Sunday, July 19, 2009

more pictures and great news~

Today I have decided to post some pictures of just Camron. Tomorrow will be someone different. So, here we go............ Camron when he seen a bear or anything that he could get his picture with he wanted it to be done.

This M&M Bear was in the ice cream shop by the pool. When you walked by it all you could smell is melted chocolate. YUMMM. I really wanted to get everyone picture on this but time ran out. We got this one done when Camron and I were doing laundry.
Every night at 8pm the clock behind the wolf and Camron would dance and tell a little story then someone else would read a bedtime story to the kids. After the story they were able to see the wolf up close. Katey and Jacob both said NO but not Camron. He went into the line and waited so good. When everyone moved up he just stayed put. Not sure why he didn't move when the line moved. But when it was his turn he was all smiles. He even tried to "pull" out a tooth or pull his head off not sure which one.

He was floating in the pool at the hotel in the U.P. He loves to "swim" in the baby floaty thing instead of using a life jacket.

Camron next to the big ice cream cone. Again something I wanted to have all 3 kids pictures with but it didn't work out. I have more pictures of Camron but they are on my mom's camera that I still have to download onto our computer.

Look closely you will see NO TRAINING WHEELS!! At the start of the summer she wanted her training wheels off and she didn't have her balance yet. I talked her into putting them back on. When we put them back on I put them up and back a little bit so she could learn how to balance. Today after we took a bike ride, I told her lets move them up again and see how she does. Well needless to say we took them OFF! She is so excited about having no "strings" that we had to call a few friends and family members to tell them the good news. Now when we go for bike rides her bike is quiet and I don't' like it. Its hard to figure out where she really is. She is still a bit wobbly but I know over time the wobbliness will go away.

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