Monday, October 4, 2010


Ok this post is about me venting. If you don’t want to hear, well ok read about it, take your mouse and click on the red “x” and save yourself from my rants and raves tonight.


As the most of you know I am a licensed daycare provider. I try to help parents by being available when they need me. I will open earlier than I really want to and stay open later if I really need too, even if it does cut into our family time.  But what drives me bonkers the most is when some parents are a no call/no show! You see today this little girl from down the street was suppose to start this morning at 5:30 AM so that would mean I was to get up around 5:15ish let her in, then I was going to lay her down until I needed to get myself up to get our kids and this little girl up for school. Help her get on the bus and get her off and then she would stay here until 3:30pm. So if she comes, I have to find someone to pick my kids up from school or else one of my kids would have to be in the front seat, which I really don’t want to do! I called her mom Sunday night and told her that I have some paperwork for her to fill out and to give me a phone call. Never said if the paperwork wasn’t filled out she can’t start until its done.  When she came down earlier she told me she would be home all night and just to call her, so we can figure everything out. Well I didn’t hear from her Sunday night or Monday until 6:00pm! When she called she made up some excuse that she has been busy one of her daughters didn’t let the dog out so she had to clean dog poo up thru the house, etc, etc. Then she asked if she can come down sometime tonight to fill out the paperwork. I then told her since today was a no call/no show she already has one strike against her. Also asked her if she is accepted for DHS(state help for paying daycares) payments. Yes but she still has to get a hold of her case worker. Sorry but I have been stuck with no payments from other parents who are FIA payments (but I have also had a lot of great FIA parents!) so she would have to pay every two weeks until her FIA payments come thru then I will repay her back. Then she pretty much hung up on me.  I am sorry but this is my job, watching kids,which I enjoy, this pays my bills. Lets see her go to work and do her job for 6 weeks with no payment. I also have bills that need to be paid,  need money for food to feed her daughter.   What is crazy is she smokes so I guess if she gave up on her cigs for a few days or even cut down she might have enough to pay me.  I don’t understand why some people feel that daycare is one of last bills that need to be paid. I feel daycare should be just as important as your gas bill, water bill or whatever bill you make sure you pay. If you don’t pay your daycare then they won’t let your child in which mean you miss work, miss pay, and then you will fall behind or loose that ever so important bill, cable, cell phone etc. SO needless to say I will NOT be up at 5:15 AM tomorrow.


Ok I am down venting I hope the next post will be on a happier note.