Monday, August 4, 2008

poor little guy

Well poor little Jacob, his butt is still really red along with the rest of him. He woke up saturday morning with a red rash all over him. Called the doc and she thinks he had some kind of reaction to the anitbotics that he was on. So Katey and I took off for the drug store at 7:30 at night to get new different antibotics. We first stopped at twisters to get us girls a shake, but shhhhhh don't tell the boys they don't know we stopped. :) So now he is still covered in little red dots all over his poor little body. Not sure if hes itchy or not cuz how do you tell if a one yr old is itchy? I just hope that in another day or two he will be doing much better. ON friday i take both boys in for thier yearly check up. As I type this i can hear Camron playing with Jacob, all i hear is laughter comming from the boy's room. So i guess neither of them are going to sleep anytime soon huh?? Oh not sure if I told everyone but on July 25 Jacob took a few steps!! What a big boy he is now. Since then he has said forget the whole walking thing, he knows its faster to crawl as of now.

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