Monday, December 13, 2010

snow days….


Well today was our first snow day.  We were suppose to have rain and snow mix on Sunday but I don’t think we got all what they predicted which I was happy with. But then on Sunday the wind began got blow and it kept on snowing. Told Katey that if this kept up I bet you wouldn’t have school. Secretly I really hoped that school wasn’t canceled, because I really didn’t want to have 5 kids stuck in the house come Monday.  The phone call came in at 9pm telling us that school was cancelled.   Needless to say when the morning came the kids were all excited!  I tell you who ever came up with the idea that all licensed daycare’s have to go outside on a daily basis never did daycare. I love going outside don’t get me wrong but in the winter it’s a pain in the butt. By the time you get everyone ready, get yourself ready go outside, come inside help all the kids undress, undress yourself , then I am ready for a nap.  But the kids did have fun.  They made snow angles, took the sleds down the slides, yes you read that right. Sleds down the slide!  Now that all the kids are in bed I am enjoying the nice peace and quiet and smile because they will all be in school again tomorrow.


Jacob enjoying the snow.


Katey making her snow angel



Camron somehow got snow in his face. He doesn’t know how it happened.



Jacob waiting to make ice cream out of snow. 




The kids loved the ice cream and want to make it again!





On Sunday Jerry and the kids went outside to play in the snow. They made a pile of snow and then buried her in the pile. I would prefer sand to the snow but who I am? 

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