Friday, August 8, 2008

yearly checkups

Today I took both boys in for their yearly check-ups. My first question is ---- why do you have to wait in the exam room for SO SOSOOOOOO long?? Here they know i have a 3 yr and a 1yr old and nothing to do in the exam room. So yeah they are getting bored iam getting to the point where i just want to walk out and sit in the waiting room, since they do have toys in their. So I guess when the nurse says the doc will be here in a few mins, that will be more like the doc will be her in 10-15 mins, good luck. errrr. SO anyhow Camron is now 38lbs and just over 3 feet or so tall, yeah bad mommy don't remember the extact number, but hey I took a busy 3yr old with me. He looks good. He still has his heart mummer but she's not worried about it. IF he still has it at 4yrs then they will send us to a heart doc, so i really won't worry about that one just yet. For the past year since i have learned about his heart mummer when ever I take him in i have her listen for it so at least we keep and "ear"on it to make sure its not getting any worse. We, well ok I will be taking him to a foot doctor soon. I swear that boy has gooffy feet. To start off his toe by the big toe, the nail will curl under when it gets "too long" so I keep an eye on his toes anyhow. But whenever I trim his toenails the big toe nail will spilt like 2-3 days later so he will have a "hangey" on the corner of his toe. And yes we call it a hangey, why not sure but it stuck. So they might remove part of his toenail she is guessing to prevent these hangey things. And since his toe was red on the corner where he last had his hangey and was sore she put him on antibiotics. UGH to the drug store we went.

SO now mister Jacob. He was like 22.10oz and 30 3/4 inches long. He looks good, cool! His butt is still sore and red looking. She changed the med that we put on his butt but still give him his antibiotics. IF his butt isn't looking any better by monday I am to call her and then she will send him to a different kind of doc to see if they can figure out whats happening to his butt. errrr! He didn't need any shots today which was good, cuz he was cranky from me having to wake him up for his doc appt.

Last night the kids and I went to mom and dads for a bit. We, the kids and I, jumped on the ranger and met them half way home. Katey jumped in with mom and headed home with her, dad, camron, jacob, and I went to "pooh bridge" too play poo sticks. Dad didn't know how to play so we had to explain the game to him and to those who never heard of pooh sticks, its a "game" the pooh(hence the name pooh sticks) tigger, rabbit and gang, will play. They go to a bridge with sticks in hand and drop them off one side and then go to the other side to see whos stick came out first. Yeah a very boring game for adults but the kids loved this game. We went back to "pooh bridge" after dinner with dad, katey, grace, camron and I to play again. I won this TIME!! So after we played pooh sticks we walked down to the Grand River and the kids played in the river for a short time. They had a blast, and the best part is it was only up to Kateys knees at the deepest part. So now iam hoping this sunday or next sunday we will take the kids to mom and dad's and take our water shoes, floaties, and such and play in the river! The kids could even take a tube under the bridge since the water is soo low right now. Katey is excited about doing this. And trust me I will have my camera with me this time.

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Amanda said...

Yeah you'd better have your camera!!! I want to see pics of this! LOL! :)