Tuesday, March 31, 2009

once of my pet peeves

Ok this post is gonna be about one of my pet peeves. Why you ask, because I want to. Well here I go. The kids and I went for dinner tonight before Katey's class began. After I buckled Jacob up in his car seat I walked over to the other side of the van and buckled Camron up, yeah he can do it, but only when hes in the backseat, I don't get it.) But I noticed the car next to me has a car seat in the middle of the backseat buckled up wrong. How you ask. 1) since the seat was in the middle you could tell the middle seat belt has a shoulder harness on it, so the car should had a latch system in it anyhow, which makes it sooo much easier to strap the seats in first off. 2) she had the seat belt going thru the car seat in the hole for rear facing NOT FORWARD facing like the car seat was. I mean come on they have direction books that come with the car seat, READ THEM, they have directions printed on the seat telling you WHERE to put the seat belts or latch. READ THEM! I have also seen in people's cars where they an infant seat carrier forward facing. They are for rear facing only people! I know iam not the perfect car seat person either but I think Iam doing much better than some of these other people that I have seen. If you don't know how to put in your car seat go to a car seat inspection like the fire dept, or call a local insurance place or something. I think all new parents should have to take child safety seat class before they can take their child home! So yeah please check your car seats to make sure they are in right, if you don't know how to put them in call someone to help. Ok I will stop complaining now. Have a good night

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

baby stellan

I just wanted to let everyone know about Baby Stellan. He's a four month old baby who really needs some prayers right now. He is having trouble with his heart and is in the PICU. Hop on over to MCK MAMA (AKA: the not me monday lady) to learn about her family and Stellan. Good luck Stellan and family my prayers and thoughts are with you during this hard time.

Friday, March 20, 2009

great giveaway!!

What a awesome giveaway!! You can win a Graco infant car seat and stroller just for $10.00 a ticket! This car seat is great, it will fit babies up to 32 pounds and 32 inches, so after your child out grows this car seat all you have to really do is buy one more car seat after this one. I know my son Jacob is 20 months old and he would still be able to fit in this seat. The best thing about this raffle is, it supports the Kyle David Miller Foundation. This foundation helps put kids into higher weight limit car seats, that are much safer than booster seats.

Here is more information on the Graco car seat.

Fits 97% of one year-olds to keep your child rear-facing for one full year
Convenient, stay-in-car base with seat belt lock-off and adjustment dial to help insure secure installation
Engineered and crash tested to meet or exceed U.S. standard
5-point harness with front adjustment helps keep baby secure
180 degrees rotating canopy with peek-a-boo window helps shade your child from any direction

Check out Outnumbered by testostrone to learn more about car seats and how to keep your little one safe. GOOD luck on the ticket you buy!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

wordless wednesday

After a fun day playing in the mud/water.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

no more babies?!?!?!

Well I guess its time to get rid of all the baby clothes that we have just sitting around collecting dust. I would love to have just one more baby, but my hubby is happy with the 3 kids we have. So how do you get rid of these baby clothes? I know we don't need them so why hang on to the right? They are just sitting in totes, just sitting waiting for a new baby to wear them. I guess part of me thinks that if i hold on to them just a bit longer then just, maybe we would have one more, but then if we don't then, they just sit. Why is it so hard to get rid of these darn clothes? So i guess if anyone in blogger land needs any baby clothes,drop me a email or comment and we can see what we can work out. Our girl was born in Jan, and our boys were June and July babies! Iam open to idea's on how to get rid of these clothes "painlessly" also. :(

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

not me mondays

Well this week flew by once again. Why does the week last soo long and the weekend just flys by?? Well anyhoo its time for NOT me Monday's again. So if you want to see what everyone else did not do this weekend head on over to MCKMAMA'S and join in the fun!

~I DID NOT let the kids play outside in our "pond" on Friday afternoon and when Jacob came in the house I DID NOT have to throw him in the tub before I even let him play because he was NOT covered in mud. My kids are always neat and clean and playing in mud is just dirty.

~ I DID NOT lock my keys in the house and have to call my hubby home from work. It was nice out and I took my keys out of my one coat to put in my lighter weight coat, who would lock themselves out of their house with 4 kids in the van anyhow? When my hubby DID NOT come home to let me in the house, he did not say" maybe you should have an extra house key in the van" I did not think of that before he came home.

~My hubby and I DID NOT go out for dinner on Saturday night to a fundraiser, and win a gift certificate to Outback Steak House, plus a gift basket valued over $100!

~I am not typing this out on Sunday night in hopes to be maybe in the 200's on the NOT ME MONDAY"S list at MCkmama's. Why should I care what number I am, I just like to tell everyone what DID NOT happen this week, and meet some new bloggers.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

anyone have a boat??

Iam thinking of either buying a boat or just saying we have lake front, well ok make that lake back, property. Yes this is our pond in our back yard. When the snow melts and the rain starts this is what happens! The kids love to splash in the water when it warms up a bit. I hate all this water because some of it end up in our basement also. YUCK. I hope to be posting some pictures of the boys playing in the water soon.

Monday, March 2, 2009

not me mondays

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I DO NOT ever call my kids by the wrong name and say who ever did this to come here. I mean come on I helped picked out my kids names so why would I be mixing up their names for?

I DID NOT wish the kids would just disappear this weekend because I was feeling stuffy and just wanted to go to sleep and no nothing.

I DID NOT go to the store and buy myself a DS, since I have been saving for this for awhile now.

I DID NOT feel bad for buying the DS for myself until my hubby came home from work with a DS for me as a surprise! What a great hubby huh?? He does listen to me huh??

Well its your turn to let everyone know what you did not do this week and join in the fun!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

product reviews

Well it has been a year since I have been buying cloth diapers from Z BEAR DIAPERS. Stephanie has been the most helpful person when it has come to cloth diapering. I thought about doing cloth diapers when I was pregnant with Jacob and Camron wasn't close to being potty trained. And the thought of doing cloth diapers kinda scared me. I just had the picture in my head of pins, stinky diapers, you know your mom's cloth diapers. I did a search for cloth diapers, and found Z Bear Diapers. When I called Stephanie she was very helpful. She told me that I could come to her house and look at what she all had. So I packed up my 3 kids and over we went. We chatted for a bit, and before I left I bought 3 diapers from her. Then I decided that I liked cloth diapers. SO again I called Stephanie and ordered more diapers and she even brought them over to ME! When you call you get to talk to her, not some machine. She will take time to help you and if she don't know the answer she will find out the answer for you. Even if you don't do cloth diapers you can find other useful items on the website also. She has swim diapers, colic relief, baby carriers, and more.

If you have cloth diapers and your done with them she even has a great re-sale "shop" on her website to help you sell them. And even better she gave me some great coupon code also!!

$5.00 off any order thru March 31st - 303093457
Free Shipping thru March 31st - 103091346
(You can use ONLY one code per order)

Keep and eye out for the review on the Whamies one size diaper that I bought from Zbear Diapers. SO don't waste anytime head one over to Stephanie's website and check out all the great items she has. Happy shopping