Saturday, January 31, 2009

jello cupcakes??

Katey had her 6th birthday on Jan 3rd. (well yah I know I am a little late posting this but better late than never right?) Well anyhow I know that she has 20 kids in her class and 20 kids plus 20 cupcakes equal big mess! So as I was thinking of something to make for to take to school for a treat I came across Jello cupcakes. I make a batch to keep at home to make sure that they would turn out ok, since the thought of paper and jello mixing I wasn't sure how that would work. So according to the directions they say follow the directions on the jello box for jello gigglers. But when I make my finger jello I use Knoxs jello also. So that is the recipe I used, 1 lg box of jello, 2 cup hot water and 2/3 cup cold water and 2 envelops of Knoxs.

Here we are using Orange Jello. Don't mind the gross looking meatballs behind the bowl. The meatballs were good, they just don't look good with the picture.

After you mix your jello, place your paper cupcake liners in a cupcake pan and spray your liners with no stick spray..I put the Jello in my measuring cup for easy pouring. Fill to the top or just about to the top of your liners. Place in the fridge for 2-3 hours or until firm. The cupcakes will come out the pan easy. I also made a batch of these and put in my silicone pans also and they turn out great also.

Right before serving spay some whipped cream on top and sprinkles! These come out the paper really good, much better than I ever thought they would.

The kids at her school loved them, the teacher loved the idea of NO crumbs on the floor. She got to take the extra ones to the other teachers in the other classrooms and they all loved the idea. We had some teachers say no thanks at first but as soon as they found out that it was Jello they wanted one.

Friday, January 30, 2009

lost tooth

Today Katey lost her first baby tooth!! She came into our room last weekend and told us that she thought her tooth was loose. So later that afternoon I wiggled her tooth and it was loose but just barely. The other day I asked to wiggle it again, and it was still no where ready to come out, I was thinking maybe next weekend or later. But this morning in the normal before school rush she was being miss pokey. I went out to clean off the deck and the van since it was my turn to take her to school. I peeked in the window to see she was just sitting in the chair, I knocked on the window to tell her to hurry up. Next thing I Knew she was on the deck with a big sad face on. I asked her what was wrong since I wasn't able to figure out what the problem was.
"I lost my tooth" as she opens her mouth to revile an empty spot and now some blood from where the tooth was.
"Katey that is soo very cool!!'
" but I lost my tooth I don't know where it is."
So in we go look around the chair, check out the bathroom and no tooth. Told her that the tooth fairy knows that she lost her tooth so don't worry. Off to school she went. When I got home I took one look on the floor and FOUND HER TOOTH! So as any good mother would do I called the school to see if they could give Katey the message that I found her tooth. The lady who answered the phone was happy for Katey that she lost her tooth and that we found it. Needless to say everyone that she knew all day, she would open her mouth big and wide to show them the new hole in her mouth. The only sad part of Katey loosing her baby teeth is the sad fact that my little girl is growing up way too fast

Katey's little baby tooth

See the little gap on the bottom??

Monday, January 26, 2009

not me mondays

Well its another Monday again. So it time for some more self help MckMama style. Today is the day you let everyone know what you DID NOT do all week. After either reading my blog, head on over to MCKMAMA's to see what everyone else DID NOT due this week,

I DID NOT take Katey to the doctor on Tues to find out she had pink eye only to take her back again on weds after she screamed for 30 mins yelling that her ear hurt, only to find out that she had an ear infection. I mean I have never taken my kids to the doctor two days in a row like that before!

I DID NOT just buy more cloth diapers this past week because I want to try snap diapers instead of Velcro. My other diapers work just fine so why would I buy more?

I DID NOT have to take my van in to get fixed on weds and I DID NOT have to drag 4 kids with me during nap time because that was the only time they could get it fixed. That would just be plain nuts if I did that.

I know I have more things that I did not do this week but darn if I can remember them. I think old age is setting in early. lol

Sunday, January 25, 2009

product reviews

Well the other day the kids and I were at the store and found this great product. Its called the dripstick. One on side it has a slot for your frozen treats on a stick. But flip it over and you can place and ice cream cone in it! As the most of you know we have been dealing with sore throats and strep throats and my kids love Popsicles when they are sick. When the older two get a Popsicles Jacob wants one too, but then you dealing with a 18 month old with wet sticky hands and melted Popsicles thru out the house. No one wants that! With these the mess stays in the little cup. No mess, no wet or cold hands, no drippins on floor! What could be better? Jump on over to Dripsticks to see more about this great product. I think I am going to go and buy more of these for my daycare kids for when we have Popsicles or ice cream cones, it will be less mess for me to clean up. I wish I wouldv'e found these a long time ago. No house should be without a dripstick!
Katey and Camron enjoying thier new dripsticks.

the cleanest bathroom around

Well I must say I think that we have the cleanest bathroom on this side of the Mississippi River. Why you ask. Well this morning I put the kids in the tub in the tub since Katey wanted to play with her new toy that she bought with the left over birthday money she had. So I filled the bathtub up, and let them play/soaked. They were happy. Katey got out and put clothes on. I was putting towels away and Camron held up a play spoon with something on it.

"Mama, what's this?"

"I don't know let me see."

I looked at it and threw it in the toilet, didn't really think too much of it right away, until I looked behind Jacob. Yeah you guessed it poop

"Ummm sorry boys time to get out. Jacob pooped in the tub."

"Why did he do that?"

"Don't know"
So the boys climb out of the tub, I drain the tub. Clean the poop out, clean the tub. So tonight we go out for dinner with the family for my mom's birthday. When we get home the kids ask for another tub. Hubby fills the tub, the boys jump in. Yeah I know my kids love tubs, but hey it gives me a short break. As I am sitting downstairs watching TV, I hear Camron yell

"mommy Jacob did it again. He pooped in the tub"
AHHHH Not again is all I can think. So once again drain the water, pull the boys out and clean the tub. Never in my 6 years of being a mom have I ever had to clean my tub out 2 times in one day! I have my fingers crossed that he has this out of his system before tomorrow so when they do have a tub again, I won't have to clean the darn thing out again.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

may i have this dance?

I found this photo the other day, well ok I seen it pop up on my computer while the screen saver was going. When I looked closer to it you will see my mom and Katey dancing at my cousin's wedding. I remember reading MckMama's, about how she kicks up the color on some of her photo's. She tells you step by step how to fix your photo's. So when I stumbled upon this photo I thought I should fix this one and give it to my mom for her birthday. I "took" it to and cropped it, and fixed it so they didn't look so dark. If you ask me I think it turned out great. I will have to try and put more pictures on photobucket and play around more often.

As you can see my mom and Katey are in the background and they are looking dark. See why I over looked this photo almost 2 yrs ago??

Much better. Just too cute!! Katey can't wait to give this to grandma tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

punky power = mommy power??

Well for those who grew up in the 80's you all will know about Punky Power. For those who don't Punky Brewster, she was a spunky little girl who was adopted by a man named Henry. She had the catch phase of "Punky Power" and she used that when she got into a hard spot.

Well as most of you know we have had germs running around this place like no other. I am beginning to think we have more germs that a hospital!! But then with 3 preschoolers, a kindergartner, a hubby who works fast food, and whatever else we have going on here, its no wonder why everyone has something. So my hubby is sick, is their anything worse than a sick hubby?? If you can come up with something that is worse than a sick hubby let me know I would love to know what it can be!!! Jacob has or should I say is recovering from strep throat and an ear infection, Camron had pink eye, and NOW Katey has pink eye. I guess that will teach her for picking on Camron while he was "sick"! But Jerry is also under the weather. And who is still healthy?? Yes ME. So why is it that I am around all these germs, snotty noses, coughs, sneezes, and more that I, Knock in wood that I am not cursing myself now, haven't gotten sick?? Is it something that when your a mom you just don't get sick? I mean when mom's are sick the world stops spinning. The laundry don't get done, homework is left unfinished, dishes pile up, and you have starving kids, unless your kids are like my daughter who will eat cereal for all 3 meals if you let her. So right now I am thanking my lucky stars that I haven't caught the bug that lives in our house. And if I do find that nasty little bug, I am gonna squash it flat so maybe it will never come back.


Monday, January 19, 2009

not me mondays

Well the weekend flew past again. I dont' understand why the weeknd is soo dang short and the week just drags on most times. But once again its time for not me monday's again. Yeah I know I have missed the last two Monday's I due believe but its been just nuts here!! After reading what I didn't do this week head on over to MCKMAMA's to join in the fun. You can also check out everyone's not me Mondays and meet a few new friends!

I DID NOT have to take Camron to the ER on Monday(number on reason why I didn't do my not me Monday post last week) thinking that he had a sinus infection only to find out he had pink eye.

I DID NOT kinda laugh to myself when the doctor told me I should close my daycare for a day so I can clean and hopefully no one else gets the goopy red eye crap. Because being closed for a day wouldn't make a difference in my paycheck at all. I mean shoot we don't have any bills due at all.

After taking Camron to the ER, we DID NOT run to the store at 10 pm at night. I make my kids go to bed by 8 pm and never any later, who would let their kid stay up until 10pm just so I can run to the store?

I DID NOT turn around and have to take Jacob to the ER on Tues after all the dycare kids left. He most certainly DID NOT have an ear infection and a strep throat. By the time we DID NOT leave the ER we DID NOT have to go and get his medicine and we DID NOT to thru the drive thru at Burger King because we both were hungry at 10:30 pm.

Since we went to the ER on two different days we DID NOT have the same ER doctor who kinda looked at me funny when she first saw me. I mean how many other mom's go to the ER on two different nights with two different kids?? NOT ME!

I DID NOT just cringe when I found out that school was cancelled on Friday. I should be happy that I was able to spend extra time with my kids, and other people's kids ALL DAY LONG.

I DID NOT go grocery shopping on Wednesday, and spend 1/3 of my paycheck on food. Come on, we are just a family of 5 umm 6 ummm well ok maybe we are a family of 5 but iam feeding 8 kids mon-friday, and that's like feeding a small zoo.

Last but not least something that really DID NOT happen cuz if this did happened I don't think I would really be telling everyone. So I went to my friends, dad's wake on Sunday. After signing in the book I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out some money placed it into the envelope, signed my name to it, and placed it into the LOCKED box. As I was NOT waiting in line to see my friend and her family, I DID NOT reach into my coat pocket and DID NOT feel any money in my pocket, cuz if I did feel money in my coat pocket that means that I put the wrong amount in my envelope! SO after seeing my friend and her family I DID NOT have to hunt down the funereal
directer to tell him the mistake that I DID NOT do. IF that did happen that would be really embarrassing.

Now its your turn to tell everyone something that DID NOT happen to you thru the week. Wow as of right now I beat MCK MAMA to posting her NOT me mondays. Don't get used to me beating her cuz it never happens. When I notice she has her posting up I will link my post her her so you can check out everyone else's postings.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

oh how the house smells wonderful!!

Oh wow does my house smell wonderful! Its hard to explain the great smell that fills my nose. Amanda had a giveaway for her 100th post. She had two great giveaways. One of them was this great candle, that I have burning right now. It came from Harmony Grove Candle Co. I love this candle so very much and the best part is its wick less. Which for me is great since I have a daycare and we can't burn candles while the kids are here due to fire hazard they can be. We have a two story house and I can smell this candle upstairs in the computer room. Its smells great. I really want to buy more scents now. If you ask me the best part about having a wick less candle is you never have to remeber about blowing out the candle when you are done, I have done that before. oops! Thanks Amanda for such a great giveaway. I will be ordering some more candles very soon!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

For sale two kids..... cheap..........

Yeah I know I can't sell my kids, but some days or some weeks I would love to. Let's see why do I want to sell them for............grab a cup of coffee, pop, hot coco or whatever kind of drink you like and enjoy my week as of today, which by the way is Thursday and I thought yesterday was Thursday!! OK here we go............. Camron was complaining that his head hurt last week and his face,under his eyes and such, so when Monday came he still said it hurt and his eyes were getting all red. I called the doctor's office and talked to the nurse telling her I think he has a sinus infection, what can I give him since Benyadril(sp) is a big NO NO for him, he has the opposite reaction to it where he gets hyper! So the nurse said to give him some saline drop/sprays up the nose and it might loose things up a big. Ok sounds good, also made him an appt for Tues at 8:15 am. So after maybe 3 times doing the saline drops he begins having green goop coming out of his tear ducts, I am thinking snot, yeww gross is all I could think! So when he fell asleep on the bed around 6 pm I knew he didn't' feel good cuz this kid NEVER naps EVER!! So Camron and I head to the local Non-emergency room. Since they were saying a possible 2-5 more inches of snow and all I could think was if we get this snow, then school might be called off which would mean taking 6-7 kids with me to the docs, NO THANK YOU! So we are sitting in the er room, watching cartoons and such and the Dr Coffee comes in (remember that name) takes one look at him and says PINK EYE! So no sinus infection just this damn pink eye. Drops in the eyes and he will be good. Sweet we head to the store to get his medicine and some food for the next day. Just remember this was all MONDAY

Fast Forward to Tues around 5:00-5:30 pm............ All the kids are outside with Jerry and Jacob wanted to go out, so I bundle him up and he goes and plays with the kids. He comes back in maybe 10 mins later, we take his snow suit, boots, hat, mittens and such off and I get dinner finished up. Kayden ( a daycare boy) comes in maybe 5 mins after Jacob. All of a sudden Jacob just starts to cry, and scream and carry on. I ask Kayden what happened and he has no idea what the problem was. So I pick up little man and we cuddle. Then about 6:15-6:20 I take his Temp and its 101.7 under the arm. Iam guess an ear infection once again. So yeah now its almost 7:00pm by the time the daycare kids leave I put on different pants and change Jacob into some pj's and we head to the er!! We get their in to our room, they want a blood pressure and oxygen reading and he wants NOTHING to do with it. He is screaming bloody murder! Now his temp is 103. something. The PA looks him over checks his ears, say they are red but don't look infected, could be red due to his fever. Check his throat and its red with white spots, she does a strep test and off she goes. Then Dr Coffee, yeah the same doctor that Camron seen a mere 24 hours ago!! She looks in his ear and says Yes he does have an ear infection, we get talking about cloth diapers since he was wearing a bum genius diaper and she also cloth diapers her daughter. Well in the meantime his strep test comes back positive! So strep throat and ear infection. Poor little guy no wonder why he was so miserable. So when we leave the er, we find the only pharmacy that is open 24 hours, and its maybe 15-20 mins from our house. When we get done their we head to burger king by now he is feeling a bit better since his fever was down and I was starving from no dinner also. We get home and into bed around 11 pm. I was just hoping that I wouldn't have to take Katey in on weds.

Well Weds came and gone with no er visit!! Thank goodness for small miracles. So then tonight, Thursday, I put the kids to bed. Jerry comes up and asked me how Camron go all those scratches on him. I am thing what scratches?? Go and check him out and he has little white dots on his belly, arms, back, but none on his legs. UGH!!!! When does the "fun' stop?? I know its not from any new soap or anything cuz I haven't changed anything. So I grab the anti itch lotion and cover him up. So now I have to take Jacob back to the docs tomorrow, Friday, just for a recheck I guess and if Camron still has these dots on his body he will go along.

So here is the pictures of the two cute boys for sale.

First up is a strep throat ear infection boy. Is cute, likes hugs and kisses. Sleeps thru the night. Not housebroken aka: not potty trained

We also have a 3 yr old boy up for sale. (milk mustache not included) He like dirt and sand. Sleep half of the night in his bed the other on the couch. Is housebroken.
So if anyone wants these children contact me and I will pay for the shipping.

disclaimer::: iam not really selling my kids, i would never sell my kids i do love them. sometimes lol....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy birthday big girl!!

Well today marks my babys big girls 6th birthday. Where has the time gone? I remember finding out that I was pregnant. I was scared! What kind of mom will I be, can I be a good mom? But when I laid eyes on that beautiful little baby, I fell in love, and I knew we would be ok. (my "d" drive isn't working I so badly wanted to post a baby picture of her) She was a great baby. She was a fast moving baby. Katey stared crawling at 6month and walking at 9 months and since then she hasn't stopped moving! If you ask me she has grown up way too fast, I miss my little baby who would cuddle. Its like she's in limbo between babyhood and childhood. One minute she wants to cuddle then the next forget it. We have been thru a broken arm, almost 2 yrs ago now, cut upper eye lid, and if you look close enough you can see the scar. She is this little sweet girl, and she is this feisty little devil. I have enjoyed these last 6 years of learning about myself being a mommy, learning about my little girl. I can't wait to see where the next 6 years take us to. As I look in the future I see this sweet little girl who will be surrounded by many friends, who will stand up for herself and others. I can see her being a great mom, a great friend, and most of all a great daughter. I love you baby girl. I will love you no matter what you do.
"i love you forever,
i like you for always
as long as i am living
my baby you will be

Happy birthday pumpkin!

Friday, January 2, 2009

no more baby.

Today my mom, the kids and I took Jacob for his first big boy haircut. Such a sad day, when they get that first haircut. They walk in being a baby and walk out looking like a big boy. No his hair wasn't really long but it was getting frizzy in the back. Will I miss those sweet little baby curls? YES! He did such a great job sitting still while she cut his hair.

Jacob waiting for his turn. He was soo tired by the time we made it to Meijers. Gotta love them rosey cheeks.

The back of his messy hair. Still waiting, but watching how the big boys do it.

She wanted his shirt off because of the hood. Jacob wanted nothing to do with the cape so she did with him shirtless. Look at that cute tummy. He already looks like a big boy sitting in that chair and she hasn't even started cutting yet. Every time some hair dropped on the chair he made sure to wipe it off. I guess he didn't want a hairy chair.

Look at the big boy sitting soo sooo good! I still can't believe how well he sat. Either he was just VERY tired or he really didn't care that he was getting a haircut. I will be posting new pictures tomorrow of Jacob's new haircut since I didn't take any after besides what you see. He did get a Baby's First Haircut Certificate, that says the date, who cut it and where it was done at, and of course a baggie full of hair.