Saturday, August 14, 2010

where has summer gone??

Wow its the middle of Aug already I have soo many pictures on this lap top and so many blogs needing to be typed up. I have 2 yes 2 products I still need to review. In a way I am ready for summer to come to an end so maybe just maybe I can get caught up on my blog. I am ready for the kids to go back to school, this whole I am bored nothing to do, I am hungry what can I eat(even though they just ate 10 mins earlier) is getting old. But then when they go back to school I will miss them. We have about 3 more weeks before school starts and in these 3 weeks we have a trip to Michigan Adventure planned and going to my grandma’s cottage for a few nights, and I am sure visiting more parks before school starts. So far now I have included a few pictures to get you thru until I can get myself back on track with this blog and get things caught up a little.


A few weeks ago my Aunt Rita came home to visit so on the Sunday before she left mom had everyone over so we and many other family members would get a chance to see her before she left. Just can’t believe how busy summer has gotten this year! Since it was warm day my dad made a homemade slip in slide that our kids always love.



Katey coming down on her butt. 


Camron’s turn!




Jacob has a new love for cats. He loves to carry them around until they either scratch him or wiggle out of his arms.



The kids and I tie dyed shirts for them and also made one for Aunt Rita and cousin Sarah. Cousin Sarah will get hers when she comes out in Oct for a family wedding.

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