Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1st grade here I come!

Well it has been a busy few days around here. Yesterday(tues) Katey and her class went to the Binder Park Zoo. The zoo was really neat I am hoping to blog about it later! Then today she had her kindergarten graduation! She was so happy to hear that she made it to first grade! Both days she was up before 7 am, and normally I have to keep bugging her to wake up. She hardly ate any breakfast all she knew was get dressed and lets GO. Jerry took her to school for the last time today so I could stay home and get the boys ready and feed my little daycare baby before we left. I got the camera's ready, got myself ready and 3 boys ready before 8:30. whooo whoo. Off to the school we went with my parents following. When we first go to the school all the kids were in the gym practicing their songs before the "show" began. Since she was only in half day program both am classes graduated together so it made 40 kids. It was a very cute program that they did. I loved the last song they sang. It was to the tune of "new york new york" I do believe. When all of the diploma's were handed out Mrs. Back(Kateys teacher) asked Katey to stand up. She was the only student to have perfect attendance thu the year!!! Way to go Katey!! After everything was done, we headed down to her room to collect a little gift bag that came from Mrs. Back. The teachers make each child a memory book of the year for them, which was very cute.

Katey with her diploma and her little trophy that says "wpca perfect attendance, Katey Stine 2009" She is soo very proud. All the kids had little blue hats with their hand prints on top

Katey and her teacher Mrs. Back. Katey has already told me that she will miss her in first grade. But rest assured she can visit anytime!

All ready to go to school for the last time. She has grown up soo fast. I wish I could just slow it down a bit.

All five of us after graduation.

Katey and her best buddy Maddie. These girls have know each other since Katey has been 6 months and Maddie was 9 months.
Hats off to you baby girl you did great!! I hope you have fun in first grade!! Love ya

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