Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tea for two and two for tea

A few weeks ago Katey came home with a note about a Mommy and Me tea party invite from school. I read to to her and in the note it said the girl can bring her mom, grandma, aunt or any special friend. We talked about me going with her and grandma watching the boys. I was excited about going to the tea party with my little girl. But she thought about taking Grandma. Yes my heart was broken a tiny bit, but I was happy that she wanted to take Grandma instead. I am happy that she has a good relationship with my mom. As the week went on, and we all got sick then better, BUT then Grandma got sick on Thursday and her tea party was Saturday. With Grandma not knowing how she would be feeling we talked about Grandma staying with the boys and Katey and I go to her tea party. As Saturday came and dresses, her dresses not mine I dont' wear dresses, were picked out, Grandma said that yes she would sit with the boys while I go with Katey. SO that ment me finding something to wear. Off we go to our FIRST tea party that wasnt' at home eating oreos with our tea. Let me tell you how impressed I was with our tea party!! The tables had table clothes on them, we recieved Minnie Mouse tea cups, name placecards, little candy with Minnie's picture on them. They had about 5 or so different crafts set up for us all to do. I thought the crafts were just for the girls to do, nope us mom could do them too. The pipe cleaner flower to impossible is all I can say. They made Minnie Mouse cookies, snowman necklace(which was really Neat), magnets, scrapbook page with our picture on it, the flower pipe cleaner ring, and a paper purse. We had about 4 different tea's to choose from and Hot Chocolate. Cupcakes to eat along with carrots, celery and such. I am happy I was able to attend the tea party with Katey, and I can't wait for the next tea party with her.

Katey and her best friend Maddie. These girls have been friends since they have been babies.

Our fancy cupcakes.

Katey drinking out of her tea cup. See the Minnie Mouse ears?

How all the tables were sat up.

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Laura said...

That looks like it was fun!