Tuesday, August 18, 2009

jacob jamers

Now its Jacob's turn for vacation pictures. He did great in the van for how long were were "trapped" in the van. I think he did better than the other two! He wasn't too big on the water park, he liked to stay in the shallow part or play on the outside slide. He was great just a few melt downs but nothing major. Now enjoy Jacob's vacation

The little snot figured out that he can climb out of his pack n play while we were gone. This was the night that he stayed up "late" and "read" the bible! He brought me the bible and said "book", I am sorry it was after 10pm I told him no and that he needed to go to sleep. He looked at me and then started to thumb thru the bible alone. I guess he got bored since their wasn't any pictures and went to sleep shortly after that in his pack n play.

Camron and I went to do the laundry the last night we were at the Great Wolf Lodge. He was a little upset that he didn't go with me. Mom said he stayed at the patio door and fussed until he fell asleep. Needless to say he didn't climb out of his pak n play that night.

The water slide outside that Jacob and Camron both loved. I wish they had one like this inside. HE loved it!

Jacob looking cute in grandma's arms in the pool.
We are thinking about going up next spring, I can't wait to see how different all 3 kids will be next time. I am sure they will be more brave and try new things out. All I can say was vacation went by way too fast!
Now school has started for Camron and Katey starts in a few weeks. I am not sure where summer has gone but I think I missed it somewhere!

Come on Katey its time to wake up!

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