Tuesday, March 17, 2009

no more babies?!?!?!

Well I guess its time to get rid of all the baby clothes that we have just sitting around collecting dust. I would love to have just one more baby, but my hubby is happy with the 3 kids we have. So how do you get rid of these baby clothes? I know we don't need them so why hang on to the right? They are just sitting in totes, just sitting waiting for a new baby to wear them. I guess part of me thinks that if i hold on to them just a bit longer then just, maybe we would have one more, but then if we don't then, they just sit. Why is it so hard to get rid of these darn clothes? So i guess if anyone in blogger land needs any baby clothes,drop me a email or comment and we can see what we can work out. Our girl was born in Jan, and our boys were June and July babies! Iam open to idea's on how to get rid of these clothes "painlessly" also. :(

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Laura said...

See of you have a local consignment store, or try Ebay!