Monday, February 8, 2010

computer worries

well i have been MIA for awhile now. why cuz our computer is on the fritz. we got a virus about 2 weeks ago and still can't seem to find the darn virus. i have done everything possible, well everything that i know how. i am tempted to throw the darn thing out the 2nd story window to see it that will help "fix" it. so for right now i must check my email, blogs, and facebook at the library computer while my kids play. i wish we had the extra money to buy a new one, but we don't. the hard part is i need the computer for my daycare for billing and the food program and not to mention printing off items for the kids to color and what not. so if anyone out in blogger land is really good at computer and would love to throw me some idea's on fixing the darn thing i will take them. or even better you can come over and fix it for me :)

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Laura said...

Try Super Anti Spyware - maybe it will help clear it out.

I gave your blog an award - come by my blog to find out the details.