Thursday, October 22, 2009

all i want for christmas..................

Well blogger friends I am still here. I didn't go anywhere, I have been busy with school starting, and hoping to get better at blogging again! I have tons of pictures to share and a review comming up. So here we go..............

For a while now Katey's front teeth have been loose. Every so often I would ask her if I could wiggle them. She would let me. Then last Thursday when my mom and I picked her up from school, as soon as she got into the van she asked grandma to wiggle her tooth. Mom told her to wait until we got home and she would try to pull the one. We got home and mom wiggled her tooth and after one good tug her tooth came out!

Before she lost her tooth. Such a cute smile.

Grandma pulling out the one tooth. 1....2......3.....pull.........

Tooth fairy here we come..
After dinner I asked her if I could wiggle her other tooth, again the trusting daughter of mine agreed. Told her that tooth needs to come out tonight its very wiggly and I would hate to see the tooth fairy come back two nights in a row since she is such a busy fairy and all. She would let me try to pull her other tooth and just right before I could yank on the sucker she would pull her head back and pull my hand down, so I would loose my grip on the darn little thing. Then I told her if she let me try to pull it out and if I got it out then she could stay up 5 whole mins longer. Its amazing what 5 mins will do to a 6 yr old. lol! So one good yank on that sucker out it popped!!! whooohooo. Yes so that was 2 teeth in one night.

What a proud smile. if you look really close you can see one tooth already showing its little "head" The next day she was so excited to see tooth fairy dust all over her bed along with a note and some butterfly confetti in her tooth bag. She recieved $3.00 for both of her teeth, which she hasn't spent yet.

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