Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my baby is 7!

My "baby" turned "7" on Jan 3rd. I have no idea where the time has gone. She is a loving, caring little girl. It is so much fun to see her grow from this little tiny baby to what she is today. i know the next 7 years will be as much fun as it has been so far. Love ya baby.


When I put the kids to bed at night most nights they are still awake and they stay in bed with no problem, well ok, Katey and Camron do better then Jacob. I just keep thinking 2 more years and he should be going to bed without a fight like his siblings do. I have my fingers crossed!! lol. But last night after I was done on the computer, our computer is upstairs off Katey's room, Jacob was still awake. I tuned off the computer monitor so he wouldn't' just sit in here watching pictures all night. I headed downstairs and sent him back upstairs about a dozen times it felt like, and finally no more foot steps down the stairs. I went to bed after i was done watching TV. Fast forward 6:45am- pick the turkey up off the couch to place him in our bed, so he don't wake up when i get the older 2 up out of bed, but I noticed something on his forehead, at first I am thinking blood, maybe he picked his nose or something, OH no it was marker!!! Yes BLACK SHARPIE MARKER!A BLACK PERMANENT MARKER!!! You see my hubby used the marker the other day and left it on the computer desk! Me not really thinking, yes I saw the marker, but didn't think of hiding it again, So I went upstairs to wake Katey up and came into the computer room and seen that he also decorated the computer desk, which ok, no big deal can clean that, but also our DIGITAL camera!! yikes!! Thank goodness our camera is waterproof so I just used the magic eraser and it all came off. He is our only child to really color himself like he did. The other 2 just fingers when they were tracing their hands or such, but never color color themselves. SO his hands are now marker free, his face well some marker is still on his forehead by his eye brows, and somehow he also got a few scribbles on the back of his neck! Little turkey. I think from now on, besides locking up the darn markers I will be taping his little butt into his bed at night!!

Such pretty hands! Anyone have any idea's how to get the marker out of his pj's!

Gotta love that face

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