Friday, February 20, 2009

nuts or crazy??

Yesterday I needed to go to the store to get some milk and such. You all know that quick run in and get what you want, and it will cost you about $20.00 and when you walk out of the store you some how spent like $60.00 instead. So we, me and 4 kids under 3, ran to the store. Its not really that bad taking that many kids to Meijers since they have the "cool" carts as my kids call them. The cool cart is a normal cart but it has a bench seat attached to the cart. So I had Camron and Kayden in the bench seat, Jacob in the cart seat and Nathan in the basket in his car seat. Is amazing how many looks I got from other shoppers. Just that look of "Wow you have your hands full", or "Why does she have soo many kids". But then as I stood back and really thought about it, with the ages of the kids they could all really be all MINE! Camron and Kayden are both 3, so ok they might pass as twins to strangers, Jacob is 19 months and Nathan is 3 months. And here Katey was also in school so if she was with us I am sure we wouldv'e gotten more looks. But that is not the first time I have taken kids with me to the store it normally a bigger age difference than the group I took the other day. So either I was just nuts or crazy to take so many kids with me. But I can say all 4 kids were great in the store, no meltdowns, no yelling, just very good behavior that day. Would I do this again with the same 4 kids, ummmm yeah I would even with all the strange looks we got.

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