Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year's

Wow today is Dec 31 2008, the last day of the year. Where has the time gone? My "baby" will be 6 on Jan 3, it seems like just yesterday I gave birth to her. So lets see if I can recap the year. We were able to get our house resided for free, thru a get rid of lead program. We, ok I, choose the color of the siding. Katey started Kindergarten. The kids got their first plane ride to Washington to see Aunt Rita, Uncle Rex, and cousin Sarah. We got to see the Ocean, Carmon was able to celebrate his 3rd bday with Camron cow, who was born on his birthday.
Camron and Grandpa build a sandbox that Camron lived in after it was made. We made 33 dozen Christmas cookies this year and they are ALL GONE!! Man is that Santa is a pig. Camron started to wear BIG boy underwear! The kids and I toured your town and rode a CATA bus for the first time ever. We plan on doing this again this year. It was fun for all of us. I know we have more that happened this year but Iam drawing a blank right now. I hope that everyone has enjoyed learning about us these last few months that I have been blogging. So I will leave you with the last photo of the year. This picture was taken at my parents house on Sunday when we celebrated Christmas at their house. The kids all knelt by the tree to admire all the gifts, and it was just way to cute not to "shoot" them.

Friday, December 26, 2008

tagged and contest!

Well I see I was tagged over at Scattered Among the Mess. In this tag you Pick your 4th picture folder and your 4th picture and explain if needed.... Without checking to see what that photo might be I am kinda scared!

Well this is Camron and he would have to be around 15 months old! WOW has he changed! Look how cute and innocent he looks. Camron and Jacob look a lot a like at the age its scary.

Well I am suppose to Tag 4 more people and since I don't really want to tag anyone in my list I will leave it up to you the readers if you want to join in the tag game. If you do join in tag leave me a comment I would love to see your 4th picture!

Well if you also head over to scattered among the mess she has a contest going for her 100th post. Way to go Amanda!! The prizes look awesome. I really hope I do win the items!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Wow what a night. Katey woke up around 12:30-1am to find out that Santa has been to our house already. She came in to wake us up, and needless to say we were NOT getting up to open gifts at that time. After telling her to go back to bed or go and sleep on the couch cuz its not time to open gifts she goes and looks at the gifts and brings in some candy to us. Not sure what she all did between the time she got up and the time Camron woke up, around 3am or so. Then I know Jerry got up and turned TV on for them. Katey did come in and tell me Santa forgot Elfie. I think he forgot him cuz he heard Katey come down the stairs. The next thing I remember is Katey asking if she could sleep in our room, because when I woke up, yes before the rest of them, she was laying on our floor next to my side of the bed and Camron laying next to Jerry, that explains why I had to room to roll and my back hurts today. SO Camron didn't get up again until almost 8am, Jacob woke up next a few mins later so we woke up the rest of them. The kids tore open their gifts like no other. They liked everything that Santa brought them. Yes when we all got up Elfie was gone, but he will be back next year around Thanksgiving. So I will be posting pictures I hope tonight. I hope everyone had/has a great Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

not me mondays

Once again its a not me monday. Its a great way to vent about all the things that you didn't do during the week. mck mama is the queen of not me mondays. Head on over to her blog to join in the fun and meet new friends along the way.

I HAVE NOT in the 6 years that I have been a mom, ever had to pee while holding on to a child either in a store at our own home.

I DID NOT just wrap all the Christmas gifts Saturday night, cuz who would wait until almost last min to do that. And it DID NOT take me almost 2 hours to get them all wrapped.

I hope we don't get snowed in Christmas Eve and have to spend the night at my parents house with my brother, his girlfriend and their daughter, cuz that would be just NOT fun.( OK so this hasn't happened yet but i DO think this would be fun)

I NEVER think about what to write for my NOT me mondays thru out the day sometimes. Because I am too busy to be thinking about such unimportant things.

I AM NOT thinking of sellling all my cloth diaper just to buy new ones that has snaps cuz I think I might like them better than velco, cuz that would be just nuts, I mean I started cloth diapering to save money and how much money would that be saving if I bought all new diapers just so I can have snaps?

so now its all your turns to play the not me monday. Its fun give it a try!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

why do they have to wake up so darn early??

Well the most of you know we adopted and elf, Elfie, from Santa this past week. Well Elfie is a great way to make the kids listen. "You better stop yelling cuz remember Elfie is watching and will tell Santa" is all that is really needed and they look at Elfie and stop! But the other day Katey comes into our room at 5 am! At first I thought she was gonna say she didn't feel good or something. But oh NO. She wasn't able to find Elfie! "Mama I can't find Elfie, I look everywhere" ERRR damn elf is all I could think of. Told her I would take a shower then I would come and help them, by this time she had waken Camron to help find the darn elf. 15 mins later............ "mom we still can't find Elfie, maybe we woke up too early and hes not back yet" I agree with that one way too much. Told her to look in the kitchen, dinning room, and living room again Iam sure Elfie made it back. A min later "MOM I found him, he's in the tree up high. OH he has something!" Yes Elfie bought the kids some candy all the way from the north pole.
Since they thought is was cool to get candy I thought since I was at walmart I might as well as get some cheap candy since they thought it was neat. So off to the store Camron, Jacob, and Kayden and I go. We found a candy cane with m&m's in them and a few more items. Well last night when Elfie came back he bought the candy cane thing with him. So today when I opened them Camron, the turkey says" Elfie didn't bring them WE bought them" Smart little turkey, they don't forget do they?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

welcome elfie

Well the other day one of Santa's elfs came to visit us thru the holidays. How did we get an elf you might ask, well my freind Amanda heard about it thru the grapevine, and I called Santa the main elf himself and asked if we could borrow one. He told me where to get him. So on Tues Camron, Jacob and headed to the mall, another place where you can adopt him at, and picked out our elf. After we bought him we went and told Santa that we got our elf. Santa was happy to hear that on of his elfs found a good home for the holidays! So Elfie went thru 2 other names before the kids agreed on Elfie, his first name was Santa Michael then Santa. He stared off on the entertainment center and when the kids got up he was found in Jacob's stocking. I found out the elfs have senstive hearing, because the kids got a letter from Santa and it told Camron to stop yelling/screaming cuz it hurts elfie's ears. And guess what no yelling/screaming from him today! Maybe this elf should've came sooner. The kids are happy to share and show Elfie off to anyone who comes in the house. Its gonna be a sad day when Elfie has to go back to the north pole on christmas eve but at least he will be back next year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

can you tell me whats wrong with this picture??

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with our tree, besides half of the lights aren't working?? All the lights did work until about 2 weeks after we put the tree up and darn if I can find the dead or missing bulb. If you ask me its easier to just pitch that sting of lights and start new next year. IF you guess whats wrong with the tree you don't win anything just a pat on the back, so go for it guess what's wrong with our tree.

Monday, December 15, 2008

not me mondays

Well its monday again, so its another round of self help mckmama style.

~I DID NOT skip the last two Not me Monday's cuz I was too lazy to type something up. Who would skip a cheap self help session?

~I DID NOT catch my 17 month old trying to climb the ladder to his brothers bunk bed today. A 17 month old is too little to climb ladders and I always have one eye on him at all times!

~My kids DID NOT eat a whole bag of potato chips between yesterday and today, cuz my kids only eat healthy foods and never junk food. Why would I let them eat so many?

~ I DID NOT enjoy yesterday afternoon with my mom and Katey having a girls day getting our toes painted. After all my hubby didn't feel good and he still had to take care of the boys. Any good wife would've cancelled to take care of their hubby. So I defiantly didn't go and get my toes painted blue

~I DID NOT let our 3 yr fall asleep on the TOP step the other day. ALL he wanted to do was stay up for daddy to come home from work. (yes I did carry him and put him into bed after I found him sleeping) And I DID NOT take a picture of him while he was sleeping, cuz the flash might just wake him, and he might roll off(which didn't happen)

OK this ends my not me mondays, head on over to mckmamas, and check out everyone else's not me mondays. I will make you feel better.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

who stole the cookie from the cookie jar??

This past Sunday the kids, Katey's friend Maddie and I headed to my parents house to make,er, well ok frost Christmas cookies. Mom mixed and baked 32 dozen cookies. Yes you read that right 32 dozen cookies! We had cookies coming out of our ears. We had 5 kids under 6 sprinkling and 3 adults frosting. Jacob had fun eating the frosting off his cookie that I gave him to sprinkle, so he wasn't much help. Maddie was the only kid to sprinkle to the end. Some cookies had more sprinkles than frosting, but I think those will be Santa's favorite cookies.

Our pile of "naked" cookies. I never took a finish picture of our cookies and why I don't know so I guess I have to wait until I get the pictures from my dad.

My dad is taping the whole process. The little girl to the left in the purple shirt is my niece, Grace. The older lady is my grandma who comes over every year to help with the cookie frosting.

Jacob not sure what to do with his shaker. See the "naked" cookie on his tray? Yeah he licked off the frosting. He will be a better shaker next year.

Katey waiting for her first cookie to sprinkle. You can only see half of the cookies here.

You may not want to eat the yellow frosted cookies! And here you thought the only thing yellow you didn't want to eat was snow. Yeah that is the only color Camron really wanted to sprinkle. I caught him 3 or more times licking the frosting off his cookies. Where they went I have no idea!
Over all it was a fun day. Next year the kids might last a bit longer, maybe no one will be caught licking frosting and adding it to the pile of done cookies, but I do know one thing for sure someday they will be "too old" to sprinkle cookies and when that day comes I will be sad.