Wednesday, July 1, 2009

cup cakes anyone?!?!

As you all know Camron had a birthday last week. Since it was HOT here last week we cheated and went to the store and bought him a cake, well ok cupcakes, he picked. It was 87 in the house all week since it took Jerry about 4 days before he decided that is was hot in the house before he put in the A/C, so no way was i firing up the oven. He picked out a alligator that held 24 cupcakes, so off to my mom's work to surprise her. We all had a cupcake, Now we have 20 left. Took them home and kids maybe ate 2 more of them so now down to what.........18. Fast forward to the next day.......... Both boys wanted a cupcake for breakfast, so fine, you know they are healthy they have eggs in them, they might be able to be considered breakfast food. I know you have fed your kids cookies or cupcakes for breakfast at time too. Now we are down to 16 cupcakes.I am trying to clean up the bathroom a little bit mainly toilet, you know boys, i swear it doesn't matter the age of the boy either, then I heard Camron," mommy you better come here."
ugh is all I could think. Go in to the kitchen and what do I see?? Jacob up on the stool crying, with a cupcake in his hand. I guess he wanted another one after I told him no, One cupcake is my limit for breakfast I swear! So yes the good mother I am I grab my camera to take pictures of him while he was shaking, crying, scared, and I was laughing all the time. Camron on the other hand was a little bummed that he lost all of his cupcakes.

You can see the cardboard alligator thing behind him on the floor. Under the cardboard was what 16 cupcakes, a red vacuum that got trashed I didn't feel like cleaning it up, and the stool that he stood on. It might look like he laughing but he was scared and crying.

He never let go of the cupcake that he was after either, see it in his hand?? Not sure but I think the cupcakes lost this battle.

Still upset that I am still taking pictures at this point and not tending to his needs. Still has cupcake in hand!

As I was taking off his diaper to put him in the tub I notice all the frosting that was under his arm. My guess is the cupcakes slid down his arm as he was trying to stop them from falling. I also threw the stool in the tub with him. So that dreadful day we lost 16 yummy cupcakes, and one red vacuum.

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