Sunday, February 15, 2009

real boys wear "dresses"

On Thursday I took Jacob to get tubes in his ears. My mom stayed with the kids while my dad and I took Jacob to the hospital. We got at Ingham around 5:30 am. We were getting all checked in when the fire alarm stared to go off. The lady told us they were running on back up power due to some power outage in the area. So we climbed the stairs up to the waiting room. When we arrived to the 2nd floor we met a man who looked kinda scrubby. He told us that some lighting struck some tower and that's why the lights were out, and he had to go and check on some machines, so just sit tight. Great is all we thought, here Jacobs surgery was suppose to start at 7:30 and they might have to delay it. Then about 2 mins or so later the same guy that we were talking too walked back thru and he had on medical scrubs! I guess you can never tell a "book" by its cover. So the fire alarm turned off about 10 mins later. Thank goodness. So they showed us to our "room". I changed Jacob in to his gown. Got out the toys. Played. They checked his vitals and everything looked great. Jacob did great while waiting for his time. We brought toys with us so he was happy, but I think if I forgot the toys he would've done good also, since his favorite place to play was under the BED! We would put the toys thru the bars and he would push them back. Then 7:30 arrived. It was hard to leave him, but he did GREAT! He cried for maybe 30 seconds as the nurse carried him away, which made it easier for me. At 8 the doctor came and got me and told me he did great and that I should be able to see him in a few mins. It felt great to hold him again even though it was only 30 mins since I left him. We walked out of the hospital around 9 am. He is doing great and we have a follow up on Friday morning.

Jacob walking around before surgery. See real boys were dresses.

This was his favorite place to be while we were waiting for his turn.

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Laura said...

Aww - your poor baby! Surgery on kids (or the prospect of it it my case as we have not had to have any) scares me.