Monday, December 21, 2009

not me monday

Time for me to do another NOT ME MONDAY"S. Yes I know I have been missing for awhile and again I have said I will get better but I just haven't done a good job of that yet.

I DO NOT pick clean clothes up off the floor or out of the clean laundry baskets that I am folding and just throw them into the dirty basket because I don't feel like putting them away. That would be nuts because that would make more work for me and I am already busy with 3 kids.

I DO NOT feel sorry for my husband who went to his Christmas party last night and who got in way too late, who is tired, and just wants to sleep. I guess he can't hang out with the young kids anymore.

I AM NOT ready for school to start already and the kids just got out Friday, what kind of mom would I be if I wanted them back in school already??

I AM not in love with the DVR that comcast now has. Man I really like pausing tv, and recording shows without using a VCR

I DO NOT get lazy with my blog and just leave it alone in hopes that it might post something for me. That would be just plain lazy, and lazy I AM NOT.

Well I am sure I have many more things that I just didn't do this week or even this month but my mind is just drawing a blank.

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