Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the boy VS the apple

About a month ago, see told you I was way behind on blogging, Camron asked me if he could have an apple. I of course told him go for it. He for some odd reason he don't like the peel of the apple, which is fine, but at times I get tired of having to peel the apple, so the good mommy that I am I told him to go and grab a knife and peel it your self. So off he ran to the kitchen grabed the knife and then I told him to grab the brown tray to catch all the peels. I tell you these trays have come in handy at times. He did do a good job peeling this apple until it became to boring.

Working on those small motor skills.

He has gotten some of the peel off. I know what a good mommy letting their 4 yr play with knifes while you are taking pictures of your child.

No I don't let my kids lick knifes, do you think I would let such a thing happen at my house?? How careless do you guys think I am?


Please pray for Stellan he needs some more prayers.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

katey's first day at school.

Today all the kids started back to school. Katey is now a first grader and she goes all day long. She got up kinda hard and she is NOT my morning person at all. So I am not looking forward to mornings with crabby. I took her to school to help her drop off her supplies and to find her classroom. She is loving her room, its full of girls! Yes you read that right, she is in a all girl class. The only down fall of today was she didn't remember to eat hot lunch today. She thought her snack was her lunch, so the teacher gave her a extra snack at snack time. Poor little thing was "Starving" by the time she got home. Yet she is ready to head back to school again tomorrow. For the most part I was alone today. All I had here at the house was Jacob and Nathan who is 10 months so it was really quiet. I wasn't really sure what to do with myself at nap time since Katey or Camron don't nap they are normally home with me so I got some extra computer time and laundry time in. Tomorrow Jerry will take her to school and the boys and I will pick her up, I just hope the carpool lanes will go by a bit faster since it took us 30 mins to pick her up! So maybe I will load the boy up sooner and maybe beat the "rush" to make it go by faster.

Katey all ready to walk out the door.

Katey and her best friend Maddie at school before we left.

Showing off her backpack she has this year.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

wanna help a great cause??

If you want to help get higher weight car seat to people who can afford them, check out this website. OR go here to Select the Kyle David Miller Foundation from the drop down list. They are in ranking #8 right now and that's for $10,000!! Just imagine how many car seats that would buy! So hurry and vote, one vote per email address. Thanks