Wednesday, July 30, 2008

jacobs doc appt

Well today I once again took Jacob to the doctors. I thought he had a yeast infection on his bottom again, and come to find out that yes its a yeast infection but also a strep infection also. I asked how does a baby get a strep infection on his bottom? Well Dr. Smith told me that babies don't get strep throats but they will get strep on the bottoms, and why they really dont' know. So he is on another antibiotic once again. So since June 10 this poor kid has been on medicine for over a month. He now has 2 molors in his mouth. I guess hes ready for steak now huh?

Katey's first day of school is sept 2, i think she is ready to go, I know iam ready for her to go to school. This year is gonna seem kinda quiet around our house. As of right now Katey of course will be gone everyday from 8-11:15am and Amiyah will be going into headstart and Saune's mom is trying to get him into headstart also. SO if Amiayh and Saune are in school in the morning then it will be just the boys and me. What will i do with my time?? I know when mom takes Katey and Camron over night and Iam left with Jacob I dont' know what to do with myself with just one baby. I look back when it was just Katey and I have no idea what i did with all my time. Seems like 5 years ago when it was just her it was busy, busy trying to keep her busy, getting laundry done, picking up the house and etc. But now that i have 3 kids it seems like i have more time to do laundry, dishes, well try to pick up the house, or maybe i have just learned how to multi task better who knows, but would i trade all this in? NO not for the world, I love the messy fingers, sticky fingers,poopy butts, the kisses, hugs, and everything that goes on with being a mom.

Monday, July 28, 2008

bunk beds

Saturday afternoon Katey and I went to Art Van to pick up the boys bunk beds. The kids helped me put it together, which was super easy. The hard part was figuring out how i was going to put it in their rooms and getting the toys out of the way. The best part of these beds is the height is very adjustable! So even with how the ceiling are they can be bunked! I will tell Camron to get into his bed, and he will correct me and say is MY BUNKBED! Jacob like climbing on the bottom bunk and he can even get off now! I will try to get better pics soon and post them.

Friday, July 25, 2008

First steps

Well today was a busy day, but i guess being a mom of 3 makes everyday busy right? But anyhow today i took Jacob in the docs once again for his ear, but this was just a recheck and the infection is GONE!! Thank god. We have been battling this ear infection for about 6 weeks now and its GONE! Did I say its GONE!?!?!? YES. But anyhow, tonight i gave Katey a popsicle and told her to show it to Jacob and gosh darn it if he didn't take 3 steps to her! She thought it was cool seeing him take them first steps! So i can see him now getting a bit more brave knowing that he can balance and walk. It crazy that now he is a "big" boy.

Well we bought the boys new bed and we get to go and get them tomorrow. I asked Camron if he is ready for new big boy bed, (right now he is using grandpa's old twin size bed) and his answer was NO i want my car bed back! Little turkey he wants is toddler car bed back! But sorry to break it to him, his car bed will be going up for sale soon since we dont' need it anymore. Katey is a little bummed that she didnt' get a new bed but right now she don't need one. I can see maybe in the near future she will be needing a new one, but not right now.

I guess thats all that is new right now. chat with ya all later

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Girls NIght out

Well tonight i went out with my friend Helena. We went out to dinner and FILLED out tummies up with a ton of food! But how can you not leave BD'S not full? Since it is a buffet, and you "make" your own sir fries. Yummy!! Its always fun to go out with friends and relax. It always seems like the night goes buy too quickly anyhow. We have told each other that we should do this at least every month but it alway seems like something comes up like, no one to watch the kids, no money, and such. But whe we do have the chance to go out its always fun.
Well tomorrow my mom and I are taking the 4 kids to go and get thier pictures taken at Sears for a summer pic. This will be the first time since easter that we got all 4 taken together. I just hope we can get in there and get at least one good one before the kids get bored and want to leave. When i get my kids pic proofs back from sears i will try to post them here so you all and see them.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I hate HOT HOT weather!

Man i love warm weather but this HOT HUMID weather sucks. It may be better if it we had central air, all we have is one window unit. So yeah the downstairs is nice but upstairs not so nice. Yesterday we went to Hawk Island and I let the kids play in the splash pad for awhile then we went to the lake that is attached to the splash pad. The kids always have fun, where i love to sit and people watch! Its been a crazy week here. I only had kids part of the week so its been nice with no daycare kids here, just my kids, but then also kinds boring. When the other kids are here my kids are entertained better to a point. But i do enjoy the daycare kids here also. Jerry and I took the kids to go and get thier pictures done today and they turned out GREAT!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Its funny seeing how my parents have changed from the time that i was little to now. When we, my brother and I, were growing up if a toy broke it would be too bad throw it away, now that they are grandparents, if one of my kids toys break, they normally say"papa can fix it". and he will try to fix it, or the kids will forget it and they will throw it away which in most cases is fine with me. The other day my dad found some soccer nets free, so he grabbed them knowing that my kids would make good use of them. So since the tops and sides are made of metal, he bought some pool noodles to wrap around them "mean" metal poles, so he don't have to worry about one of the kids running into the metal poles. Now if that was lets say some 20years ago, yeah i know iam sooo dating myself and it makes me feel old sometime heheh, he never wouldve thought about putting something around those metal poles. IF we ran into them it would be "your ok, stop crying" Anything that my parents find for the kids it seems like they try to make it safer for them, and no iam not complaining its just funny now that they are grandparents it seems like they look out for the kids in a different way than we do as parents ourselves. Would i have put a pool noodle around them poles? No. would i be worried about them running into them poles ummm no. It just neat to see how my parents have changed from the time that were were growing up, and now that we are adults with kids of our own, how they look out for our kids. I just hope they will have fond memories with my parents when they get older. . Shoot I swear if one of the kids say jump they would jump! The memories that we all have of our grandparents. Thank goodness for grandparents.

Friday, July 11, 2008

free giveaway

hey everyone check out this blog site. visit it and give her a comment and you can be entered into a drawing for free candles! and who dont' like candles????
my favorite sent would be banana bread or homemade bread smell. the smell or thought of it makes me want to break out the butter or jelly!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well my neighbor friend is moving and iam sad to see her go. She was a good neighbor, she like the kids, they liked her and plus they also like visiting Angel the dog. Well they didn't feel like moving and exercise machine so they asked it i wanted it. I told them sure why not, maybe i can loose some baby weight right?? Well i asked jerry if he could help Jeff (the neighbor) move it here. Why do we need it, where are we going to put it? Well in the dining room, yeah i know not the best place the the only place we have room beside the wet damp basement that the ceiling is low and don't want to knock myself out while exercising anyhow. So he didn't want to help so I went and helped Jeff move this. And now it sits in our dining room. I hope now i will start using it and as i said loose this baby weight.

I got a phone call from a friend tonight and found out her mom is in the hospital with heart problems. Which is sad cuz her mom is so nice. Jacob and i went to see her tongiht. She looks good, just tired she said. But in the hosptal how much rest do you really get?? NONE. But she is hoping to be out by sunday.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My baby is ONE!!

Well now Jacob is officially one. Its sad to thing that last year at this time i was in the hospital recovering from childbirth, I had this helpless little baby willing to cuddle. And now I have this wanna be indepent little "toddler" Here a year ago he all he wanted to do is eat, sleep, poop and eat some more, he didn't have a care in the world as long as mommy was close by. NOW he is a crawler, loves to smile, loves to eat, and i swear he can out eat is older brother and sister! He has learned how to use a fork which i was surprised when he used it for the first time. He is getting closer to getting off the bottle. The little turkey doesn't like the regular sippy cups, so i bought him a Dr. Brown sippy cup thinking maybe he would like that one since he has those kind of bottles, oh NO he like the tupperware tumbler sippy cups. Which is ok, they just aren't as spill proof as the other ones. How time flies when you blink! He loves to try what the older kids are doing even if it is climbing the outside slide. You can yell at him when he is doing something "naughty"like climbing the steps and he will look at you like "Me? What iam i doing wrong?: and just smile. He don't want to cuddle anymore, which is sad, it means my baby is growing up. Well he has grown so much in his first year, and now that he is one and on his way to 2 he will discover so much more, like walking, talking more, running, and learning he has choices, and will voice his opinion on things also. I do look forward to the new challenge that lay ahead but i will forever miss them first couple of weeks when all he wanted to do was cuddle with mommy. Love ya buddy.

Jacob around a week old.

The birthday gift from grandma and papa. A truck that can be a ride on, push behind and turns into a wagon. He can get on the dumb thing but has problems getting off the darn thing.

He he is playing with a toy that he found while he was either pushed himself forward or backward. Might as well play with a toy that he finds along the way since he can't get off it yet. Yesterday he sat on the truck for 20 mins before Katey pulled him off. I guess she felt sorry for him. Sooner or later he will figure out how to get off it, or he will just stop getting on it right??

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Iam running away

Well today had been a tough day. It seems like no one and i mean NO ONE wants to listen to me today. Both Katey and Camron woke up really early for some reason this morning and it all went down hill from that point. Camron i really think his ears were broken today, does anyone know were i can buy new ears?? All day he has been doing the oppostie of what i have asked him to do. Not sure if its a boy thing or him being a boy and three. Either way he may not make it to 3.5 yrs old. Katey was listen to a point but then all of a sudden her ears stopped working also. Maybe i can buy a pair of ears and get a discount?? SO yeah if anyone is ready for a vaction without kids lets go i will start packing my bags right now. Tomorrow will be better right?? I sure do hope so.

Monday, July 7, 2008

happy birthday to jacob

Well yesterday we had Jacob's bday party. He had as much fun as a one year old can have! He real bday is on July 9th. We had just a little party for him. His grandparents came, my friend and her kids, and a neighbor. I was shocked that he did keep his party hat on for as long as he did. I wish i knew where the last year as gone. I think as every new year has gone by it gets faster and faster. If you blink you miss 6 months someplace. It seems just yesterday on this date of july 7, I was thinking two more days and I will have my baby in my arms. I will have 3 kids, how Iam i going to handle having 3 kids under the age of 4? But as time has gone on it is easy. For some reason its easier to be a mom of 2 or plus instead of one. But Jacob came on the 9th and fit in great. The other two kids loved having a baby in the house and fought over who got to hold him. Now iam yelling at them to leave him alone, stop picking him up, etc etc. Soon he will be big enought to beat on them for all the times they were mean to him. I really do miss the cuddling, the little newborn baby who would curl up on your chest and sleep for hours. I miss the midnight feedings, where it was just him and I and no one else to bug us with anything, just us. Now he wants to eat and then go and play. He will watch the kids play and try to do that himself. I have caught him climbing on the outside slide plenty of times! As of right now he is a calm, quiet baby who tries to take in everything around him. I think he will be the quiet guy that will not say much to anyone unless its something important and then everyone will listen to him..

Jacob day one. July 9 2007

Jacob in his b-day hat.

Jacob's b-day cake

Yummy I loved my cake. I want more!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A little bit about us the stine's

Hello to all my new and "old" friends. For those who don't know us yet this blog will be for everyone to get to know us. And for those who know us you might learn something new.

Well to start off my name is Beth. I grew up in a small town called westphalia and from the time i stepped foot in that town i couldn't wait to get out of it! Sad isn't it? But now we live in lansing. A big town, well city since its the capital of Michigan. I have been married to a great guy named Jerry, and yeah at times he can drive me nuts, I still love him no matter what. We have been thru some tough times but we have made it thru and it has made us a stronger couple. We have 3 great kids. Katey who is 5.5 yrs old. She is a princess one min, and a tomboy the next. She will be starting kindergarten this year and her friend will be in her class so she is excited about that. Then we have Camron Michael Stine who will say that's not my name its Camron Michael (he don't understand that he has 3 names and one of them is his last name) he is 3. He is a little boy thru and thru. He loves dirt, bugs, bugging his older sister, and i swear getting into trouble! He can be the sweetest little boy but then turn around and be a little devil! Then last but not least we have Jacob, who will be one on July 9th. I don't know where the time has gone, but it has flown by too fast. Jacob is the quiet one, well so far, he really only cries if he's tired, hungry or his older brother/sister is picking on him. He loves to watch everything around him and try what he has seen. I stay at home with the kids and also have a daycare. I watch anywhere between 2-3 extra kids thru the week. I enjoy being able to stay at home with my kids and also getting paid too. Yeah sometimes its hard but its all worth it in the end. My husband works at the local A&W. He has been there forever working. The kids love that daddy works there cuz he will bring them home ice cream most nights! Well i guess that's the basic's about us. You will be learning more about us thru our post, that i hope to keep up on. Tomorrow i hope to blog about Jacob's bday party that we had today and post some picutres of us and our kids.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

my first blog

hello everyone this is my first blog. iam not sure how this all works so for now it will look a bit weak until i learn the ins and outs of this blogging stuff. i will post this first blog and then iam hoping to post new blogs when ever i can. i will tell you more about myself and my family in the next blog since i have to go and carry my son upstairs who just fell asleep on the stairs, i will post pictures of that when i figure that one out. so i hope everyone will enjoy my blogs to come.