Wednesday, August 26, 2009

dumb heads

What a weird title for a post huh?? Well that's what Katey called them, I on the other hand picked out a different name but I will keep that one to myself. Now who is a dumb head you ask?? Well Katey and I were on our way home from her class tonight and I happened to look at the van next to mine, and what did I see?? A infant between the passengers LEGS. YES you read that right,I did a second look since I didn't believe my eyes to begin with. By the look of the baby's head I would say the baby was maybe 6months old. Then you could see that the had someone sitting behind the driver sitting backwards against the door. SO yeah the back seat riders were in no seat belts either!! WHAT THE HELL?? I called 911 in hopes to get this crazy driver off the road and maybe save the baby. Katey and I followed the driver until it turned and no cops were in sight, so I can hope that maybe the cop was going to meet them at their house since I gave the 911 driver the plate number also. I know car seats can be pricey but come on you can buy a nice car seat for 50.00. I will just hope and pray that these"dumb heads" get pulled over soon before they get into an accident!

Monday, August 24, 2009

camron school days

My little, well ok my so NOT little man started school last week. He is in preschool and so far LOVING IT!! He stared last Monday where he went for 1.5 hours. On Monday I had to stay at the school. After I filled out the paperwork I went back into the classroom just to watch, when Camron asked me "what are you doing my school. This is my school you have to leave." Well yes I was a bit bummed but I was also happy that he felt comfortable enough for me to leave. On Tuesday he went for 3 hours. When it was time for me to leave I asked him if I get bye hugs and kisses, He replied" oh play do" and ran off. Wed he went for 6 hours, again no hugs and kisses for mom, I guess he thinks he's too "big" for them. Then on Thursday he went all day 8ish to about 5pm. He is loving school, I just hope this will carry on for the next 13 and plus years he will be going to school. Camron will be going to school on Tues and Thurs from 8ish to about 5. I will miss my little man but then it will be nice to have a few hours or so to myself again, that is If Jacob keeps napping.

All ready to go. He was a bit dissapointed that his Mario shirt was missplaced and he had to wear this shirt but he got over it quickly. I just love the cheesey smile he had on his face.

Walking into his school such a big boy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

up on a soap box-venting

OK if you don't want to listen to me vent about car seat stop reading NOW! You have been warned.

I will say I am a car seat nerd. Why I am not sure but I am. I love seeing the new car seats that come to the market. I have taken two classes on car seats, I am not a car seat tech, so by no means I am I a car seat expert, I don't know everything about car seats, but I do know a lot. Some of my "education" on car seats have come from the classes that I have taken and also what I have learned from kyle david miller foundation and Out numbered by testosterone and just searching the web. So again I am no expert. Yes have I make a few mistakes with my kids and their car seats. YES I have. Which ones you ask. Well for starters when Katey and Camron were little I turned them around before they were one. At that point I didn't know what I know now. I am not sure if the information was out their, I am sure it was but I didn't know it, but with Jacob he is 2 and still rear facing. Does he care NOPE not one bit. Are his legs crunched no, he just hangs them over the edge or crosses them. When I see other babies/kids either buckled in wrong or the car seat not tight I will normally try to help and offer what I know, and its up to the the parent to make the choice if they follow my advice. Again I am not an expert. With me being a daycare provider I feel its my "job" to help the parents with not really raising their babies, but helping them along the way. I will offer my advice when they ask or if it looks like I can help out some other way. What I never understand is when you buy a new infant seat/car seat it comes with directions on how to use them. Most people don't even read these little books. WHY? Some people don't pay any attention to the height and weight requirements. WHY? They come with this information for a reason. You don't buy a new DVD player or a new game and just toss the directions away do you? NO you normally glance at them to figure out how to use the darn things. A car seat is no different than a new DVD player or a game. When you learn about car seats you can go crazy when you see someone with their seats wrong, harness too loose, forward facing too early, chest clip too low(people it DON"T belong down by their belly's) the baby sitting up on a pillow and more. IF you ask me, which no one ever does, before anyone is allowed to bring their newborn infants home they should have to take a car seat class on how to install them right. And when the child is ready for the next stage of seats they should have to again take a class on car seat safety. Yeah it seems like a lot but its OUR kids that we are keeping safe. Yeah you can over all your outlets in covers, put a padding around your coffee table, shoot even hire someone to come into your house to show you all the "hidden" dangers in your house but when it comes to your car seat most people are clueless! So for the ones who are still reading this, thank you. Now take the time out of your busy day and learn something about your car seat or take a class on car seat safety. If you know just something little about car seat safety share it with others. As parents we should help other parents when they need it. Its not just our kids that we are keeping safe its our kids classmates, friends, or maybe the next president.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

jacob jamers

Now its Jacob's turn for vacation pictures. He did great in the van for how long were were "trapped" in the van. I think he did better than the other two! He wasn't too big on the water park, he liked to stay in the shallow part or play on the outside slide. He was great just a few melt downs but nothing major. Now enjoy Jacob's vacation

The little snot figured out that he can climb out of his pack n play while we were gone. This was the night that he stayed up "late" and "read" the bible! He brought me the bible and said "book", I am sorry it was after 10pm I told him no and that he needed to go to sleep. He looked at me and then started to thumb thru the bible alone. I guess he got bored since their wasn't any pictures and went to sleep shortly after that in his pack n play.

Camron and I went to do the laundry the last night we were at the Great Wolf Lodge. He was a little upset that he didn't go with me. Mom said he stayed at the patio door and fussed until he fell asleep. Needless to say he didn't climb out of his pak n play that night.

The water slide outside that Jacob and Camron both loved. I wish they had one like this inside. HE loved it!

Jacob looking cute in grandma's arms in the pool.
We are thinking about going up next spring, I can't wait to see how different all 3 kids will be next time. I am sure they will be more brave and try new things out. All I can say was vacation went by way too fast!
Now school has started for Camron and Katey starts in a few weeks. I am not sure where summer has gone but I think I missed it somewhere!

Come on Katey its time to wake up!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

kateys turn

Well lets see we have been back from vaction for how long and I am now just getting to post about Katey? Yeah I have been lazy, but it has been busy here trying to squeeze as much as we can before school starts.

Ok so here we go, about Katey and how much fun the water bug had at The Great Wolf Lodge....... From the time we arrived at the Lodge she was ready for the water. Of our 3 kids she is the water bug. She will jump in, go under the water and more! I think the only time she came out of the water is when she was hungry or had to pee, other than that she was in the water.

They had this gaint snake floating in the water so you could climb on. By the look on her face she loved it. Granted she couldn't hop on it by herself, she still like being on it.

"MOM take my picture underwater." or "Mom take a video of me under the water" Is all I heard out of her while we were in the pool. All I can say is thank goodness for a waterproof digtal camera or we wouldn't have as many water pictures.

These lily pads were floating in the water with the cargo nets above. She would fly across these. I loved how she would swing across them. I did try but didn't make it across. Its harder than it looks.

This picture was taken at a hotel in the U.P.
Needless to say she had a blast in the water. Yes she is also ready to go back. Maybe next year.