Wednesday, August 26, 2009

dumb heads

What a weird title for a post huh?? Well that's what Katey called them, I on the other hand picked out a different name but I will keep that one to myself. Now who is a dumb head you ask?? Well Katey and I were on our way home from her class tonight and I happened to look at the van next to mine, and what did I see?? A infant between the passengers LEGS. YES you read that right,I did a second look since I didn't believe my eyes to begin with. By the look of the baby's head I would say the baby was maybe 6months old. Then you could see that the had someone sitting behind the driver sitting backwards against the door. SO yeah the back seat riders were in no seat belts either!! WHAT THE HELL?? I called 911 in hopes to get this crazy driver off the road and maybe save the baby. Katey and I followed the driver until it turned and no cops were in sight, so I can hope that maybe the cop was going to meet them at their house since I gave the 911 driver the plate number also. I know car seats can be pricey but come on you can buy a nice car seat for 50.00. I will just hope and pray that these"dumb heads" get pulled over soon before they get into an accident!

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