Wednesday, August 20, 2008

MIA for a bit

Well yeah I know i have been kinda MIA for awhile. What can I say, its been kinda crazy here! First of all on Friday I was outside trying to be a good homeowner and trim around our fence that has overgrown and trim out any dead flowers from this summer.....and well when I was trimming the flowers with a hedge trimmer you know the ones that look like an over size kitchen scissors? Well not sure really what I did but it felt like I had a charlie horse in my back. OWWWWWW, yeah. So I very slowly put away my hedge trimmers said screw finishing up that project for today. I found out as long as I either stayed sitting or standing I was fine, but as soon as I stood up from sitting down owwwww. I was very stiff. Since mom was here i left her with the kids and I went to the doctors. He said I have a sprain back muscle. He gave me 800mg of Motrin and a muscle relaxer. Yah and of course relax HA hes not a mother with 3 young kids. But I did get lucky mom took the kids all three of them home Friday night so I just layed around and watched movies. Saturday mom and the kids came back we ran to get something, and out for lunch and I was dying,so she took Jacob and I home and then her and the 2 kids went shopping. SO needless to say this weekend was just laying around the house, having Katey warm up my heating pad, Jerry doing all the house work which was a nice change instead of him laying around all day it was ME!! Katey has been a big help willing to help me and really both kids have been great! They played well together all day since i was layied up. Jacob well he's his normal self who doesn' t have a care in the world. I will try to post some pictures again real soon.

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