Tuesday, June 23, 2009

car seats.

Today the kids and I went to our local splash pad. Its big sprinklers and buckets that dump water on kids heads. The only one not fond of the splash pad is poor little Jacob. Not really sure why, but he is just as happy to watch from the sidelines. So when we were leaving the splash pad and I was loading 6 kids into the van, yeah 6 kids. I know I am nuts at time for taking 6 kids out but its not all that hard. Now if it was raining and I needed to go to the store I would wait until 3 left and then take just my three if my hubby wasn't home. But to the splash pad its easy. A car pulled next to me and I noticed a little girl in her car seat with the harness WAY too loose. The chest clip was down by her belly and the harness was resting off her shoulder. When the grandma got out of the car and came over to the other side of the car, I mentioned to her that her granddaughters harness was way too loose. I was trying to to debate if I should say something to her, I didn't want to upset her, but then I didn't want this little girl to get hurt if they got into an accident either. So from talking to her, she told me she told her son that it was too loose and it should be tighter. He just didn't do it yet. When I was showing her how to tighten the harness, I noticed that the car seat was in way wrong. I asked her if i could fix it, and she was happy that I offered to help her. What was all wrong with her seat?? Well first of all her harness was below her shoulder and the baby was forward facing so the harness should be at or above the shoulders, we fixed that by moving the harness up. The other thing was the seat was WAY to loose. IF you wiggled this seat it almost tipped over. They did have the latch system on the car seat and the car had latch attachments also. So I showed her how to put the seat in using the latch. She was amazed how easy it was and how tight it was after that. The little girl was sitting on a pillow for some odd reason. I told her not to add anything to her seat unless it came with the car seat. We removed the pillow and also removed the blanket that was under the car seat. After the seat was put in right I had her buckle the baby in her seat and we fixed the harness to where you can't pinch the harness between your fingers. She was happy that I helped her with her seat. It just amazes me how many car seats are in wrong. Hop on over to the Kyle David Foundations to read about more tips on how to put your seat in right. Call your local fire dept or Police dept, or even AAA they normally have a car seat tech that will be more than happy to help you put in your car seat in safely.


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Laura - Ex. Dir. said...

Great that you helped that G'ma out! It would have been even better to get that baby back to RF, but there's only so much you can do as a passing by good samaritan. Thanks for linking up to the blog!