Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy belated birthday buddy

I has been so busy here that Camron’s birthday flew by with me posting some pictures about him.  Camron turned 5 on June 24, well if you talked to him he didn’t turn 5 until this past Saturday. Why you ask, well he couldn’t  turn 5 until he received all his gifts. So for the whole week after his birthday if someone asked him his age he proudly would answer 4!  5 years ago on the 24 I was suppose to go in and be induced in the morning, but Thursday night I went into labor by myself, I still can remember telling Jerry that I think I was in labor, His answer”well do you think you can wait until the game is over?” HAHA very funny, lets go.   Camron is a funny, crabby, sweet, lovable, clown, sassy boy. He can be such a great helper then turn around and be so stubborn. He will figure things out so fast! The other day he was being silly so I called him a turkey and without missing a beat he called me a ham! This year for Christmas my parents bought us (my brother’s family and my parents also) a room, well ok between the 10 of us we had two rooms but it was our boys and us in one room, with the others a few doors down, at Great Wolf lodge, and since it was so close to Camron’s birthday we decided to have his and Jacob’s birthday there.  Both boys received a t-shirt, 2 different wolfs, a cool hat, cake, pizza with pop, and arcade tokens.  IF I wasn’t feeling so lazy tonight I would go upstairs and get a newborn picture of him but you all will have to wait for another day. SO I will leave you with some Great Wolf pictures.




great wolf 036great wolf 017


The banner they put on our door for the boys, Camron on the floating snake in the middle of the one pool.



great wolf 038 great wolf 060

Camron with is hat and 2 wolf’s, Camron was watching the big bucket dump.




great wolf 159 great wolf 175

Ok so the slides weren’t all that bad to go down. He liked the blue slides better than the red one which was a bit faster.


 great wolf 186 great wolf 189

The boys cake. Camron HAD to have the middle wolf, which he only ate maybe 3 bites and then he was done.


I love you buddy! You make me proud to be your mom. I have loved watching you grow these past 5 years and can’t wait to watch you grown these next 5 years.

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