Wednesday, November 4, 2009

rubbermaid REVIEW

A few weeks ago a box arrived at our doorstep and it felt like Christmas morning to me. Why you ask, well normally when a box comes is for my husband, but his one was FOR ME!! You see I contacted Rubbermaid about doing a review for them, and when they said YES I felt like a giddy little school girl, not only to I get to try a great new product out but I got to try it out for free. SO I opened my box and expected to find one canister, but what I found was 4 canisters! They sent me their new Lock-it Canisters with easy to find lids. Boy can I tell you I LOVE these! I love that they have many different sizes to choose from, I love the locking lids yes you can hear them lock so you know that they are on, I love the easy to find lids and so much more. Here is a brief description from Rubbermaid:

The Lock-Its canisters belong to a family of food storage containers with the Easy Find Lids feature. This means that the lids snap to the bottom of the containers and the containers nest together for easy storage. They can also be stacked together and the containers can snap onto the lid of the container below it. The canisters work together with Lock-Its food storage containers as one group.

Now you may be asking me what is the easy to find lids. Well if your anything like me you have your bowls and such in one cupboard and then the lids in a drawer, and the lids are just taking over that drawer and you can never find the right lid for your bowl. With the easy to find lid they snap onto each other so you can't really loose them. Makes your lid drawer much cleaner! Something else I love about the easy to find lids is, if you have a babysitter for the night or your hubby is watching the kids, you can make a meal put them into your Rubbermaid canisters with your easy to find lids and stack them in the fridge and you can lock the canisters together so they just have to grab on to one canister, so no more fishing in the fridge for items that together. These canisters are freezer proof, you can put them into the microwave, and even dishwasher safe, the recommend the top rack but at times ours have found their way to to bottom and did just fine. All of your canisters can nest into each other also cleaning up your "bowl" cupboard. Needless to say these canisters are here to stay! I want to go and buy more!! I give these a two thumbs up!

The lids snapped together.

My 4 canisters.

Thanks Rubbermaid!

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