Monday, May 10, 2010



For some time the toilet upstairs hasn’t been flushing all that great.  I was thinking maybe the kids used too much toilet paper and plugged it up. So i began to plunge the darn toilet. Nothing really happened, water did go down but it went very slow.  So I began plunging it every time the kids used it to “keep”  clean water in the toilet. Then about a week of plunging Katey told me told me that she thinks that Jacob flushed a  toy down the potty the other day and he flushed it before daddy was able to catch it.  Man that bit of information would’ve been nice to know about a week earlier it would’ve saved me a lot of time.  So I called some plumbers, so see how much it would be to rescue  a dino in the toilet. I can’t believe how much it would’ve cost! One plumber did tell me how to do it so, thank goodness Jerry and my dad were able to go fishing a few day later.   After they took the toilet off we could see the dino that was causing all the problems.


today 005

Can you see his tail?? While I went to get our camera  Jacob shoved the dino up so all i was able to get his tail.


today 006

He’s OUT. Camron was upset to hear that this little guy had to go in the trash.

Now if our toilet is slow we know how to fix it, I just hope they have learned NOT to flush toys down the toilet.

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