Friday, June 12, 2009

don't trim your trees!

Well a few weeks ago, ok maybe a month or so ago, Jerry and my dad trimmed out trees out back and in front of the house. Its nice to have more sun in the back of the house instead of 90% shade if not more. Maybe now we can grow some grass. But a few days after they trimmed the trees the kids and I were outside and noticed a squirrel hanging from Kateys window screen. We watched the poor little thing for a few mins before I grabbed my camera. The pics the I took outside, I still have to fix them up before I can post them. But I also went into her room thinking that if I tapped on her window it would scare the darn thing off the screen. Nope he or she still was "stuck"! The squirrel was used to jumping from one of the branches that was cut, to the roof of the house, they would run to the back of the house and jump onto another branch into the tree. I feel sorry for the first squirrel who found out that branch was missing when it jumped from the house to the tree. Iam sure it was quite shocked!! lol. But this little on hung on for about 20 mins before he/she climbed down to the roof and jumped to the gound I swear like 5 feet from me.

Poor little thing. Iam sure it was very scared!

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