Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year's

Wow today is Dec 31 2008, the last day of the year. Where has the time gone? My "baby" will be 6 on Jan 3, it seems like just yesterday I gave birth to her. So lets see if I can recap the year. We were able to get our house resided for free, thru a get rid of lead program. We, ok I, choose the color of the siding. Katey started Kindergarten. The kids got their first plane ride to Washington to see Aunt Rita, Uncle Rex, and cousin Sarah. We got to see the Ocean, Carmon was able to celebrate his 3rd bday with Camron cow, who was born on his birthday.
Camron and Grandpa build a sandbox that Camron lived in after it was made. We made 33 dozen Christmas cookies this year and they are ALL GONE!! Man is that Santa is a pig. Camron started to wear BIG boy underwear! The kids and I toured your town and rode a CATA bus for the first time ever. We plan on doing this again this year. It was fun for all of us. I know we have more that happened this year but Iam drawing a blank right now. I hope that everyone has enjoyed learning about us these last few months that I have been blogging. So I will leave you with the last photo of the year. This picture was taken at my parents house on Sunday when we celebrated Christmas at their house. The kids all knelt by the tree to admire all the gifts, and it was just way to cute not to "shoot" them.

Friday, December 26, 2008

tagged and contest!

Well I see I was tagged over at Scattered Among the Mess. In this tag you Pick your 4th picture folder and your 4th picture and explain if needed.... Without checking to see what that photo might be I am kinda scared!

Well this is Camron and he would have to be around 15 months old! WOW has he changed! Look how cute and innocent he looks. Camron and Jacob look a lot a like at the age its scary.

Well I am suppose to Tag 4 more people and since I don't really want to tag anyone in my list I will leave it up to you the readers if you want to join in the tag game. If you do join in tag leave me a comment I would love to see your 4th picture!

Well if you also head over to scattered among the mess she has a contest going for her 100th post. Way to go Amanda!! The prizes look awesome. I really hope I do win the items!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Wow what a night. Katey woke up around 12:30-1am to find out that Santa has been to our house already. She came in to wake us up, and needless to say we were NOT getting up to open gifts at that time. After telling her to go back to bed or go and sleep on the couch cuz its not time to open gifts she goes and looks at the gifts and brings in some candy to us. Not sure what she all did between the time she got up and the time Camron woke up, around 3am or so. Then I know Jerry got up and turned TV on for them. Katey did come in and tell me Santa forgot Elfie. I think he forgot him cuz he heard Katey come down the stairs. The next thing I remember is Katey asking if she could sleep in our room, because when I woke up, yes before the rest of them, she was laying on our floor next to my side of the bed and Camron laying next to Jerry, that explains why I had to room to roll and my back hurts today. SO Camron didn't get up again until almost 8am, Jacob woke up next a few mins later so we woke up the rest of them. The kids tore open their gifts like no other. They liked everything that Santa brought them. Yes when we all got up Elfie was gone, but he will be back next year around Thanksgiving. So I will be posting pictures I hope tonight. I hope everyone had/has a great Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

not me mondays

Once again its a not me monday. Its a great way to vent about all the things that you didn't do during the week. mck mama is the queen of not me mondays. Head on over to her blog to join in the fun and meet new friends along the way.

I HAVE NOT in the 6 years that I have been a mom, ever had to pee while holding on to a child either in a store at our own home.

I DID NOT just wrap all the Christmas gifts Saturday night, cuz who would wait until almost last min to do that. And it DID NOT take me almost 2 hours to get them all wrapped.

I hope we don't get snowed in Christmas Eve and have to spend the night at my parents house with my brother, his girlfriend and their daughter, cuz that would be just NOT fun.( OK so this hasn't happened yet but i DO think this would be fun)

I NEVER think about what to write for my NOT me mondays thru out the day sometimes. Because I am too busy to be thinking about such unimportant things.

I AM NOT thinking of sellling all my cloth diaper just to buy new ones that has snaps cuz I think I might like them better than velco, cuz that would be just nuts, I mean I started cloth diapering to save money and how much money would that be saving if I bought all new diapers just so I can have snaps?

so now its all your turns to play the not me monday. Its fun give it a try!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

why do they have to wake up so darn early??

Well the most of you know we adopted and elf, Elfie, from Santa this past week. Well Elfie is a great way to make the kids listen. "You better stop yelling cuz remember Elfie is watching and will tell Santa" is all that is really needed and they look at Elfie and stop! But the other day Katey comes into our room at 5 am! At first I thought she was gonna say she didn't feel good or something. But oh NO. She wasn't able to find Elfie! "Mama I can't find Elfie, I look everywhere" ERRR damn elf is all I could think of. Told her I would take a shower then I would come and help them, by this time she had waken Camron to help find the darn elf. 15 mins later............ "mom we still can't find Elfie, maybe we woke up too early and hes not back yet" I agree with that one way too much. Told her to look in the kitchen, dinning room, and living room again Iam sure Elfie made it back. A min later "MOM I found him, he's in the tree up high. OH he has something!" Yes Elfie bought the kids some candy all the way from the north pole.
Since they thought is was cool to get candy I thought since I was at walmart I might as well as get some cheap candy since they thought it was neat. So off to the store Camron, Jacob, and Kayden and I go. We found a candy cane with m&m's in them and a few more items. Well last night when Elfie came back he bought the candy cane thing with him. So today when I opened them Camron, the turkey says" Elfie didn't bring them WE bought them" Smart little turkey, they don't forget do they?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

welcome elfie

Well the other day one of Santa's elfs came to visit us thru the holidays. How did we get an elf you might ask, well my freind Amanda heard about it thru the grapevine, and I called Santa the main elf himself and asked if we could borrow one. He told me where to get him. So on Tues Camron, Jacob and headed to the mall, another place where you can adopt him at, and picked out our elf. After we bought him we went and told Santa that we got our elf. Santa was happy to hear that on of his elfs found a good home for the holidays! So Elfie went thru 2 other names before the kids agreed on Elfie, his first name was Santa Michael then Santa. He stared off on the entertainment center and when the kids got up he was found in Jacob's stocking. I found out the elfs have senstive hearing, because the kids got a letter from Santa and it told Camron to stop yelling/screaming cuz it hurts elfie's ears. And guess what no yelling/screaming from him today! Maybe this elf should've came sooner. The kids are happy to share and show Elfie off to anyone who comes in the house. Its gonna be a sad day when Elfie has to go back to the north pole on christmas eve but at least he will be back next year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

can you tell me whats wrong with this picture??

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with our tree, besides half of the lights aren't working?? All the lights did work until about 2 weeks after we put the tree up and darn if I can find the dead or missing bulb. If you ask me its easier to just pitch that sting of lights and start new next year. IF you guess whats wrong with the tree you don't win anything just a pat on the back, so go for it guess what's wrong with our tree.

Monday, December 15, 2008

not me mondays

Well its monday again, so its another round of self help mckmama style.

~I DID NOT skip the last two Not me Monday's cuz I was too lazy to type something up. Who would skip a cheap self help session?

~I DID NOT catch my 17 month old trying to climb the ladder to his brothers bunk bed today. A 17 month old is too little to climb ladders and I always have one eye on him at all times!

~My kids DID NOT eat a whole bag of potato chips between yesterday and today, cuz my kids only eat healthy foods and never junk food. Why would I let them eat so many?

~ I DID NOT enjoy yesterday afternoon with my mom and Katey having a girls day getting our toes painted. After all my hubby didn't feel good and he still had to take care of the boys. Any good wife would've cancelled to take care of their hubby. So I defiantly didn't go and get my toes painted blue

~I DID NOT let our 3 yr fall asleep on the TOP step the other day. ALL he wanted to do was stay up for daddy to come home from work. (yes I did carry him and put him into bed after I found him sleeping) And I DID NOT take a picture of him while he was sleeping, cuz the flash might just wake him, and he might roll off(which didn't happen)

OK this ends my not me mondays, head on over to mckmamas, and check out everyone else's not me mondays. I will make you feel better.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

who stole the cookie from the cookie jar??

This past Sunday the kids, Katey's friend Maddie and I headed to my parents house to make,er, well ok frost Christmas cookies. Mom mixed and baked 32 dozen cookies. Yes you read that right 32 dozen cookies! We had cookies coming out of our ears. We had 5 kids under 6 sprinkling and 3 adults frosting. Jacob had fun eating the frosting off his cookie that I gave him to sprinkle, so he wasn't much help. Maddie was the only kid to sprinkle to the end. Some cookies had more sprinkles than frosting, but I think those will be Santa's favorite cookies.

Our pile of "naked" cookies. I never took a finish picture of our cookies and why I don't know so I guess I have to wait until I get the pictures from my dad.

My dad is taping the whole process. The little girl to the left in the purple shirt is my niece, Grace. The older lady is my grandma who comes over every year to help with the cookie frosting.

Jacob not sure what to do with his shaker. See the "naked" cookie on his tray? Yeah he licked off the frosting. He will be a better shaker next year.

Katey waiting for her first cookie to sprinkle. You can only see half of the cookies here.

You may not want to eat the yellow frosted cookies! And here you thought the only thing yellow you didn't want to eat was snow. Yeah that is the only color Camron really wanted to sprinkle. I caught him 3 or more times licking the frosting off his cookies. Where they went I have no idea!
Over all it was a fun day. Next year the kids might last a bit longer, maybe no one will be caught licking frosting and adding it to the pile of done cookies, but I do know one thing for sure someday they will be "too old" to sprinkle cookies and when that day comes I will be sad.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thankgiving

Well today was turkey day. And yes I got "stuffed" So I thought I would make a list of what I am all thankful for. And if you feel like adding this to your blog, let me know I would love to read yours.

~I am Thankful for 3 Wonderful Healthy kids.

~I am Thankful for a wonderful husband, even though he can drive me nuts but I do love him.

~I am Thankful for food on our table. It may not be much some days but its better than nothing.

I am Thankful for the clothes that I wear or can afford some people don't have enough money for new clothes.

~I am Thankful for Friends. I know I can call them whenever I need someone to talk too and they are always their

~I am Thankful for Family. No matter what they will always be their for you.

~ I am Thankful for my job. Yeah some days I feel like I am going to go crazy, but its better than no job at all, like some people have.

Now its your turn to make a list. I can be as long as you would like or just short like mine.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

poor jacob

Yesterday Jacob was going to climb the step to go upstairs when Katey tried to put a santa hat on his head. Well he hit his lip on the step and began to cry. I was making dinner and normally if he gets hurt he will come looking for me, but this time he didn't so I figured that he was ok. Yeah right. When he came back downstairs and I seen him he had blood coming out of his mouth. I laid him down and wiped the blood away and checked out his mouth. Come to find out the little piece of skin that attaches your upper lip to your gum line, is what he tore. Poor little man. Talk about the blood. I know head/mouth wounds bleed but this was nuts! I gave in and gave him his paci that I took away last week. Well we got the bleeding to stop but every time that he put a toy in his mouth we were back to step one with the bleeding. When I put him to bed I let him have his paci hoping that as he sucked all night it would put pressure on his mouth and help with the bleeding. Wrong, when he woke up this morning he was covered in blood! He had blood in his ears, hair, nose, you name it blood was there. It looked like he got into a fight with something and lost. It was nuts. So needless to say in the tub he went. Called the doctors, and they wanted to see him. She said it does take some time for this kind of injury to heal because of where its at. IF it keeps bleeding, call tomorrow and then they will run some blood work and then maybe send him to the dentist to see what they think. So soft foods today. After we got back from the doctors he fell asleep and when he woke up NO MORE BLOOD!! So yeah iam happy that he has stopped bleeding, cuz that was nuts. So now he is in bed with out the paci once again and hopefully forever.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

not me mondays

Well another weekend flew by and its another Monday for a Not Me Monday's. MckMama started this whole, self help therapy for everyone. So here I go:

I AM NOT peeved at one of my former daycare mother who owes me money, she has a grant and the only thing that is in the way of me getting paid is her signing a piece of paper.

I NEVER call my kids by the wrong name. I mean come on, I am their mom why would I do that for?

I DO NOT feel relaxed when I stuff my diapers at the end of the day, and just smile inside when they are all folded in a neat pile and looking all so nice. I mean cloth diapers are more work and with being a mom with 3 kids why would the extra work make me relaxed??

I DO NOT watch the clock when it gets closer to 7 pm and think 30 more min before the kids go to bed. I love spending time with my kids, so why would I want to put them to bed earlier than I have to?

I DO NOT EVER lock the door when I go pee sometimes just to be alone. I would NEVER just sit in the bathroom and tell the kids that I am still going pee as they are banging on the door saying they also have to go pee, we have a second bathroom, I think they just want in.

Ok its your turn to vent about what didn't happen this week. Check out MckMama page and read about other people's Not Me Mondays. It might just make you feel better and you might make some new friends.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

camron cow

This summer we went to Washington State to visit family who live out their. We had a great time, but the week flew by like nothing else! While we were out their the kids got to play with baby kitty's, see chickens, cows and such. One day Jerry and I took the kids to the water park and such and when we got back Camron went outside and I guess checked out the chicken coop. Then he went to my brother and asked" where did the chicken go?" Needless to say the chicken lost his/her head. He was the only one of the 3 kids to notice one chicken was missing out of maybe 10 or so chickens. My kids have seen cows before, my parents live out in the country and we know a lot of the farmers so they have seen and touched cow/calf's before,but on June 24 a special cow came into the world on that day. Why is this cow so special for? Well for one little 3 yr old boy, this cow is his friend, it was born on his birthday! Rex, my uncle, was going to time the calf's birth around 12 pm, but missed calculated and this cow had her calf at 12am. That day when we found out this cow was going to have a baby, I told the kids that they could stay up late to see it be born, I guess sooner or later I have to teach them about birth. As it turned out Katey and her cousin fell asleep around maybe 10pm or so. Camron the little trooper never fell asleep! He would go out with who ever checked the cow to see how it was going. Then he would come in and report to all of us inside what was happening. When I went out the bag of water was showing and Camron so proud said" look a balloon!" Yeah I do have to say it kinda looked like a balloon. Needless to say we all got a chuckle out of that one. SO a few mins after 12am Camron cow was born! He got to touch the calf the next day, and so did the girls. I am bummed that I didn't get any good picutres of the Camron cow with Camron, they are on my cell phone and I dont' have the cable to download them. So now if you ask him who is buddy's are he will proudly say Julian, Papa and Camron Cow! You ask him about going to Aunt Rita's house all he will tell you about is Camron cow and going to the ocean. I have asked him if we should send Camron cow a card, he very proudly will say 'YES". I did ask him the other day what we should get Camron cow for his birthday, "a baby Jacob cow to play with"

Katey was a cow for halloween one year and the cow outfit is now in the dress up bin. Camon will put on this cow outfit, that is 1-2 sizes to small run around the house telling you that he is Camron cow.

Friday, November 14, 2008

blueberry diaper

My, well ok Jacob's, diaper came in the mail weds. I was like a little kid in the candy store waiting for the mail that day. I never get mail, besides bills so if I know something is coming for me I get excited. I know its sad, but what can I say?? But anyhow, his diaper came wed and I was very excited to try it on him. Did he really wanna sit still while i tried to take his picture?? NO not really. But I like this diaper. It super soft inside.

Here he is sitting still for one moment
You can see me so you can't take my picture. HEHEHE.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

kyle david miller

A few weeks ago, I was searching for how much a latch system in a car/van could hold before you had to use the seat belt instead of the latch system since some car seats, unlike mine, goes up to 65-80 lbs. I didn't really find what I was looking for but I kept seeing the name Kyle David Miller. I read a little about him. He was a 3 year old who was riding in their van, when another driver ran a red light and hit the van. His seat belt came undone and he was thrown from the van and killed. He was riding in a booster seat. A parents worse nightmare!! Then maybe a few days later I ran across this youtube video. Then it seemed like every time I searched for something about either the latch system or a car seat I seen his name. So I read more about his story and found his web site . I just wanted to sit and cry about this whole story. It just so sad. It makes me count my blessings everyday. Here with Katey and Camron I turned them around before they hit one, yeah I know they recommend a year and 20 lbs, but they were over the 20 lbs and their legs were getting squished. SO I thought they were safer forward facing. Then when I watched some other youtube videos it made me realized that I made a mistake. Then our car seats only went up to 40 lbs, but they were too tall for the car seat so we put them into a booster seat. Jacob is still rear facing and he is 16 months and 25 lbs. This car seat goes up to 35 lbs rear facing. Needless to say he is gonna stay rear facing as long as possible. So as I was looking at Kyle's website I came across where they help families who can't afford the higher weight 5pt harness car seats. Check out their website or their youtube video on it. I have thought about putting both Katey and Camron back into a 5 pt harness but no way can we afford two seats that goes up to 80 lbs! The weird part is in Sweden kids are rear facing until 3-4 years old! They have fewer deaths than the USA when it comes to car seat saftey. I did apply for help and right now the waiting list is 6-9 months. But for who ever is reading this post and did check out the links that I attached you can help. HOW you ask? You can down load the goodsearch tool bar. And for every search you do they donate a penny to the Kyle David Miller foundation. You can even donate on his web page or shop the sister sites and proceeds from every sale will be donated to the Kyle David Miller Foundation!! SO please check out Kyle's web page.

Monday, November 10, 2008

not me mondays

Well another weekend flew by again and its Monday. So I will do my not me Mondays. Mckmama is the the queen of not me Monday's so hop on over to her blog and check her out.

I DID NOT eat a bowl of chips for dinner last night cuz nothing sounded good.

I DID NOT get excited when I realized that I won a cloth diaper from The cloth diaper whisper. And I certainly DID NOT call Amanda like 4 times before she answered the phone just to tell her that I won something

I NEVER EVER put my kids to bed early on the weekends sometimes just because I wanted some quiet time to myself before I go to bed, what kind of mom would do that.

I DID NOT call Amanda last night to ask her how to link someone to a page on blog spot without having the whole web address showing. And I HAVE NOT added a bunch of links to my page just proving that I know how to do this now.

I DO NOT check my blog spot everyday hoping for new comments, since they are few and far between and I DO NOT get giddy when I get a new comment, so DON'T make my day and leave me a comment. ;)

So now it is your turn to do your not me mondays. Its fun try it

Sunday, November 9, 2008

my pumpkins, pumpkin

I have finally posted Jacob's pumpkin carving day. We did this on a day after he took a nap, and he was in a good mood. Katey helped him gut his pumpkin.

He thought the pumpkin was cool being inside. All the time that these pumpkins were on the porch he kept trying to bring them in.

He wasn't too sure about the guts, but he did try to gut it. We had a trash can next to him on the floor and he helped by throwing the guts away. He did also try to eat the pumpkin and the seeds. I told him that they would taste better if they were cooked but he didn't seem to mind the raw taste. YUCK

Gee mom you broke my pumpkin!! After we, well ok I, gutted his pumpkin he took the part and tried to put them back where they went. I guess he thought it was a gaint puzzle.

Jacob's finished pumpkin. So now instead of him trying to bring in the pumpkin he would play with the lids to the pumpkins, and switch the lids, or bring in the lids.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

omg i won something!!

Ok I never win anything in my life it seems like but I won something!! And I really didn't even have to work that hard to get it. I was just posting my blog and I thought I would check for any new comments, since I never really get that many, I really don't check it that often, but it paid off today!!! Over at the cloth diaper whisperer they have a contest called fluff Fridays. I entered and WON!!! Now what did I win you ask? I won a blueberry diaper and a wet bag my diapers. They should be in the mail today, I can't wait until the mail comes!! Now for those who don't know I do use cloth diapers on Jacob and love them! I wish I used them for my other two kids, but didn't know how easy cloth diapering is, until now. I normally use bum genius 3.0 cloth diapers but I won a blueberry cloth diaper! Trust me when you start cloth diapering you get addicted to them, its hard to explain until you get this addiction. Man I can't wait until this arrives in the mail and then take his picture for all to see!!! I won Iam so excited!!!


Well Amanda over at Scattered among the mess tagged me and now I have to post 7 random facts about me. ugh where do I start?? Why did she have to tag me?? Now I have to think................

1) I use cloth diapers on my youngest son, and I love them, I just wish knew about these when my first baby was born. They aren't like the diapers that my mom used on me.

2)I used to love purple, but now its blue. Why not purple now you ask after all my bedroom at my parents house is purple. Well one of my teachers who I didn't like, liked purple and she graded all her paper in purple ink. So yeah that's why I don't like purple, but Katey loves it now.

3) I would love to have another baby. Why? Cuz I love being pregnant, I love how you feel when you hold your newborn for the first time, the cuddling, the little noise's the make. But is it gonna happen I doubt it Jerry don't want anymore, Iam I sad about that, yes but no. Iam I really ready to get rid of all the baby clothes yet,NO.

4) Yes it was love at first sight when I met my hubby. I just knew that someday we would be married. Did we get married like we planned? nope. Our plan was to find a house, get married and then start a family, but we stared a family, got married then bought a house. But oh well things worked out like they were suppose to. Would I change things from they way they happened no.

5) I have grey hair growing in. Yikes kinda scary since I am NOT that old. But oh it add charm to my hair right??

6) I hate shopping for shoes. My shoe size is either a 10 or 11. Which you can never find in the pair that you really like. So for me to go shoe shopping I really need to have new shoes. Kinda like right now since they have a hole in the side of them

7) I love scary movies, but haven't seen a really good scary movie since I have been younger. I think either I have grown up and less things scare me or scary movies just are not made like the use to be or maybe both.

OK that is my 7 random things about me. Iam not gonna tag anyone but IF you want to play let me know so I can check out your random things about yourself

hey mom anit' these cool??

The kids and my mom went to the hallmark store the other day and I guess when you buy so many cards you get this snowman cheaper than normal price. My kids love to watch these things dance. If you would let them they would push every single one in the store. So she bought her cards and this snowman, who you can tell will be very loved at time goes on.

Jacob would push the button and watch them sing and dance, turn them off, turn them back on again. When it was time for baths tonight I told him to leave the snowman's on the table he looks at me with that look of , aww mom do I really have to?? He grabs them and "carries" them half way up the steps until I figure he thought its easier and faster just to leave them. When he got out the bath he grabs them and carries them around the house. I have to make sure to put them up.

After we got home from shopping Camron took them out of their bag and lays on the floor with them., I thought this was just too cute not to take a picture of him. He likes them just not as much as Jacob

happy halloween

Looky looky new pictures. Yeah I know Iam late for halloween pictures but better late than never right?? The weather was GREAT! IT was warm for michigan at this time of the year, but it has been nice. This is the first halloween that I can remember where you didn't have to wear your winter coat over or under you costume, just to stay warm. Everywhere you looked the kids had on just their costumes, yes even the little girls who were princess's or tinker bell, didn't have tights, or long pants on. IT was just a great warm day. I really hope more halloweens will be this "warm". Well trick or treat went great. Jerry got to go with us and that was the first time in maybe 5 years. The first house we went to was the "spooky house". They had it all decorated spooky. IT was very nice. They even put on a little "haunted"house. The kids went thru it 3 times. The first time we had to go thru with them, the second time I went thru with them, and they even has a kid hidding in the bushes, that scared the crap out of Camron, all I could really do was laugh. They wanted to go thru again so I let them and I chated with the lady who puts this together. I guess they do this every year and they also change it, so I really have to remember about this next year. But any hoo they went thru it the 3rd time and they went alone. When they got to the part where the guy jumps out, well ok he makes a noise and puts an arm out, Camron flips out! He yells for me, again all I can do is laugh. Yeah I know mean mommy here he is, frighten and all I can do is laugh. I put my hand to him and he is shaking and keeps looking at this boy making sure he's not going to get him,, the only way to get him out of this place is to pick him up an carry him out. Needless to say I asked the kids if they wanted to go back thru again, they both say "NO" now what a bunch of chickens!!

Katey and Camron sorting out the candy. Every time Camron got a peanut butter cup from someone all he could say was"mommy they gave my your favorite one!" What a good boy watching out for his mommy.

I didn't get a good one of Katey from the front this year, but I do have a few other pictures but this one was cute I thought with her walking with Jerry

Jacob after trick or treating. Still has his nose on also.

OH so I just take this bucket and show the person at the house and they give me candy?? He loved that they gave him candy. When someone gave him candy he would stick out his tounge and giggle.

Here is little batman. Yes these are jammies. Now he gets to wear them longer than just on halloween!

Monday, November 3, 2008

not me mondays

Well here we are, it's Monday again! So I will do my not me, monday. Mckmama who is the queen of this, is taking a week off due to the fact that she had just had a beatiful healthy baby boy on wed. Go and check her out and the great pictures she takes of her 4 kids!

I DO NOT bag the leaves that fall every year, cuz my husband who blows them into a pile, working hard with the leaf blower, also bags them.

I DO NOT get mad at some daycare parents who fail to listen or follow my rules, that I have laid out for them and thier kids, while they are in my care. I DO NOT wish that sometimes I could just forget being a daycare provider and just be a stay at home mom.

I WILL NOT miss all of this election crap that is happening cuz I always stay on top of election stuff and always know whats happening, cuz what kind of person would not pay attention? NOT ME anyhow.

I NEVER forget to download my pictures off the camera, and promise you all that i will be posting new pictures tomorrow cuz what kind of person would promise you new pictures and never follow thru? NOT ME

I DO NOT feel sad that my baby is growing up and he is almost 16 months, acting like he is older than he is. I DO NOT miss those first few months of non stop crying, eating pooping cuz really who misses them days? OK i really do miss them days and really want them back. Not saying that I want more but somedays I would like to have just one more.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

happy halloween

On Sunday the kids and I carved their pumpkins. And as you check out their pumpkin you will notice that one child is missing, well he was asleep, but don't worry I do plan on helping him do his pumpkin tomorrow if everything goes the way I hope it does. But anyhow here we go!!

The order of these pictures are kinda messed up but oh well. Here is Katey's finished pumpkin. I love the nose, its a heart.

See mom I am doing it. She did good cleaning out her pumpkin until she got bored and I got done with Camron's then she wanted me to finish cleaning hers.

Ewwwwwwwwww this is cold, its wet, and slimy and you want me to put my hand in this, I think not! He only put his hand in once and said he was done! What a wimp. I am sure next year hes gonna love it.

I asked him to smile and this is what I got. I can no longer get nice smiles from him, they are all goofy like this one.

Camron's finished pumpkin. Cool ears huh?

Friday, October 24, 2008

kissy face

Well Jacob's new thing is to "hide" behind his hands. Its soo cute. You can normally ask him to hide and he will "hide" behind his hands. He will giggle until you say "where is Jacob?" then he will put his hands down and giggle some more. This is such a fun age.

As I kept asking Jacob to "hide" all he would do is pucker up. Such a little flirt!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

new pictures!!

Yeah I know for the last few days I have been telling you all that I will be posting new pictures and just kept forgetting my camera downstairs, but I did it earlier today so I have some new PICTURES!!

Jerry the other day "raked" well ok he blew the leaves in to a pile for the kids to play in. Yeah we still have MORE leaves to fall yet, so after I get these all picked up and bagged we will have more to rake into a pile. The kids had fun with Jerry throwing them into the pile. Jacob on the other had doesn't like leaves in his face, but who can blame him?? IF he walks into the pile he is ok with it, but if someone puts him into the leaves he will scream until you take him out

Katey and Camron, yeah I said Camron was playing with Katey's make up. IF this is the way she puts make up on now Iam afraid to see what she will be doing in 10 years or so from now. Sorry dear but, less is really better.

Look mom I still fit! I pulled the down the other day to give to Doreen for her baby, and Jacob jumps in the darn thing. Who cares that its still folded.

Camron and his Make up job. I think he did a little better than Katey, but if daddy knew about this............ Great blackmail pictures for when hes 16 and older right??

I took the picture maybe last week and did you notice the shorts that Camron is wearing?? Yeah October and we had on shorts. Gotta love that, but it didn't' last long now we are in pants and coats. Where did summer go?

Monday, October 20, 2008

not me mondays

Well once again its monday and I have no idea where the weekend went! So on mondays MckMama, started a not me mondays. Go and check her out she has great things to say and is the queen of not me mondays

I did not feel bad for leaving my mom friday with 5 kids under 4, so I was able to go with Katey on her field trip to the peacock farm

I DID NOT forget to blog after I said I would. And I did not forget the camera once again downstairs so I can't download the pictures of the kids.

I DO NOT feel bad for my husband when the kids wake him up in the middle of the night to ask him if they can sleep on the couch, they know my answer will be NO, go to bed, so they bug him. hhehheehhe.

I DID NOT forget to pay the dish bill and it most certainly did not get shut off the other day, what kind of responsible person would do such a thing?

I DO NOT ever think of things that I want to blog about thru out the day and at the end of the day forget what I wanted to blog about, and then just not blog.

I guess thats the end of my not me mondays for this week. I hope to remember my camera tomorrow so I can download some pictures here.

Friday, October 17, 2008

field trip

Well today was Katey's first field trip of the year. We went to Peacock tree farm. Yeah I know what you all are thinking-a tree farm in Oct?? I was thinking the same thing, but it turned out really nice! When we first arrived the kids went on a hayride, to the back to pick a pumpkin, and yes she went thru 3 or more perfect pumpkins before she found the right one. On the way back to the "farm" we stopped at a old house. The kids got off and they seen how people lived way back in the old days. Not sure how much they understood but it was neat. When we got back to the "farm" we went to an old school house. They learned that before school you had chores to do, boy or men always held the doors open for girl or women. She told this to Camron so I do know she did pay attention to what was happening! They got to see a bunny, a donkey, emu, reindeer, and a shoot cant remember what the hell the animal is called but it spits when it gets mad. OH OH OH its a Lama!! I knew I would remember!! Mom sat at home with 5 kids all under the age of 4 with Jacob being the youngest. They all get along well, so I wasn't really too worried about it. If mom didn't' sit with the kids I never would've been able to go. So Iam hoping to download the pictures tomorrow since my camera is downstairs and besides the field trip Katey had her first girl scout meeting, and I had to run to Holt to get her numbers that belong on her smock since I got the wrong ones, so it felt like all I did today was run around like a chicken with my head cut off!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

wow its been awhile!!!

What I can say I have been lazy about posting my blogs here for a bit. It what Oct 14, and for the last two days we have been able to wear shorts!!! I have been loving it, but a cold front is comming thru and not looking forward to it at all! You see Iam not a cold weather kinda girl, give me 70-80 weather and I am very happy. Iam hoping to download new kid pict tomorrow cuz well I just don't feel like going downstairs to get my camera, hook it up and then download them, thats just tooo much work for tonight. So check back tomorrow and maybe by then I will have pict up!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Not me Mondays

Well its monday again, where did the time go?? SO here is another Not me Monday

I DID NOT enjoy having just Jacob again this weekend, cuz the kids talked grandma and papa to spending the night.

I DID NOT get upset with my husband when I found out how much he spent on ebay again!!

I DO NOT get pissed when a daycare parent tells me they don't have to money to pay me cuz they have a bill that needs to be paid. UMMMM hello I DON"T have bill either that need to be paid.

I DID NOT enjoy sleeping in sunday until 9AM cuz Jacob slept in!!

I DO NOT EVER just play on the computer and tell the kids that I will be done in one min and then 5 mins later tell them the same thing, just so I can "play" what I want to.

I DID NOT feel like strangling my hubby when Jacob woke up on morining drenched in pee, cuz he thought the little swimmer that Katey grabbed him was a pull up. Yeah like I would have a 13 month old in pull ups.

well thats my not monday for today. Hop on over to the queen of Not me Mondays well anyhow the lady who stared this all. Thanks

Thursday, October 2, 2008

first fall leaves

Well yesterday I took the kids outside and found some leaves to rake. This is only the first set of leaves to fall, and our pile was small but in a few weeks our pile will be HUGE as the rest of the leafs turn color. As I was raking all I can hear from Katey was make it bigger, bigger mom. Well dear I can make it just soooo big! They played in thier leaf pile for about 2 mins it seemed like,but they had fun so thats all that counts right??

Mom take a picture of me! She loves her onion rings as she calls them. She even has little callous on her hands from playing on these darn things. She will spin all day if you let her and never get dizzy I just don't get it.
Camron in our leaf pile. After we had Camron lay in the leaves Jacob did the same thing without being asked. Again monkey see monkey doooo.
What a nice boy, trying to help mommy rake leaves!
He thinks hes hot stuff now since he figured out how to go down the slide! He will go down on his belly feet first then walk around and do it again and again, and again, and well you get the picture!
Katey looking bummed cuz the pile wasn't as big as she was hoping and Camron "ruined"it some how, so she really didn't play in it that much.

Well everyone should head over to She has an awesome highchair to give away from boon. It look like a great highchair, that would be easy to clean! thank boon and berrie sweet picks!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monkey see, Monkey do...........

Well today is tues, and last night it rained hard. Later today I let the kids outside to play and get some fresh air before it gets cold. When I went outside, Camron was already wet, his shoes pants was drenched! So I dumped out the dinosaur box, since I really didn't want Jacob playing in the water with how cold it is. So Camron, with him being a boy, saw MUD!! How happy he was! I did ask him to stay out, but when he saw Jacob heading towards the mud he thought he should also play in the mud. Camron would throw a football into the mud so he could go and get it. Yeah smart little turkey. So the next thing I noticed was Jacob, playing in the water just like big brother. Jacob had on orange pants on and by the time we went inside his butt was black! Needless to say when I made the kids go back inside I told them straight into the bath. So from the time they got out of the tub, until dinner time all I heard from Camron was he wanted a bedtime snack. I guess when you got the kids into a routine its bad to mess it up, cuz it screws the them!

Monkey see Monkey do... since Jacob saw is big bro playing he thought is was ok for him too.
Mama take a picture of me!!

Yeah sorry its sideways I forgot to fix it! But as you can see his BUTT is no longer orange like it should be.

OH yeah Katey went frogin' last week, and found Jumpy the frog. She caught him, let him go and caught the poor little toad again.....she thought it was cool that if you poked his eye he closed them. SO the nice mommy Iam I "poked" her eye and told her, she does the same thing if someone pokes her eye. She left his eye alone after that. I thought about telling her she should kiss him to see if he's a prince, but I thought I better not. Maybe next time
Here is Katey trying to catch Jumpy the frog again. Camron didn't want anything to do with the frog besides looking at the thing

Monday, September 29, 2008

Not me Mondays

Well today is monday again and Iam trying to do the Not me Mondays that m ckmama does. So here i go again

I did not turn on tv to a show that I knew that my kids would watch so I could rest my eyes and take a nap, cuz I don't nap.

I do not put Jacob in disposable diapers at night cuz he will normally poop first thing in the moring and its just easier.

I did not enjoy saturday afternoon with just Jacob while the other two kids were with my mom all day. And I did not just sit on my butt the whole time Jacob was napping cuz I had laundry to do, dishes to do, etc
I didn't just put the kids laundry away today that has been sitting in the laundry basket since friday night, and I dont' have 2 more batches of kids laundry to do again.

I did not put the kids to bed early on night because I wanted some peace and quiet.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

busy day??

Well today was a laid back but seems like a busy day. Mom took both Katey and Camron home to stay the night so that left us with Jacob. I left and headed to my friend's pure romance party so Jerry had a boy's night. I got to sleep in since Jacob didn't wake up much before 8:30. whooo whooo!! So when Jacob and I got up and dressed we went shopping. What a big helper he was today, putting all the items in the cart for me, so he earned a donut when we got home, well ok Iam the one who wanted a donut but, it worked out good cuz I have him the donut and i was able to put away all the food. Then I put Jacob down for a nap, and I just watched tv. I watched what I wanted to watch not sponge bob or tom and jerry or some other kid show that you have seen about a billion times! After we ate dinner with my parents and the kids we went, to big lots and the kids picked out a toy, Jacob goes nuts over baby dolls so I found him a baby that was wearing blue. Jerry wasn't too happy that is boy was getting a baby, but I see nothing wrong with it. Its nice to have just one "baby" to myself for one whole day. When I have just one child with me, I wonder how did I manage with one baby? It seems like Iam "bored" not bored to be with the kids, just not sure what to do, I dont' have to break up fights or anything. Now that all the kids are home and in bed its my time to put my feet up once again for the second time today, and relax before it starts all over again in the morning.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where has the week gone??

Well today is thursday, where did mon-wed go?? Right now Katey and I are at the libary, she's playing on the computer and well yeah Iam sitting next to her bloging. Its nice she can play and you don't have to worry about her messing anything up. I guess the main reason why I am not worried is its not my computer and plus they have it all "kid" safe. Jerry is home with Camron and Jacob who are both tired! I asked him to wash Jacob's hair since he really needs his hair washed, I think he got banana in his hair from lunch. Tomorrow I take Jacob in for a recheck of his ear, and I hope they send us to an ENT(ear, nose, throat) doctor to find out why he keeps getting ear infections. Lets see what happened today.........hummmm.....oh yeah I got a nap in today!! Katey and Camron played really really well while i relaxed my eyes. They got thier toys out and sat at the table and didn't fight for like an HOUR!! Needless to say they will bet getting a marble each and some money for their money jar. Well better go Katey is ready to change games or something else.

Monday, September 22, 2008

baby giggles

Who dont' love to listen to a baby giggle? Its so sweet and Innocent. I put the kids to bed tonight and while they were relaxing in their beds I was checking my email and such, and the next thing that I hear is Jacob giggling! Camron came in a few mins later to ask me to cover him up so we headed back into the boys room, while Camron was climbing up his ladder I asked him what he was doing to Jacob to make him laugh. All Camron was doing was making silly faces or saying peek a boo to Jacob while Jacob was laying the short way in his crib. Jacob was laying with his feet up on his crib bars enjoying the show I guess. I don't understand why Camron will be soo soooo sweet to Jacob when its bedtime or just when he wants to be nice. Don't get me wrong Camron is a good big brother its just at times he can be sooo sweet to him but then the next min he will be a little terror to him! But what is better than hearing a baby giggle?? I love that sound, well I guess any little kid giggle cuz their laugh is so genuine, unlike and adult from time to time. Gotta love little kids.
Today I took Camron to the toe doc and he said his toe problems are normal among little kids. Just feed him more jello, which will be easy since he LOVES jello. I swear that kid would eat it all day if I let him. And he also gave me some cream to put on his toe.
Pay it forward~~~ Well I was visiting She has a little game going on that if you are the first 3 people to leave a comment she sends you a small gift, it can be something you bought or made. It just has to fit into an envelope or vanilla envelope. SO I am hoping to get someone to play the game this time on here. So be the first 3 people to make a comment that you want to play and you will be added to the game!! When you add your comment add the game to your blogspot! Good luck!!

Not me Mondays~~~ I have been reading this blog She is fun to read. I really need to add her to my page! But today is not me mondays. Well on not me mondays you write about things that YOU"didn't" do all week. So I will try my best. Here I go~
~~I did not almost eat a whole bag of chips by myself, they good also.hehehe
~~I did not just turn off the baby monitor in the morning to get a few mins of sleep

~I did not Let the kids climb in to bed with us on sunday to steal 10 more mins of shut eye.
~~I did not drink too many beers on the hayride sunday that I got the warm fuzzy feeling, yeah you know what iam talking about.
~~I did not skip washing the kids hair at night just because I didn't feel like it.
~ I did not do laundry the other day cuz I didnt' feel like it, and leave it down in the basement cuz I didn't feel like caring up, folding it, and putting it away.
~~ I did not forget to do the kids laundry and Katey has school clothes for monday. oops.
Well I gets that's enough of not me mondays!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hay Ride

Well today all of us went to mom and dad's for a hayride. All of mom's brother/sisters, her mom, all the cousins came to the hayride. The wagon left at 2:00pm and didn't get back until 4:30! Jacob did great sitting in a spinny seat, he wanted out maybe 5 mins before we got home. Katey and Camron did great also. They sat with either Jerry or I thru out the ride. When we got back to mom and dad's house we ate left over wedding food from my uncle's wedding and hot dogs also. Jacob was up from 9:30am until he fell asleep in the van almost 6pm. Katey was a little bit bummed that we didn't have a bon fire and why we didn't have one I really dont' know. So mom told her that one of these weekends we will have a bon fire so she can roast marshmellow. SO I can't wait until next year for the next hayride.

This week is gonna be busy. Tomorrow Camron has a doctor appt on his toes, and then friday I take Jacob back in for a recheck on his ears.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

catching up..............

Its amazing how fast you can fall behind in blogging when you either get busy or sick. So I hope to catch everyone up or at least a little bit anyhow.
SO to start off Camron LOVES to dig but then again what little boy doesn't like to dig and and get muddy? But my dad and mom felt sorry for him cuz he had no where to dig. We did have a sandbox but they all out grew it. And we just didnt' get around to building one yet. So they came over on a sunday and Camron and Papa built one. Its 5X5. Its a great size I can fit in the corner, while the kids have plenty of room to make stuff. Jacob loves to eat the sand when he puts something in his mouth. YUCK if you ask me, but he dont' seem to mind having "grit"in his mouth. Katey loves to build sandcastles or houses, and well Camron will either build roads or destroy Katey's house's. I like to just dig holes or help make house's before they get knocked down..

Here is my favorite picture form that day. Camron and Papa are making sure its all square and everything is measuring up. Yeah I know Camron is in his under ware, but the boy just doesn't keep shorts on! He will go potty and the next thing you know is his shorts are missing. You ask him where they are he will tell you in the bathroom. errr little turkey!

All three playing in the sandbox. Yes Camron is making a sand angel! Katey also made some sand angels.
Here we are playing or should I say floating in the river. The kids and my dad went to the looking glass river by their house about a month ago and played in the river. We walked down the river for awhile, then floated back to where we stared. Camron didn't want to leave the float, while Katey was willing to get off from time to time. We found HUGE clams. We were collecting them but I guess Camron got tired of holding the clam bucket, cuz he dumped them back into the water.
Katey clam hunting.
Well I guess that kinda catches you all up. I do have some more pictures to download of my camera and I hope to do that in the next few days.

Everyone should head over to here . She has super cute blankets, and she also has a giveaway. I love the pink one help find a cure. The dead line is sept 15 which is monday. Good luck to everyone who enters the contest!!