Thursday, August 14, 2008

picture day

Today Katey had picture day at her school. Iam shocked that she actually smiled! We handed in her paperwork, that I guess you have to fill out every year for each child regardless if the information is the same from the previous years! But its ok its a great school. We took a walk down to her room and she didn't want to leave, I think thats because of all the new toys! So she is ready and excited to start school in only 20 days. I guess not too much has happened the last couple of days......oh yeah its funny since we went on vacation this summer now every time Camron sees a plane you can ask him where its going his answer every time is "Aunt Rita's". But its just the big planes, not really sure where he thinks the little ones are going but the big ones go to aunt ritas! Or if he is "flying"someplace every time its Aunt Rita's again, so either when we went on vacation Rita left an impression on that boy or he just don't understand that plane can to other places.

:Pay It Forward:
I played this game at a Scattered among the mess, so now its my turn to play.
This is how it works. The first 3 people to comment requesting to join in this "Pay It Forward" exchange, will be sent a surprise from me. WHOO HOOO!!!! Then you need to post it on your blog, and the first 3 people to comment, you will need to send them out a surprise and it just keeps going and going and going.
The gift can be something you've made, or bought. Please keep your gifts small (maybe something you can put into a regular or manila envelope)
You can play more than once, if you want to. I just need your email address for your mailing address.
Hope everyone else has a great weekend, I'll get in contact with the first 3 Bloggy gamers

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