Tuesday, March 31, 2009

once of my pet peeves

Ok this post is gonna be about one of my pet peeves. Why you ask, because I want to. Well here I go. The kids and I went for dinner tonight before Katey's class began. After I buckled Jacob up in his car seat I walked over to the other side of the van and buckled Camron up, yeah he can do it, but only when hes in the backseat, I don't get it.) But I noticed the car next to me has a car seat in the middle of the backseat buckled up wrong. How you ask. 1) since the seat was in the middle you could tell the middle seat belt has a shoulder harness on it, so the car should had a latch system in it anyhow, which makes it sooo much easier to strap the seats in first off. 2) she had the seat belt going thru the car seat in the hole for rear facing NOT FORWARD facing like the car seat was. I mean come on they have direction books that come with the car seat, READ THEM, they have directions printed on the seat telling you WHERE to put the seat belts or latch. READ THEM! I have also seen in people's cars where they an infant seat carrier forward facing. They are for rear facing only people! I know iam not the perfect car seat person either but I think Iam doing much better than some of these other people that I have seen. If you don't know how to put in your car seat go to a car seat inspection like the fire dept, or call a local insurance place or something. I think all new parents should have to take child safety seat class before they can take their child home! So yeah please check your car seats to make sure they are in right, if you don't know how to put them in call someone to help. Ok I will stop complaining now. Have a good night

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Laura said...

I carry little notes with me so that I can quickly write up what is wrong with their installation and also refer them to a local tech (usually me) or detail on how to find one. Then in my conscience, if I have not actually managed to correct the installation myself (which I generally do if I get the chance) at least I gave them the information with which they can do so themselves.

One child at a time is the mantra you have to live by otherwise I would drive myself crazier than I already am! ;)