Thursday, August 13, 2009

kateys turn

Well lets see we have been back from vaction for how long and I am now just getting to post about Katey? Yeah I have been lazy, but it has been busy here trying to squeeze as much as we can before school starts.

Ok so here we go, about Katey and how much fun the water bug had at The Great Wolf Lodge....... From the time we arrived at the Lodge she was ready for the water. Of our 3 kids she is the water bug. She will jump in, go under the water and more! I think the only time she came out of the water is when she was hungry or had to pee, other than that she was in the water.

They had this gaint snake floating in the water so you could climb on. By the look on her face she loved it. Granted she couldn't hop on it by herself, she still like being on it.

"MOM take my picture underwater." or "Mom take a video of me under the water" Is all I heard out of her while we were in the pool. All I can say is thank goodness for a waterproof digtal camera or we wouldn't have as many water pictures.

These lily pads were floating in the water with the cargo nets above. She would fly across these. I loved how she would swing across them. I did try but didn't make it across. Its harder than it looks.

This picture was taken at a hotel in the U.P.
Needless to say she had a blast in the water. Yes she is also ready to go back. Maybe next year.

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