Sunday, March 1, 2009

product reviews

Well it has been a year since I have been buying cloth diapers from Z BEAR DIAPERS. Stephanie has been the most helpful person when it has come to cloth diapering. I thought about doing cloth diapers when I was pregnant with Jacob and Camron wasn't close to being potty trained. And the thought of doing cloth diapers kinda scared me. I just had the picture in my head of pins, stinky diapers, you know your mom's cloth diapers. I did a search for cloth diapers, and found Z Bear Diapers. When I called Stephanie she was very helpful. She told me that I could come to her house and look at what she all had. So I packed up my 3 kids and over we went. We chatted for a bit, and before I left I bought 3 diapers from her. Then I decided that I liked cloth diapers. SO again I called Stephanie and ordered more diapers and she even brought them over to ME! When you call you get to talk to her, not some machine. She will take time to help you and if she don't know the answer she will find out the answer for you. Even if you don't do cloth diapers you can find other useful items on the website also. She has swim diapers, colic relief, baby carriers, and more.

If you have cloth diapers and your done with them she even has a great re-sale "shop" on her website to help you sell them. And even better she gave me some great coupon code also!!

$5.00 off any order thru March 31st - 303093457
Free Shipping thru March 31st - 103091346
(You can use ONLY one code per order)

Keep and eye out for the review on the Whamies one size diaper that I bought from Zbear Diapers. SO don't waste anytime head one over to Stephanie's website and check out all the great items she has. Happy shopping

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