Saturday, May 30, 2009

tour your town

Oh what a fun and BUSY day the kids and I had! Today was Be a Tourist In Your Own Town. They have this here every year and if I remember right this is the 15th year they have had this, but this was our 2nd year of going. What is this Tour your town think you may ask, well you buy a "passport" for a dollar and it will get you into certain things for free like the Zoo, some museums, tours of different business that don't normally have tours. Your ride the CATA bus, which is our public transportation for just 50 cents all day regardless how many times you get on the buses. I am not sure how much the bus would normally cost since I have never really rode them besides to be a tourist. But we had a fun busy busy day. The weather at first looked like it was going to rain all day, but then about 11:30ish or so the sun came out and it was great, not too hot or too cold. Jacob went to my moms to spend the night so I didn't have to deal with his stroller, diapers and such.

Here is Katey and Camron on our first ride of the day. Yeah I know they aren't looking but they were just too busy looking around! Some of the buses like the one we were on, the kids called it the catipiller bus, it was like two buses in one. It had an accordian style middle the turned when the bus turned.

We went to the ZOO today since it was FREE!! Gotta love that, it saved us over $20.00 just by going today! The zoo has a new bird house where you go in and they bird can fly around you. As you walk in they had two people glueing mullet to a tongue stick that the doctors use. They had parakeets and some other small bird in this "cage" You held out our stick and you would "catch" a bird or TWO! I also bought a stick of food and at one time I had 3 birds on my stick. I would be trying to pay attention to the kids and "forget" that I was holding this stick and then next thing I knew something landed on my arm. Or these darn things would dive bomb ya! The bird house was fun and scary all at the same time! I want to go back to the bird house soon! Maybe when L&L have their free ZOO days in June or July!

Kateys first bird of many.

Camron's bird.

They had baby chicks also hatching. SO the kids got to see some chicks trying to peck out of their shell, some that just came out, and ones, like the ones they are holding, that hatched earlier in the day. This is the first time they got to hold baby chicks! Camron didn't want to let the chick go.
I can't wait until next year! Maybe Jacob will be able to go and enjoy the fun with us. If anyone in blogger land is ever in Michigan in June next year you will have to become a Tourist, its fun

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

where did my baby girl go?

A few weeks ago Katey had a chance to go to a daddy/daughter date night at her school. I never said anything to her since Jerry isn't really the type to go to these things. But never less she found out about this date night thing and asked Jerry to go. He wasn't sure if he was going to be able to make it due to his work hours. So Katey called grandpa and asked him out on a date. Grandpa said yes, of course. So we dug thru her closet to see what party dress she would like to wear. At about 2 pm that Saturday she kept bugging me "how much longer"
"katey honey you have 4 more hours before the dance begins" Off she would go and play some more. 30 mins later we would repeat the same thing again. About 4:30-5ish she called her date to see if he was getting ready. He was so she thought she needed to get ready also. Katey's date showed up and she was all in smiles!

Such a big girl dress. I love this dress on her, the only thing I didn't' like is it made her look too "old" But hey it only cost $3.00 at a garage sale a few weeks earlier!

Katey and Grandpa before their "date"

About an hour or so into her date with grandpa, Jerry showed up to surprise her! Never thought that he was going to show up. Now how many other girls can have two dates in the same night like this and get away with it?? But over all she had a great night! I wonder who she will take next year to the daddy/daughter date night !

Monday, May 25, 2009

need your help

Well I want to bring a special post soon but I need someone's help. Who's help do I need you ask, well anyone who would like to help with this up comming post, a give away maybe or anything really. So if you would like to help contact me!! Thanks

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

froggin' around

On Sunday a friend and her son along with Katey and I went for a walk in a local park that has nature trail behind in. On our way into the wooded area, I for some reason looked in the water puddle that was huge, since we have had a lot of rain the puddle was very big. But anyhow, I looked into the puddle and I seen a TON of tadpoles!! The two kids were amazed like we were. I have never in my life seen this many tadpoles in one spot ever. So on Monday I called two of my cousin's and told them about our find. We planned on Thursday to go and "rescue" a few of these tadpoles and let the kids watch how these things without legs turn into frogs or toads. Well the weather is suppose to be really nice and sunny and with it being warm we were able to see the little tadpoles "house" dry up. Then today we choose to go to the park and let the kids play and before we left we would grab some of these tadpoles.. After we got done playing we went over to the puddle and noticed that the lawn mower just went thru, we felt bad thinking that the tadpoles were gone. But then we also noticed that were the tadpoles were at, their were about 4 guys standing and looking at them. When we walked closer we could see they were pumping the water from this puddle into the pond nearby. We quickly scooped up some tadpoles and placed them into our new "fish"tank and brought them home. SO if anyone in blogger land can give me a few pointers on how to raise tadpoles I will take them!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

box of all boxes

About a month ago(see how far behind on blogging I am??) Camron seen a commercial about a kid playing in a box, so he wanted one. I called Lowes, Walmart, Kroger, Meijers, and every where else I could think of that might have a big box. Then I thought of my dad, who works at a farm mach shop. Thinking he might have a box big enough. He was on a service call but he said when he gets back to the store he will look to see if they have a box for Camron. Well yes they did, Two of them and my dad and mom would bring them over in the week. Well when they did come over the kids were excited and well yeah I was too, nothing better than watching your kids play play with a box. But when they dragged this box into our house carring a box cutter so I could cut doors in it, my jaw dropped. You see this BOX is sooo big I, yes I said ME little ole' ME would be able to LAY in this box with my legs just ever so slightly curled up and be nice and comfortable. Yes the thought of mailing myself did come to mind also, but then the cost of shipping myself, I choose to stay home. This box had I guess some combine part in it. The box is sitting upright in our dinning room right now since the kids from time to time will get it down and play with it, but its getting closer to the time for this box to say good-bye to our family, since I am tired of sweeping around it, walking around and just tired of looking at this darn thing.

That is Jacob's leg getting caught in our door to the box, You can really see the size of this darn thing but I am about 5'10" or so.

Camron letting Jacob out since he didn't like opening the door himself.

I gave the kids markers to draw on the box and they had a blast. I should take pictures of the box one last time before it gets put to the curb next trash day.

Monday, May 4, 2009

not me mondays

Time for a Not Me MONDAY again. Head on over to MCKMAMA'S to join in the fun.

I have never ever put Camron in the bathtub at 9pm at night because he missed his bathtub that night and I wasn't in the mood to listen to him whine. I never give into his tantrums, what kind of mother would do that? It doesn't teach him anything. NOT ME!!

When we went garage saling this weekend we did not buy Katey a "new"bed for her room with a matching dresser and a nightstand. NOT ME!! Gotta love garage sales!

Jacob is not in his big boy bed only after two days after I made his baby bed into a toddler bed. That would be just a waste of time to "make" the toddler bed. NOT ME

I did NOT go 20 days without posting a blog! I blog everyday sometimes twice a day. NOT ME!!

I don't have a lot of catching up to do with blogging and adding pictures since I DID NOT go 20 days without blogging. NOT ME!!

My boys are not in the tub this morning so I can type my not me monday out. I have more time than money. Who would let their kids play in the tub just so you can have a break, a small break but a break never less. NOT ME!!

I know I have a lot more things that I haven't done but I have one boy yelling at the other boy, so I guess I should go and see what the problem is before something happens.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

busy busy day

Wow what a busy day it has been here. Today was the garage sale of all garage sales. Allison Oaks garage sales. Its a big subdivision thats normally very busy. I mean cars parked on both sides of the road and somehow you still manage to fit cars down the middle of the road. Yes you run in the idiots who can't drive and try to squeeze their cars into places where they shouldn't go, when they should just wait a few seconds then the car next to them would move and then they would have plenty of room. But anyhoo, I thought the garage sale's were down from last year, but we still found found a great deals today... What did we find you might ask.. Well Katey for awhile has been needing a new bed. Her bed was ok but, it was getting shaky and needed some major TLC to make it good again. The bed we found was the one that has 3 dresser drawers under it. It came with a really nice headboard. We also bought the nightstand and 3 dresser drawers also. So tomorrow my dad and hubby have to carry the bottom part of the bed upstairs since mom and I weren't able to do that. Oh it even came with a really nice mattress also! So after we got done garage saleing today, we had to re-do the boy's room since we had to switch mattress, Katey's old mattress went to Camron's bed, and Camron's mattress went to Jacob's bed. UGH Iam pooped just retelling this. Then we had to take Katey's old bed apart, carry it all to the curb, and carry all her new stuff up to her room. After we got done with the kids rooms we headed over to mom and dad's to go out to chicken dinner with them. yummy. Before we left we talked Katey into us pulling out her tooth, since it was just "hanging" in her mouth. With dad, mom and I all working on getting this darn tooth out of her mouth,darn slippery little teeth anyhow, it finally came out!! So now I have to call the tooth fairy to make sure she visits our house. Now that my 3 kids are all sleep and the house is nice and quiet I think Iam going to go and put my feet up since I am sure tomorrow will be a busy day also since dad will be here helping Jerry trim some of the trees in our yard.