Thursday, February 17, 2011

We can hear We can hear!

On January 21st, yeah I know I am way behind on blogging but I am trying to get caught up), Jacob went in for another set of tubes. His 3rd set if you lost count. He also has his tonsils and adenoids   out the same time. His ENT really wanted to wait till he was 4 for his tonsils/adenoids  but I really didn’t want to wait another 5 months to get it done.  Since it was just Jacob and us the night before we let him stay up later. Needless to say the morning came way too early for him.  I even made Jerry turn around because I forgot my camera this time. Last time I forgot the papers the hospital needed. oops good thing we live close.  This time I think he was on to us, he knew he something was up. When the nurse’s would come in to ask questions he would run to sit on my lap, when they left he would head back to Jerry. He was NOT happy at all when they came to take him for his surgery either. Poor guy.


Jacob watching some kind of show before his surgery. Looks like Jerry stayed up too late also.


If they can find me, they can’t take me.


He feel asleep and I was hoping that he would’ve stayed sleeping till after they  took him, but no such luck.



Jacobs first popsicle after surgery.


Dora was on TV so he was glued to the tv.



His lips were turning black from the popsicles that he was eating.


Day 2 and healing GREAT! I was surprised how fast he bounced back.




He enjoys making “sets” of his toys.  He will clean the one toy shelf off to make a set.  Since this new set of tubes I can tell his speech has improved big time. His teacher and speech teacher has even noticed a difference. The other day when he said “I not ‘tinky” I just wanted to jump up and down and cry. I called my parents and my dad answered the phone and made Jacob say it again and my dad was even able to understand what he said, that’s a huge thing!  I am happy the he is starting to talk but then he's going to start telling other’s things we don’t want them to know.  You  see many times over I would take Jacob some where to get something and I could tell him not to tell someone, knowing that he wouldn’t or couldn’t, but know that he starting to talk I am afraid our secrets won’t be safe anymore.

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