron and Papa built one. Its 5X5. Its a great size I can fit in the corner, while the kids have plenty of room to make stuff. Jacob loves to eat the sand when he puts something in his mouth. YUCK if you ask me, but he dont' seem to mind having "grit"in his mouth. Katey loves to build sandcastles or houses, and well Camron will either build roads or destroy Katey's house's. I like to just dig holes or help make house's before they get knocked down..

Here is my favorite picture form that day. Camron and Papa are making sure its all square and everything is measuring up. Yeah I know Camron is in his under ware, but the boy just doesn't keep shorts on! He will go potty and the next thing you know is his shorts are missing. You ask him where they are he will tell you in the bathroom. errr little turkey!

All three playing in the sandbox. Yes Camron is making a sand angel! Katey also made some sand angels.
Here we are playing or should I say floating in the river. The kids and my dad went to the looking glass river by their house about a month ago and played in the river. We walked down the river for awhile, then floated back to where we stared. Camron didn't want to leave the float, while Katey was willing to get off from time to time. We found HUGE clams. We were collecting them but I guess Camron got tired of holding the clam bucket, cuz he dumped them back into the water.
Katey clam hunting.
Well I guess that kinda catches you all up. I do have some more pictures to download of my camera and I hope to do that in the next few days.

Everyone should head over to here http://www.designsbyrs.com/2008/09/01/giggle-bug-boutique-giveaway-personalized-blanket/ . She has super cute blankets, and she also has a giveaway. I love the pink one help find a cure. The dead line is sept 15 which is monday. Good luck to everyone who enters the contest!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Not again

Well on thursday when Jacob woke up he wasn't himself. I feed him on my lap as he just layed their like a lump, didn't want to be put down, didn't want to give up his paci. I called the doctor, and made an appt. When we got at the docs he was on fire! They took his temp and he was 103. He checked his ear and yes another ear infection! Ugh this has to be his 3 or 4 one since June. So yeah another round of antibitotics again! I just hope this time he don't get a yeast infection again. When I take him back in 2 weeks Iam gonna talk to the doc about him getting tubes and in hopes that his ear infections will be gone. Today he was in much better mood which is great if you ask me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well today the guys got done with the house!! whoo!!! IT looks soo great. I will have to take new finished pictures tomorrow since I have to recharge the batteries for my camera again. But they did a awsome job! Now all we have to do is re-paint our shed doors since you don't side doors. Which for some reason don't know why I didnt' think that we would have to repaint the doors I figured they would side the doors also. DUH! Iam a blonde sometimes. SO I figure if we go to Lowes or someplace like that and take the siding with us they should be able to make paint the matches the siding really closely.. So when I was signing the papers saying that the job is done and they did a great job, Russ, one of the guys in charge of this program told me that in a few months or so he and Chris (another person who is in charge) will come by to drop off the cleaning supplies that come with this project. He told me that a mop, bucket, door mats, and such are included! SWEET!! So I can't wait to see them in a few months and see what my "gifts" are.

Well since this past weekend Jacob thinks he's a big boy now. He is walking 99.9% of the time, unless he needs to go someplace fast. Where did my little baby go?? He is doing great walking outside on uneven surfaces and can turn corners with no problems. I want my little baby back!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The tooth fairy came!

Tuesday Sept 2, I had to take Camron to the dentist for a cleaning, but I noticed that friday he was playing with his front tooth with his tongue. I tried to "pick" it out but it was stuck. I had mom look at it, she wasn't able to get it out either! I thought to myself good thing he goes to the dentist soon. All weekend long I tried to pick it out but still it was stuck. So off Camron and I go to the dentist, and yes this was also Katey's first day at school also. Well the dentist called me in the morning to see if I was able to bring him in on the 2nd since his appt was on the 3rd, I told them yeah, so I jumped on the phone and called my friend and lifesaver most days, Doreen to see if she was able to watch the kids so I didn't have to drag them with me and now Iam happy I didn't have to take them! So anyhow, I told the lady about his tooth, she told me they would look at it. About 20 min later out Camron comes and with smiles on his face, no cavities! YES!! Asked her if she noticed the tooth, no they didn't notice anything, and at this time I bent down and showed her, "OH" she said, off Camron goes again for different x-rays. At this time I am thinking he's never gonna want to go to the dentist again. Out he comes again, still smiling, what a trooper. This time the dentist comes out and asks me if he has had any mouth trauma, ummm, does sibling fighting count?? You know how it goes they fight and one always comes out bleeding. He has had plenty of bloody lips but none that stick out in my mind that I was able to think of. Well he fractured his front baby tooth, that's what I have been trying to pick out since friday afternoon! The fracture went below the gum line also. Well either leave it in, and hope it don't hurt his adult teeth, or infection sets in OR just take it out. I choose to send the poor boy back in to the chair. Once again Iam thinking never again is he gonna let me take him to the dentist again, after being set to the chair for the 3rd time!!! I know when Katey got her teeth fixed she came out crying not wanting to go back ever again, so yeah I pictured Camron coming out crying and wanting his beloved blanket, and us without it, since we left it at home. Well next thing I knew here he comes, not crying, not caring what really happened to him, just caring his little bag with floss, a new tooth brush, 2 dinosaurs in it. They said he did great no crying in the back either!! He did take a nap on the way home(hey where can I get some of that gas? since he never naps HAHAHA) I think with his age he really didn't understand the whole tooth fairy idea. He did get a golden dollar and 2 little toys,and the best of all yellow fairy dust on his pillow! If you ask him what happened to his tooth he will tell yah "the dentist took it out" So Iam hoping that in 6 months he will be as good as he was this time around and I hope when we leave we will be leaving with all his teeth in his mouth!!

goofy face but you can see where his tooth is missing
Just looking cute the other day.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our "new" house

Well my cousin Kim works for Ingham county and right now they have grants to get the lead out of peoples houses. And come to find out we have or should I say HAD lead in our house. So our house has lead on the outside paint and on our enclosed porch. The guys stared out house on Tues sep 2. They taped off part of the back yard as they were working on the back and the back side of the house. I got to pick out the color which is a sage/gray color. I did post the color as the last picture but not sure if it really shows the true color or not. Today they are starting the front and the other side of the house. I think they are hoping to finish tomorrow, but as I said they still have to do half of the house, the shed and spray some kind of stuff on the front porch to cover the lead! All of this is only costing us $300.!! So if anyone knows of anyone living in Ingham county that has kids living with them let me know and I can get them an application!

the side of our house. This is part of the back yard. You see the little window next to the open one? Well that window is a "dummy" window since its not used. Either the shower is covering it or the closet so I told the guys to just cover it, as you will see in the next picture
The same side as the picture above just done! See no little window?? With all the yellow tape it looks like a crime scene or something
The very back of the house before work started.
Back of the house after they have finished the siding.

The color of our house,. As I said in the picture its hard to see the real color, its called coastal sage.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Katey's in kindergarten

Well tue was Kateys first day of kindergarten. She hopped out of bed that morning to my suprize! I thought for sure that I would be fighting her to get out of bed, but not tues! We went downstairs and her first question was "Can I get dressed now?" Well I told her that she better wait and eat first in case of she spilled "good thinking mom." After she ate all she wanted to do was get dressed and go and this was only maybe 7 am and school don't start until 8 am! So she got dressed, hair done and teeth brushed. So from the time she got that all done it was maybe 7:15 so for the next 30-45 mins all I heard was how much longer before we leave? SO the boys and I took her to school. She knew her way to her classroom which made me feel good, so at least I know she will have no problem finding her class room in the following days.

Katey right before we left for school. She had this outfit picked out about 2 weeks before school started! Yeah she has to wear a uniform but she's ok with that.
Camron and Katey on the front porch before we got into the van. Camron had to get into the act also.

Iam on my way to school all ready lets go mom!

Well now today is wed and she is still liking school. I think it helps that she also has her little friend Maddie in her class also. Believe it or not I talked her into wearing a short for tomorrows class or I think she would wear the navy jumper and red shirt everyday if I let her!

Well iam hoping to post the new "House" pictures tomorrow, since they are siding the house! its about 1/2 done!!!! I have to post about Camrons tooth, or should I say Lack of a tooth! Its only sept 3rd but this month has been soooo busy already!

Monday, September 1, 2008

oh SH*T!

Well it has been a busy week with getting ready for Katey to start school, trying to squeeze out a bit more fun of summer before it leaves. I will be trying to post every night to get every one caught up!


But for this first one, yeah I know the title is kinds goofy, but as you read you will totally understand the title!! Well anyhoo, Friday stated out like any other friday. When I went upstairs to get Jacob out of bed I got to the landing and could smell him, which to you or I is really ok, so at first I thought no problem, that was my first mistake! As I got to the top of the steps and looked in all I saw was a bear butt, yeah you guess it is diaper was off!! And remember when I said I could smell something stinky? He was covered in pooo!!!! I took a closer look his bed had poop all over it, his hands, legs, feet, head, and even his binky! And as any good mother would do I left my stinky poopy baby in his bed so I could run back downstairs to get my camera! Yeah Jacob wasn't too happy that I left him in his time of need but I now have pictures the he will dread when he gets older. HAHAHA

This is what I woke up to Friday morning! He is pointing to the wind chimes that are on the fan that he like to hit when he gets up, needless to say he went straight into the tub that dreadful morning.

I make sure he has on either shorts or a onesie shirt on now! He isn't going to get that diaper off again!

So now i hope everyone understands my title much better now.

Well Katey starts kindergarten tomorrow and she is excited about that. With her at the new school it will work out to where Jerry can drop her off before he goes to work or he can stay home with the boys when I take her in. Iam hoping to post new pictures of her tomorrow as she heads off to kindergarten. I know Camron is excited about tomorrow not sure if its cuz he will be able to go to Katey's school or cuz he knows he will be getting rid of her for a couple of hours. But iam sure he will be happy to see her come back since he really won't have any kids his age to play with now that school is starting. Well I better be going I have to go and iron Katey's jumper for tomorrow!