Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thank you Kyle!!

I really want to post this post this memorial weekend to honor Kyle Miller. Kyle gave his life to help save other children from going into booster seats too young. Thanks Kyle for everything that you have done for us and all the other families that you have touched!!! Rest in peace sweet boy.



Last year I was searching on the web for something and came across this video, about Kyle Miller who was killed when he was only 3 yrs old. After I watched the video I went to Kyle’s website, and began to look around it. I found a place where they donated higher weight seats to children who’s parents can’t normally afford these seats, which are well over $200.00 each.  Our kids have outgrown their car seats at about  2- 2.5 yr old since they are so dang tall, so both Katey and Camron went  into booster seat at that age.  Jacob is still rear facing and he is 2 1/2 yrs old.(he’s in Graco’s My Ride 65) and he still has about 5-8 lbs before he really has to be forward facing, which by the way rear facing is 5x safer then forward facing! Something that I didn’t know before I began learning more about car seats.   As I researched about extended harnessing I wanted my kids back into a 5pt harness, so I contacted Laura at Kyle David Miller. So we were placed on a waiting list. Finally our name came up and they shipped us 2 Britax car seats that hold up to 80 lbs. Angela, the Child Passenger Safety Instructor, and I met to install the seats. I have Jacob in the middle of the van in a bucket seat, and I planned on putting the new seats in the back together since at that point I had just one extra daycare baby who I would put behind me in the middle. We put one seat in and ran into a problem, these seats needed to be top tethered, the strap the wraps up behind the seat. I only had one anchor point and needed two. I do have 3 anchor points in my van, both buckets and the back middle, but since from time to time I do have to take some of the daycare kids with me it would be a pain to  have lets say Katey and Camron in the middle bucket seats, Jacob who is still rear facing and the other daycare baby, who at the time was still rear facing in the back. Which would be a huge pain in the butt to load them two thru the back hatch. So Angela contacted Laura and explained our problem to her. I was thinking our kids were going to have to stay in their booster seats since most higher weight car seats require a top tether.  Our name was placed back on a waiting list for a Sunshine Kids Radian seat. This seat also goes to 80 lbs, but it doesn’t require a top tether. The neat things about this seat is it folds up, once your child is on the top slot, the harness can be below their shoulders (most seats the harness has to be AT OR ABOVE the child’s shoulders), the seat is good for 5-80lbs, the seat is good for 8yrs, super comfy! My kids both have said these seats are more comfortable than their old boosters! I am just soo happy I found Kyle David Miller and I was able to make my kids safer in my van!  Katey can buckle her self up, with me checking it every time, Camron needs just a little bit of help, but he can put his harness on and snap the chest clip but needs help with the other one.  By the time Jacob out grows his car seat I am sure either Katey or Camron will be 80 lbs and he will be able to use this seat after them since this seat is good for 8yr from the time it was made. So we will get a lot of use out of our new seats. When Camron first sat in this seat he called it a baby seat, but i quickly told him that its a race car seat, all race car drivers sit in the same type of seat. And now he loves it!



may 069

Checking Camron for harness height before we put the seat into the van

 may 071 may 073

Camron and Katey trying out their new seats. Yeah Katey don’t look too happy but it was HOT in the van that day. After the van cooled down she was much happier to sit in her seat. What is nice is since both Katey and Camron are on the same harness height they can sit in each others seat with no problem, which makes it nice for me.

 may 075

Camron being a ham.

 may 077

Since this seat folds up it has a little crease and the harness fits perfectly in it to hold it open for when they get into their seats its easier for them.


Thanks again Kyle, you will always have a special place in our family and hearts. I will continue to spread information to others about car seat safety.

Thanks to Angela for teaching me out to properly install these seats.

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