Sunday, August 10, 2008


Wow does that year look like a long ways away. But its really not. That is the year that Katey should graduate! Her first day at kindergarten is Sep 2, and she is excited to begin school. In away iam ready for her to go back but then Iam not. Yes it will be nice that when she is in school it will be just my boys and I, since the other daycare kids might be headstart this year. It hasn't been just my kids and I during the day for a long time now. What will the boys and I do?? Well her school day i think is from 8-11:15am or so, so really its just a few hours but it will be every day instead of every other day like it was last year. She has school picture day this week and she already knows what shirt she wants to wear! Its crazy to think that she will have a student ID card for school, and here the years I was in school no one knew what a student ID card was for!

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