Wednesday, December 2, 2009

happy halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you got more treats than tricks. Yeah I know its Dec, but I am just a bit behind in blogging.

This year Jerry got to go with us again trick or treating and I know I enjoy the extra pair of hands and eyes while the kids enjoy daddy being with us. Last year we found a " haunted" house about 5 mins from our house. They do a GREAT job! The best part is its all free!!! This year they said they got some extra help so it was a bit bigger. The kids recieved about 6 or 7 piece's of candy if they make it all the way thru. Katey was all for this scary house, Camron was excited until he seen the house up close and Jacob NO WAY NO HOW was he going to go thru this darn house. So Jacob and daddy stayed on the sidewalk as I took the kids thru. You could hear Jacob crying for us to come back out, I guess he thought they were going to keep us. :) You started up the sidewalk thru a "black" tunnel, recieved candy, if you were lucky someone jumped at you. Walked in front of their house another piece of candy, thru the garage into the porch, more candy, out the backdoor, again more candy. Out to the back of the house, more yet. out into the front where you recieved a full size candy bar or chips. Needless to say we made Jacob go thru later that night. SO before the end of the night the kids, well ok Katey and Camron when thru this house about 3 or 4 times. Every time we drive by they will say"their is the haunted house. Can we go again next year." Yes we will.

This blow up was in front of the haunted house. Jacob was no pleased with it.

On our way to the haunted house. Katey was a spider witch, Camron was woliverine. and Little Jacob was a cow. Not sure why I didn't get all 3 of them in one picture this year but we didnt'.

Trick or Treat.

Jacob cow getting a lift from daddy. We took the stroller with us but when he seen the haunted house he wanted OUT! When we left the house he wanted to walk until some dumb sensor thing on a tree scared him, then he wanted a lift for a bit. Over all I think he enjoyed halloween, that is after he figured out that you hold up a bucket to a door and then someone gives you candy

All of our candy!! now this bowl is HUGE and it was over flowing with the sweet treats. And can you believe it when we got home NO ONE yes NO ONE bugged for candy?

That afternoon we went up to see my grandma before we went trick or treating, and as you can see the cow was tired.

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