Sunday, August 29, 2010

to catch a little fishy

My parents neighbors have a “home made” pond in there backyard that have fish, turtles, frogs and more in it. For sometime the kids have been bugging to go fishing. So a few weekends ago dad and I packed up the kids and took them to the pond.  Jacob stayed behind to play with play-do with mom.  Katey, dad and I had a fishing pole. Camron  was happy just to play in the water.  So dad “baited” our hooks with a plastic  worm.  We helped Katey cast out her line out left her on the dock and dad and I went on either side of her.  Dad caught the first, second, third, and fourth fish.  Katey and I both agreed it was because dad put a different color worm on his hook compared  than ours. So us girls changed our worms. Still no fish on our hooks. So Katey and dad switched bobbers and still no luck. That is when Katey decided that fishing was boring and she was ready to leave.  I don’t think she will be ready to go fishing any time soon.


mi adv 2 005

I love this picture of the kids together.

 mi adv 2 006

Dad and Camron taking one of his many fish off his hook


 mi adv 2 007

Katey trying to catch a fish

mi adv 2 008

Dad’s fish

 mi adv 2 013

Camron “helping” katey

 mi adv 2 014

Katey going to switch bobbers with grandpa

 mi adv 2 015

Jacob helping grandpa fish. He came down when Camron became bored. So we called grandma who picked up Camron and dropped off Jacob

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