Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the boy VS the apple

About a month ago, see told you I was way behind on blogging, Camron asked me if he could have an apple. I of course told him go for it. He for some odd reason he don't like the peel of the apple, which is fine, but at times I get tired of having to peel the apple, so the good mommy that I am I told him to go and grab a knife and peel it your self. So off he ran to the kitchen grabed the knife and then I told him to grab the brown tray to catch all the peels. I tell you these trays have come in handy at times. He did do a good job peeling this apple until it became to boring.

Working on those small motor skills.

He has gotten some of the peel off. I know what a good mommy letting their 4 yr play with knifes while you are taking pictures of your child.

No I don't let my kids lick knifes, do you think I would let such a thing happen at my house?? How careless do you guys think I am?


Please pray for Stellan he needs some more prayers.

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