Thursday, July 9, 2009

happy birthday jacob

We just celebrated another birthday in our household. Little Jacob James is now 2! Not sure where the last 2 years have gone. I still remember him being this little tiny squishy baby, but not he is this little boy who is becoming more and more independent every day. When we found out that he was going to be a boy Katey broke down crying she was so heartbroken that she was going to have yet another brother, but she has gotten over that fact that he is a boy and now loves him very much. Jacob is this sweet little boy who will still help mommy pick up with or without asking to. Today after I picked up the baby toys I guess I missed one he picked it up and looked at me, and put it where it went. What a good boy only if he didn't out grown that. He is busy keeping up with the other two kids, hes not afraid of doing what they are doing. But it scares me! He is just a little bundle of joy to be around. I have enjoyed these last 2 years and can't wait for the many more years to come.

Jacob talking to his sister for the first time. He don't look please at whatever she just said.

Jacob at his birthday party loving the blue frosting. Yes his shirt and hands and face came clean!!!

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