Thursday, June 17, 2010

I am still here


Yes I know I really need to get better on this blogging thing this summer. So much has been happening, that by night I say forget it, I will blog tomorrow and guess what by the time the next day comes I say the same thing. So just hang in there I will get better at this some point. I have tons of pictures to post some day, I have to products to review yet and more. I know next week I won’t blog at all or maybe once. We are going on vacation!!!! And boy am I ready for just a break and have just our kids to take care of. Where are we going you might ask, well us 5, my parents, brother, his girlfriend, and their daughter we are all doing to Great Wolf Lodge for a few days. While we are there we are going to celebrate the boys birthdays. So needless to say I will have TONS of pictures to share then. So for no I will just post two pictures since I really need to lay down and rest my back since I pulled/sprained a muscle in my back. I just have my fingers crossed that by Sunday I will no longer need ice/heat and any pain meds. Please keep your fingers crossed also, please.



now 002


I was cooking dinner while the kids played/watched TV and the next thing I knew Jerry asked me if I knew Jacob fell asleep. Um, no, i am kind of busy. SO I stopped what I was doing to check on Jacob and found him hanging on the footstool sleeping. Jacob is our first child of 3 to ever fall sleep like this or even fall asleep while eating!!

now 151

This past weekend we were at my parents house and dad told me they found some bears on a back road. So the boys,dad and I jumped on to the ranger and went bear hunting. It was neat, this guy had maybe 4-5 bears carved out of old tree stumps along with an arrow that was sticking out of the ground like someone shot it. I wish i could've gotten a picture of it but it was too far away for my camera.

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